• Christer Blomberg

    This is Thai behavior in a nut shall !!

  • teo

    he should have punched a police man, that way his feet wouldn’t have touched the ground on the way to jail,

    • trevor

      remember he had100k in his pocket,plod would be have forgiven him in about 100 seconds

  • George

    What a drip.

  • Kinnock


  • Doremon2013

    Amazing Thailand !!!

  • Prick Thai

    25 Baht for a bottle of water?
    Must be one of those f-tv luxury proll water
    He even could’ve stolen a beer in equal amount :)

  • soidog

    He does not need to buy the time,the judge gives it free.

  • weasel

    this story dont hold water!

  • frankie thunder

    strange man-strange story………….

  • Skip

    This guy has the emotional maturity of a 2 year-old, throwing his rattle out of the pram. These Thai guys need to grow some grapefruits and face up to their responsibilities.

  • Eodghost

    Douche bag. Congrats, you just lost 100,000 baht

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