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  • Kinnock

    RIP Mark. Pattaya Keystone Kops at it again: if he was already on the 21st floor, why would he want to stand on a chair to take a photo? and in the dark?

    • Jack

      No different to any jumper, plain and simple, got drunk (Again) has had enough of everything, and off he went. Probably just thought it would be a nice jesture to record his suicide note on his camera first, and film his demise down to the bounce for youtube. Sad but quite possibly true. Will they check the contents of his camera. May reveal all.

      • ian

        ever thought of becoming a a police volunteer you only need the iq of a daffodil ,,you have all the making of a great detective

  • jim

    Unless he was 3 feet tall, why would he need a chair to photograph over the balcony?

  • Don

    Weird circumstances and may be he did accidentally fall standing on the chair. If he did, well then what a numb nut. RIP fellow Aussie.

    • Alan

      No matter the story behind it; it sucks. I feel sorry for him and his family. Not that it matters, but I am American and in eleven years of living overseas I must say Australians are some of the nicest people I have met anywhere.

  • Masaman

    this cannot be an accident, its either suicide or murder

  • StarTrack King

    This is a lesson to always make sure you have a Go-Go hottie in your bedroom. It greatly reduces your chances of heading out to the balcony for any reason and “accidentally” or not, suffering a terrible fall.

    • frankie thunder

      how right you are…i agree….

  • GL TA

    In the dark and on the 21st floor and wants to stand on a chair to take a photo. Am I reading this rubbish correct… Only in Thailand…

  • Friend

    Out of respect to his family who are all here in Australia, please leave negative comments out. Mark was a close family friend, and we would appreciate it if assumptions were not made.
    My thoughts are with his wife, two lovely kids & other family members whose worlds have now been turned upside down.

    • frankie thunder

      ‘FRIEND’,,, ok i hear you….was his family staying in same room…or did he rent out room for himself… did he come back to room alone….we for sure need more answers,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Mind Your Own Buisness

        @frankie thunder
        Why do you need more answers? You not know him and it’s not your buisness.

      • Friend

        He was on his own visiting his brother who was staying elsewhere. His family are here in Aus. I can’t divulge all information, obviously for the privacy of his family. But you can be assured it was a drunken accident. I’m quite shocked at the photos posted here. I am hoping his family do not see this :(

      • Friend

        No offence, but you dont need answers, his family does. What we do know is that it was an unfortunate drunken accident, he was alone (his family are here in Aus), & it definitely was not suicide.
        Please keep his family in your thoughts as they deal with this terrible tragedy

      • Ben

        Who the hell are you to demand answers? Show some respect for the deceased and his family.

        • Garry

          Steady on perhaps you should have your blood pressure checked in all fairness he is not the only one asking questions not demanding them.

        • frankie thunder

          BEN— im NOT DEMANDING ANSWERS…what the hell’s wrong with you boy….its a story about a guy who died and it would be nice to know more—thats all im saying………

  • John

    Why should he jump with a camera? Depending on the photos on the memory card it might have been murder and he tried to take some evidence with him or it really was simply a bad accident. I do not believe that it was suicide. Why should he jump with a camera? But whatever it was. It will not make any difference to him anymore.

  • comtwice

    Did he jump or was he pushed?

    • kim

      Defo Jumper, another Sad Lonley Depressed Farang, When the Party is over its over!

    • trevor

      the hotel needs to prove that he went into his room on his own,no one was seeing leaving his room.cctv, log of past guests etc.if they can t provide all these things the family needs to kick up the biggest stink ever.this is happening far to much now and the falang is always being accused of being too drunk or suicidal.

    • frankie thunder

      i think what happened was—> he’s on the chair taking photos,,he leans or takes a step forward,,the chair rears its back legs,,,chair falls back in place,,,he hits balcony around the waist and not having his balence goes over the edge…..(if only he hit his chest on the balcony he wouild have fallen backwards and be alive today)….thats how i see it….

  • Jay from Oz

    wow Im in sin city in 2 days time at Jomtiem 15th floor condo. Im welding the frakkin door shut this happens way too much. RIP fellow skip

  • Des

    If thats the case you should tell everyone on here to mind there business.
    Everyones read it now his mates saying it can be assured it was a drunken accident…so there it is?
    The friend wasn,t there but thats his spin on what happened …maybe he was changing the light bulb?

  • Hugh

    Change to a new hotel with a ground floor room,theres your simple answer Jay.

    Also alot quicker to escape fires..,no emergency fire exit stairs to have to run down.

    Quicker room service,and after a big night out no walking up stairs or having to wait for a elevator with your girl.

    Closer to the pool usually the list goes on.

  • Kinnock

    View Talay 5 is a condo, not a hotel.

    • kim

      Thanks for Clearing that up!! How Many Farang come home to there condo Drunk every nite? the number must be High! 99.9% dont fall off the Balcony, think about it!

      • Rockney

        I live in View Talay 5. Almost impossible to fall or be pushed. Rail comes mid chest on me. And we do have cctv on every floor.

  • Alan

    Best wishes to your family, and RIP.

  • geoff davies

    the jumping is upon us again it seems

  • Mick from Oz

    I am on the 5th floor , might have a better chance of survival if I get pushed, still its a worry we have to think this every time we come over here for a holiday. To many blokes falling out of hotels. Pattaya must have the highest rate any where in the world for this!

  • rockney

    As I posted earlier, I live in the building. It is very hard to fall or be pushed because the rails are mid chest height. But now after looking at the pictures above, and where the body landed (the red and white no parking) it is not in front of any rooms. It is in front of the window when you exit the elevator. Which is VERY low. waist high and easy to fall out of. Very sad.

    • martin(II)

      I have stayed at the View Talay and immediately realised how low the railing was. It only came up to my hips and if I slipped, for whatever reason, I would have gone straight over. I even commented this in reception but nobody was interested…

    • jwoood

      Hi, I really want to know anything you might know. Any idea of what could have happened. i’m a close relative and NEED answers. Were you there when the accident happened? What do you think happened? It was definitely not suicide, I can promise you that. I don’t believe he would have stood on the chair. He was a careful man. Please, anything you might know.

  • frankie thunder

    OK FRIEND,,,,thanks for the info update…………

  • Freddie

    Friend, to be sure you are being loyal to your friend and I think that is very laudable but neither you or any of us here know what happened here if it was an accident suicide or indeed foul play, so your comment “But you can be assured it was a drunken accident” is of course NOT a statement of fact.
    However he died it is of course a great tragedy especialy for his family, and may he rest in peace.

  • Richard Bell

    Sad story. R.I.P.

  • scotay

    Yeah, because living on the 21st floor you would need to stand on a chair to take a good picture of course……….

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