• Know all

    Thai mafia taking out the competition.

  • gwats1957

    The Thai pot just called the kettle black. Corruption investigating corruption……only in Thailand can you do things like this, and expect a positive result.

  • Searock

    This company is very bad news indeed. Horrible reports from unhappy customers and victims. Just ask around and stay away from this Italian. About time the authorities caught up on his schemes. He does not belong into our business community, as he hurts the image of Thailand and especially the image of any other yacht builder in Thailand.Certainly now many intimidated parties will come forward and file their complaints and claims with the police. We all hope this a first step to establish some standards of quality in the Pattaya yacht industry. Let us get rid of the bad apples.Well done!

    • Chang

      Hurts the image of Thailand?

      • Gianni

        Yep, the image of Thailand=counterfait products, fake copies, gogo bars, cheap thrills and all the illegal activities you can think of…nothing to hurt afterl all.

  • Ralph

    This company has cheated a good friend for a ton of money and got away with it. The case is still in the courts. Sadly the system in this country seems to work for the criminals. I understand the DSI is asking victims to step forward and contact them. Great job by a police agency that gives us hope that the laws are being enforced. This guy is the kind we don’t want in Thailand.

  • Rob

    I’m guessing the dude in the white tee shirt is Mr Bianchetti himself?

    • popeye

      You are a genius Rob great observation skills man

      • Rob

        Thanks for the accolade, I really do appreciate it, but as I don’t personally know the man and the story doesn’t actually say he is in the photos, or indeed otherwise, I thought it was an easy deduction! ;-)

        • Najeeb

          I know the man he is the one in the picture with white t shirt

  • Britmav

    Used to work for this man for a short while. He has no conscience whatsoever. I quit after I realized how he was running his business and what he was doing to naive and innocent people allover the world. Even the Italian expats hate and avoid him. Well done to the police. Lock him up as soon as possible and clean up the dirty businesses in town. A first step to a great Pattaya, the way it could be.

  • Phoenix

    Well done indeed, DSI. Now,pass the information you got to the GdF ( Guardia di Finanza ) in Italy,they will do the rest,much worse than here. And,please take a look also to the ” pizzeria ”
    where the boss before used to work in gasoline station.The pizzas are really orrible.

    But to be fair,it is not just the italians,in Pattaya,to act like these case. Need I to be more clear ? I don t think so !!!

    • Filippo

      Phoneix, i have some works with him , you seems to know more that what you mentioned and i am very worried about what can happen especially as i gave quite a bit of money and still not get the boat … can you help me with some more info .. .

  • tmz

    i still couldnt believe that I have once worked for this guy, very bad experience. This person belongs to the jail asap. Welcome to the reality raoul, bye bye luxury life & hello jail. Thumbs up & great job to the DSI.

  • chromodynamix

    He’ll enjoy being a ‘sailor’ after 20 years in a Thai jail!

  • Victims of RB

    Thank you DSI and police. This miserable human have destroyed many dreams and abused the Thai justice system for long time. He also cheat myself and 2 other people I personally good know. The authorities will surely find many fraud case when they check his receipt and paper. Everybody who work for him, tell us he never pay tax and collect from customer VAT but not pay to Revenu Department, because he say they all stupid here in Thailand and he can control everybody. Thank you DSI again for your work.

  • Danai S./Samutprakarn

    Me can say you about this Falang he very bad Falang ! ! My Pappa he is old and work on his office in the Bangpakong, mine Pappa is the securty guard and one day he sitting and tired from hot and little bit sleepy. then coming Mr. Raul and he slapping mine Pappa in face real strong. what really MAN doing that ? ? ? Falang Raul is the lower then the DOG ! ! ! I hating him; hope he visit monkeyhouses ! !

    • GuessWho

      Actually the Thai habit of sleeping instead of working is not a great example…

    • IanB

      Can’t say I’ve seen a Farang “slap” a Thai with impunity. Ever. Taxi drivers from every corner of the city would beat him into the next life. Thanks for playing though!

    • ME

      Saying that someone is “lower than a dog”, is a very stinging insult. I’m sorry that your father had to experience getting slapped in the face. This Raul fellow must be a really bad dude.

  • marinediscoking

    I also know someone who worked for this man a few years back. He told me of the scams he would pull to cheat people, several who would order the boats to be made would be milked for additional funds until realizing there were serious problems with sub-standard work. Some who would visit to investigate would be told to leave quickly or else. If not for the dsi this would probably go on for years to come, however since they did not arrest him I am sure he has long since funneled his money to overseas banks and has sailed away.

  • Sailor Man

    I have known this person about 7 years ripped me off and many others I know, He is the Devil’s Spawn !!!! just a evil vermin. Sick psychopath and pathological liar !!!

  • Najeeb

    I am very thank full for Dsi to put this man in jail because he spoul the reputation of boat building in Thailand I am as well victim of him I order tow boat after long delay I got only one and still the second one stuck with him.

  • Najeeb

    I am as will his victim

  • Najeeb

    I build tow boat after long time I git only one and still the second one with him.
    I am happy to see his end like that

    • captain pugwash

      tow boat …? or tug boat toot toot!

