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  • Name withheld


  • Don

    Retard…. Photo 5, whats he smiling about?

    • prick

      about 4 promiles

  • weasel

    i think the BIB have got a concrete case against khun Amporn.

  • Steel

    Driving a cement truck at high speed, driving while intoxicated, seriously injuring 2 people, demolishing an SUV??? I think a 400 baht fine is in order!

  • soidog

    A poorly lit unmarked and un signalled intersection ,the pattaya highway dept should be
    in the dock with him.

  • prick

    And tomorrow cops will be collecting their tips from farangs on rented bikes as usual…

  • comtwice

    Another ..cking idiot let loose on the roads of Pattaya it never ends.

  • Robert

    The condition of Jomtien Second Road, so many years after it was supposed to be completed is another testimonial to the incompetence of Pattaya City Officials. There should be no intersections without some type of traffic control and decent lighting, especially for 3 years.

    • John Guru

      You are so right. Pattaya City Officials should also have criminal charges laid against them for their negligence and incompetence. We have fancy Thailand Amazing Tourist Authority ads, but visitors need to realise that the chances of dying by accident here are so much higher than elsewhere. It’s time that Pattaya City, TAT, and the Government did something constructive to improve the safety of all residents and visitors to Thailand.
      These cement trucks always excessively speed on Jomtien 2nd road, but no police do anything about them.

    • Bob

      So lets blame the road “ROBERT” and not the thai driver.

    • cliwe

      100% right. Second road must be one of the most dangerous around Pattaya. Thai engeneiring at its best ;-)

      All these trucks, Thousands daily, supporting all new condominium projects.
      Full speed, through crowded areas, and we ar often talking about more then 100 kmh!
      Just meters away from playing kids.
      This is an death trap!

      I just wonder if apartments buyers are awere of this bad location. Both now and in future, unless something will be done to the road safety.

    • frankie thunder

      i agree with ROBERT and JOHN GURU………

  • Julian Logan

    is this the same driver that neally killed me i hope his balls fester and drop off

  • prick

    lock him up

  • Dave

    The concrete truck driver was a Wolves supporter, trying to commit suicide.

    • kuayai

      Ive always found them as thick as a block of cement anyway.

  • Lincoln

    Who in there right mind would drive a Cement Mixer when drunk, the damage he could have caused to other human beings does not bear thinking about, never mind about it being poorly lit, would make little difference to a guy out of his head with alcohol, a few years in a Bangkok jail would make them think that maybe its not a good idea to drink and drive, what a dck.

    • Maverick

      That’s a bit of a contradiction in terms … when someone’s drunk, they’re not in their right mind anyway!

      • Lincoln

        There not in there right mind getting drunk when they know that later they will be driving a Cement Mixer or any vehicle come to that, if you are going to make a comment at least make one that is sensible.

  • tr4pattaya

    Great Headline “Drunk Cement Mixing Truck” Reading along, this is the 2nd Cement Mixing truck involved in a Pattaya accident in the last few weeks. One recently was near the dolphin circle. Do these individuals need a special license to drive these weapons? Or just a bottle of Lao-Kao?

  • Dean

    The only thing he regrets is not being able to elude the scene

    • frankie thunder

      DEAN,,,yea i think your right…

    • frankie thunder

      DEAN,,,i tend to believe your right………….

  • bill07

    Jomtien second road is a disaster waiting to happen a three lane highway in the heart of a tourist area accidents almost daily motor bikes and cars thinking its a race track . What was the local government thinking you have to travel a kilometre out of your way to get to the soi you want to be at or drive the wrong way down the carriageway which a lot do causing more accidents and congestion . Tour busses using it as a bus park surely a one way system would have been a better idea beach road and second road running in different directions easy access to any soi and maybe the money they saved on construction they could have constructed some footbridges for pedestrians cross .

  • Thai Gerry

    Very bad junction that, surprised more accidents have not happened, not 1 road sign, no road markings and even worse after dark.

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