• Cliwe

    During 3 years people will have their legal rights, read legal rights fullfilled.

    At least if they are working or doing something else on Walking Street, great!

    What about other areas?

  • Paul England

    I’ve got a good idea, lets have a meeting, look like we’re doing something for a change, invite the media, make a bold meaningless statement, and then forget all about it.


      Have you been here before..5555555555555????

  • EODGhost

    Two words that don’t compute in Thai culture: Legal and Rights. If you have money, you do what you want, whether it’s legal or not. If you’re poor or a foreigner, you have NO rights.

    • Dean

      Dead right.

  • Ike

    Shows how much filth & decay a tiny street & warren of lanes can produce to need a committee which will help farang (and Thais) get legal aid – if they need it whilst on a visit to Walking St.

  • frankie thunder

    i think your only legal right will be to pay the piper…..

  • gwats1957

    It sounds like a noble endeavor…..sounds like…..

  • comtwice

    Lets all have a think about it put it to the back of our minds and completely forget about it as it will never happen as long as I have a hole in my .rse

  • Don

    What about my business in my soi, or dont we count?

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