• Reno

    looks like the coppers arrested a light bulb…fantastic work they deserve the 60 baht tip in the photo!

  • jim pattaya

    LMAO, busting dart games for toys! Probably just about the only place in the WORLD where this is a crime. Thailand, hub of stupidity.

    Wouldn’t police be doing a better job looking for drugs, scams and weapons on Beach Road?

  • baresi

    hahaha,it just gets better..or worse?…i don’t know..patts has got my head in a twist!

  • soidog

    We all love the it. Its the madness ,paralogia and sheer incomprehensibility of it all,gives me
    a lot of wonderment, i mean what is a lottery if not a gamble with the strict incentive of a monetary
    prize? hypocritic self serving cant of the first water.

  • adrian

    Is this an attempt to fool people into thinking that there is no serious crime here ?? This must be the only “crackdown” that has lasted more than a week !

  • tr4pattaya

    Please not again. Win a “Teddy for your Steady” is illegal. What a shame.

  • Pete

    I see a bucket, a energy saving bubble light and 60 Baht!

  • frankie thunder

    seems to me the cops got there money,,,,and the cops kids got the toys…

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