• WirelessRd

    Reminds me of 7th March death of a Russian in hotel room. At the time we were told “Police have not ruled out Erotic Asphyxiation or even suicide as a cause of death but with signs of a struggle and the broken buckle on the belt seen near the body, murder is still the more likely cause of death”. I guess this will get called a suicide….in keeping with SOP.

    • Jordan

      Are you suggesting a serial killer in Pattaya!
      This is so exciting do you think it’s a Thai man or a Farang keep us up to date with your investigation we will be on the edge of our seats .

      • kim

        This is old news about Serial Killer in Pattaya! ive heard its a LadyBoy!
        think About it Plenty Victims to pick from!(whoooz Next?)

    • Russel

      Hello Detective wirelessRd hows your magnifying glass working today any break through in your investigation into this case or are you still working on it?

  • froglink

    Pattaya: the place to go… for a long time, it seems!

    • Greg

      You could write a book about it !

      • froglink

        I am!

  • http://karmaeconomics.blogspot.com/ lavista4u

    Forget about justice to a dead man, you don’t get justice in Pattaya when you are alive….

  • glenn

    rest in peace Tim

    • trevor

      did you know him.if so was he a drug user.it could be that it was a drug deal went wrong or that the killer wanted the b.i.b.to think it was an overdose

      • Roy

        He was clean from drugs and alcohol for 13 years

  • wankalot

    Just another murder oops I mean suicide

  • frankie thunder

    who you kidding,,,,,he did not fall down on the knife then drag his chest across the knife to cut himself…..someone did him in….

    • http://www.facebook.com/ducthailand.chef Chef Duc Thailand

      OMG don’t worry it’s suicide case already closed Police easy ^__^

  • AnnaZed

    How do you fall into a “crazed state” that causes you to stab yourself in the chest?

    • http://www.facebook.com/ducthailand.chef Chef Duc Thailand

      Only Police know the answer they are master on it ^0^

  • ME

    “Police are currently unsure if a third-party was involved in the death or if the drug taking may have caused Mr. Carr to fall into a crazed state which led to his eventual death.” OMG, might this be a drug induced suicide by a thousand cuts…samurai style? COMON MAN!

  • stan

    he obviously fell on the knife while on a drug binge and then he decided to kill him self ! sure!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ducthailand.chef Chef Duc Thailand

      yes yes trust it please ^__^ Amazing Thailand

  • mary kelly

    There will be no investigation into this & no one will be charged, to many tourists are been killed murdered every week in pattaya & the police do nothing, in fact there probably the ones doing it or in league with those that are. Thailand is a very dangerous place to go on holiday for there is no law for the white man-we have no rights over there (none)!

    • frankie thunder

      MARY KELLY,,,your right,,,however im still going to holiday in pattaya….

  • gk

    I have seen a lot about this death on other sites. As always the devil is in the details. The place looks a mess, but who knows how much was ransacked or tossed about after the fact. My one comment is why call your firm “Punk Media Company”? Seems more likely to be possibly flaunting things. I don’t think this fellow is in the Phil Spector category, but the drug accounts seem suspicioius.


    Ok is there a guru who is keeping the statistics over the past 8 years on Farang deaths ( i am sure Pattay news reporter must have a tally board on his IPOD? It could be broken down by cause predicted by Police vs actual cause ! bit of a tough one as we all know Pattaya News never does a follow up of outcome from supposed investigation process.

  • Shaktam

    Fighting with the missus ie. knife wound, depression and or overdose on legal and illegal drugs I would assume. RIP wish these stories stopped but this is Pattaya!

  • Alex

    Pattaya may seem unsafe when reading this type of news. BUT.. it always involves drinking/drugs/ladyboys etc… Myself living in Pattaya a long time, not drinking and dragging beach ladies around, never ever had problems, and so will others as long they can handle to live a decent life without excessive behaviour of any kind

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