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  • frankie thunder

    learn well in case of war…………….maybe it will save your life someday–it did mine..(U.S.NAVY)..

  • joe ebejer

    I don’t understand how the Thai government has the balls to charge these poor boys for the food they eat ..After all they are giving there lives for there country .

    Can someone explain ?

    • Deadhorse.

      Joe Ebejer,
      Sorry i do not have an answer to your question but perhaps it is another
      money making scam.
      At the moment i have big problem explaining to my sister that it is normal for Thai
      ladies to go around naked after sister found photos on camera

    • Snowball

      Tis’ similar to BIB asking drivers for tea-money or town planners asking for a ‘donation’ to allow developers build over side-walks or prison guards asking prisoners to pay for a bath. When in Thailand those down the ‘bureaucratic food chain’ pay. Its the amazing part of Unseen Thailand tourist brochures hope people won’t see.

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