• Koby

    khun maroot should have” grown some balls “and made a citizens arrest on this dropkick.

  • jo-macral

    6,000 baht… That is equiv to a months salary in the employees bag? Little hard to believe, and think he is using the Middle-eastern man as a fall guy for a fake theft.

  • tim

    store number 7949, i didnt reaslise that soi was so long

    • EODghost

      I think there are 7949 7-11s in Pattaya. =-)

  • Paul England

    Why are CCTV cameras so useless.

    • middle-easter bunny

      Perhaps it’s an invitation for middle-eastern men to “still” from you :)

  • gwats1957

    We would probably be wise, and not ask Khun Maroot how that cash was earned.

    • frankie thunder

      GWATS,, he does look the type….i know what you mean…

  • Ali Lamki

    no middleeastern man will still from you so please dont jenralise a comunity, ive invested a lot of my money there and im from middle east am I a thihf?

  • weasel

    @Ali Lamki….whats a thihf?

  • Jake

    I need to hire one of these Ali-baba’s to appear on my CCTV just before I call my insurance company to claim my stolen 10M Bht cash, 4 video cams, 6 two-baht gold chains, the refrigerator, flat-screen telly, laptop, i-pad, i-phone….my maid….etc,etc.

    • Larry

      40 years to long you have been here jake your brains burnt out with a comment like that go have a massage.

  • Phoenix

    Really ? You invested a lot of money ? ? So sorry for you.

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