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  • Ben

    RIP, Mr.McQuade.

  • Dano1

    Another one hung himself whilst standing up.

    • Robert

      There is nothing unusual about that; if you compress your carotid arteries correctly you lose consciousness in about 10 seconds. That’s hold the old LAPD choke hold worked, and it worked well.
      Remember, David Carradine, he killed himself this way accidentally, and that’s also more common than most people think.

      • craig

        Grasshopper, if you will recall Kung Fu, being enlightened, died from the even more dramatic “Chinese Hang by Neck and Balls Crane Method”; where the guy from Stains went for the straight forward Toilet Stain approach. Although both methods are probably equally alarming to the housekeeping staff only one
        stands out as a clear choice winner when telling the kids stories about grandpa.

      • aussie jeff

        hey Robert, are you a doctor, a detective or just plain dumb, me thinks the latter.

  • Me

    Damn! What could drive a man to this? RIP.

    • Robert

      The thought of having to go back to Britain? Very sad though, RIP

    • Maverick

      Illness, no money, women, drugs, alcohol …. there are many potential reasons but I guess we will never know the real one.
      RIP Mr. McQuade

    • Guest

      Women for most!!! money !!! unemployment for long time ! out of social life !!! those are the most common happen why !

    • JohnP


      Have you ever read stories of Newbies on the plane home admitting to crying? I can’t speak about this individual case, but for many, the prospect of “being cast out of Paradise” does things to some people.

      Most people who suffer this, fail to realise that Pattaya is not the real world. The real world is back at home, and the only time you will see the real world in Pattaya, is when you run out of money!

      • Maverick

        Pattaya can easily be the real world if you want it to be and you’re sensible enough not to get caught up in the whole perpetual mongering, whoring, boozing thing!

  • Ratty

    Looks like another case of a fleecing by a girl who he loved. Not worth dying over!

    • Maverick

      Really? Whatever brings you to that conclusion Sherlock?

  • SimpleMind

    Why do so many folks – mostly farang – in Pattaya suicide?

    • kim

      They come here thinking the Girls/rock/drugs will never end!
      When it happens and the Baht is all Gone, Cant go home because all Bridges are burnt,
      What Next……. Some think they can Fly! …he wont be the Last!!

    • steven

      maybe it was a precious lady who ran off … or he used up his pension … or both? lol would make sense … why dont u ask them? oh sorry u cant … maybe his life was so good that it can get only worse … but who knows btw farangs get easily fed up living with childish thais who cannot think further than their next move. to his body … i think his relatives will be asked if they want his body to get funeral in britain what not comes cheap if not he will be free as a bird well in form of black smoke coming from a thai temple chimney

    • Guest

      Thailand soon will be in a World Book record’s for Suicide foreigner !!!

      • restrepo

        pattaya will be..

  • U

    What if nobody claims his body? What does the Thai government do with the body?

    • Guest

      They Burn it in thailand if no one claim it !!

  • weasel

    @Robert.yes the thought of going back to Britain.e.nought for anyone to end it all,but I doubt that was the case for this sad event.more like money/women trouble or terminal illness.RIP Mr.McQuade.

  • mickey

    rip mate

  • tim

    was he trying to go out inxs???????

  • Snackis

    It is normal. He left his country and came to Paradise! Beautiful smiling ladies and goooood timeees!

    When money is spent and they think about returning top their home country….
    Major depression!

    Fat ugly old western chainsmoking 5-child mums who will nag him day and night is what awaits him…

    Death is a better outcome.

  • jay

    I have known this man since I was a kid and he was struggling with the end of his long term marriage so please keep your stupid remarks to yourself as he leaves children and grandchildren behind

  • LLJ

    Your comments are disgusting. I know this mans children. The fact that these pictures are on here is vile. Should not be allowed. Imagine if his kids see this. Have more sodding respect

  • Jane

    This is my uncle and I am pretty disgusted by some of these comments. He has left four children and they will be broken if they see some of the things being said.

    • John Smith

      A lot of the comments are really nothing more than self projections of other Farangs fear of also ending up dead from a life lived in Thailand. Trying to understand what triggered what happened and trying to understand how we can all prevent it happening to us. No doubt, running out of money is a serious serious concern for some….

    • Tina

      5 children actually he has a son age 40 who he never contacted !!

  • McQuade family member

    This man is my cousin – have some respect for him and his family and please keep insensitive comments to yourselves

  • Lisa Maycock

    RIP John, an old family friend, really tragic to hear of this.

  • Tina

    @..Lisa Maycock, Jane, Llj, Jay and Mc Quade family member…. This man had 5 children actually!!! He has son who he left as a baby and has had no contact with him since the day he walked out.

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