• wally

    Thais are outraged. “How am I to set up my business in front of your shop with these modifications”? Also this is almost wide enough to have someone walk on it, what were they thinking?

  • Hairy Beaver aroma

    Thats a prime location for a som tum cart right there lol!

  • Ron

    Should have paid the officials first

  • Paul England

    Unauthorised modifications to the. pavement – may be they actually made it level and filled in all the holes that the city council never do anything about.

  • John Guru

    What was he thinking? He must be a stranger, because we all know that there was no need to modify the pavement, because Thai motorbikes can easy park (and ride) on footpaths without modifications, as that’s what happens everywhere else in Pattaya. Could have saved himself the money and drama.

  • Pete

    Pattaya and ‘easy money’ the perfect combination!

  • Squatter

    Pavement…..what’s that. Never saw any in Thailand.

  • gwats1957

    I’m going make a point to go look at this pavement when arrive in October. The sidewalks in Pattaya are a nightmare!

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