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  • Pete Dawson

    Think yourself lucky…..It could have been your c**k..

  • Marc Hawkes

    Always wonder what’s inside the bags sex workers carry. Is it just tricks of the trade like condoms, gel and maybe other aids or are there drugs, sedatives and maybe a weapon of choice? Hardly likely they venture into the unknown without something for comfort. Who knows. LOL

  • modicae sneerson-schnable

    must be some history between these two

  • Chromodynamix

    What was Obama doing there?

  • IanB

    Obviously much more to this story and she had been to his room before. Otherwise how would she know where he stayed?

    • worn out

      Good point, I think It would be time to relocate…… maybe Phuket!

  • Rambo666

    Maybe a good time to move and not leave a forwarding address.


    Mr. Ludo Timmermans better make himself scarce this won’t be forgotten…

  • stan real

    securiy doors come in handy

  • prick

    Sex worker? Is it legal?

  • stan real

    he had a right to beat her ,she is luck he restrained

  • gk

    Yes but why does every older farang that makes it into a police report have his shirt off? Do they take it off before the police arrive in some attempt to impress them? Or are they trying to show off their physique to the word because they know they are going to be photographed and be on Pattaya One?

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