• Cheezy

    Show all the makings of a Pattaya gal. Exploring hands and more.

  • Edna

    Being a story of great substance we grabbed it for the headlines. So much for quality when we are not asleep.

  • tim

    I wonder how much more embarrased she would have been if after having done her shopping, she had come out and found the car gone .. leaving a baby in a car is stupid. to leave the keys in it too !!! really really dumb.

  • gwats1957

    I’d like to know what was so very important to shop for, that you leave a child in a running car on a hot day? She doesn’t deserve to get her toddler back, not right away.

  • aussie jeff

    let,s not get assistance for the toddler to save embarrassment, selfish parents.

  • Peter de Vries

    Tattoo’d Lady, Stupid Lady .. anyone remember this song?

    • JohnP

      Lydia O Lydia.
      Have you seen Lydia?
      Lydia, the Tattooed Lady.

      Agree with you about “Stupid”. Prisons are full of people who wear these like badges of honour. None of them are likely to improve the Gene pool.

  • Don

    Dumb a$$ monkeys. Brainless drongo twits is all I can say.

    • Wally

      You sound like a very learned man, how do you propose we could help these monkeys?

      • aussie jeff

        how about at your place wally, you wally

        • Wally

          Send them over but I’ve locked myself out of the house.

  • Doremon2013

    Poor little kid , thank god its ok !! That car would have been as hot as a sauna !!

  • Gerry Long

    why not just take her son into the makro with her?????

  • John Knights

    Would have lost more than face if her kid had died.

  • Lou Lou

    Selfish irresponsible b***h, does not deserve that baby, Who the hell leaves a baby inside a locked running car?? only a selfish Thai Excuse for a woman.

    • JohnP

      You think the Thais are the only people capable of this stupidity? I was in Japan a few years ago and read about a young married couple 20 and 18, who put the baby in a railway left luggage locker so that the could go for the evening.

      I don’t know about selfish, but certainly stupid. Kids have a tendency to play about in cars, and it was lucky the car wasn’t moved.

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