      • Najeeb

        Tow catamaran bout

  • Seasick

    He is not the only one to cheat customers in this boat building activity in Pattaya. The DSI should also investigate to see how other boat builders have been teaming up with him to extract funds from customers without delivering.

  • Sailor Man

    Can any of you guys send me the contact details of the Thailand DSI.

    TA that time they did not want to hear my case. May be now they will.

    • PIJohns

      @Saior Man:

      Khun Prawit Chaiboudaeng [Director DSI-Eastern Region]

  • Antidogma

    Thai authorities hate the fact that there are foreigners running successful business on their surf. The man has built boats for 15 years for countless happy customers at prices a fraction of what you would get in other more advanced countries. Anybody smearing this guy’s image without waiting for justice to run its due course, is just a troll playing to his own tune, like Searock further below.

    • PIJohns

      @Antidogma: I challenge you to name even just one (1) happy customer from this Raul Biancheti guy – because, apparently, the people much smarter than you, have not been able to locate one ! ! (and believe me; they have tried).

  • Piccanninny

    Interesting story and feedback from the comments. I was looking at his web page of his boat building and was thinking of having him build a yacht for me. Not now! Are there any good yacht builders in Thailand that can be recommended?

    • Najeeb

      I think there are island spirt made In Thailand

    • Najeeb

      You can go to gulf charter co.

    • Rb fan

      Buy yourself a bathtub…

    • Rolly

      Bakri cono in ocean marina getting a boat built there at the moment and am very satisfied. It’s not the first boat I have had made but first in Thailand and after listening to other people experiences I am even more happier with the choice I made

      • Sealegs

        Yeah, heard some good reports on these South-African builders. Not the cheapest – but then, their boats don’t start falling apart after a year.
        Check out their projects: http://www.bakricono.com/project/2/hummer.html
        They are actually totally restoring a boat built by Bianchetti. It was about 1 year old.
        Check our the hull which is coming apart. There is several other never finished or unusable boats built by Bianchetti in other yards around Pattaya.
        How can people be so naive and order a boat without getting some proper information, doing a bit of research with local marine businesses and talk to a few owners of boats built by the yard they want to order with.
        Good luck to all victims, hope you can recover some of your losses when this nasty guy goes down. “Sealegs”

  • Mr. Green

    This is not only him also his Brother is not relay a nice guy, if he have thirty work he send his Brother to to the job, like money collecting or threatening the Customers.

  • KptPuss

    Too bad it took so long to act on those complains but it’s good news he is not going to get away with his crimes. I hope the move quickly to convict him and put him where he belongs

  • Chang Noi

    My only concern is if he rip of so many how can he done it so long time? Back up from MC Gang, Thai Mafia, Local Police, Tourist Police, Chonburi Municipality or Thai Politicians, what, if some would rip me of of several hundreds thousand of even Thai baht i would heart him really bad who ever back him up.

  • losealot

    Me also Falang ex staff. He cheat me much money and make life for me very bad together with fake accustation. His other staff help me, they hate him too. Thank you DSI for end this and put him ito jail. You know alreday, but you must check Vat and Cash money come to many account and many other thing. You will have Million $ (US) surprise. Money belong to Thailand country. Many people now stop scare and can go dsi or write. Very good work from this police. Very good and thank you.

    Antidogma you fair man, but no have idea about this man,because you good and can not think like very bad movie happen many people and life destroy. You go look and ask marina with people. Thank you everybody.

  • sailor man

    when this con-man goes to jail…. I will drink champagne !!! Cheers to the Thai DSI !!!!

    I never met a more evil man than Raoul !

  • RB fan

    Well…….start to look much better for our hero….. next time folks…. it seems over already

    • italianstud555

      Seems Raoul Bianchetti is a fan of himself. Always knew he was narcissistic.

    • rr.

      Only just read your comment? You can’t be serious?? Do you know how much misery this individual has caused to so many people??? The misery will be on his side very soon, Karma is catching up in form of the Thai law, which will hold him accountable for numerous crimes. More and more victims are stepping forward, now that the fear-factor is gone. Good on them. Hopefully they will get some of their losses compensated when this all ends and the courts have the last say, it seems this guy has accumulated tons of properties with his victims cash. Thank you DSI – you are everybody’s heroes! Super job!

  • bangkokstick

    Nice country, cops start making problems only after you stole $10M…

  • Happy

    Whoever he speak in favora of RB he donna know noting about dat crazy man ora dat companiea. I worka der and cannot believea what him do. Him hava a friend only 1 man Thai. No one other guy. Him steel him customer, him steel tax, him speek very bad about a Thai peoples. Him a many case in a cort. Now when all a peoples know aplenty more case is coming. Sure him try to escape Thailand. Before long year him stay Dominican Republica mebe him run to there.

  • islandlodger

    lovely. Too late for too many!

  • Raoul RB

    3 days ago ,at RB main office and in my home ,we received DSI agents with a search warrant to find documents relating tax evasion and companies nominee. There had not and dont have any case against RB or against myself. Next week we will held a press conference with the participation of police to confirm it. I repeat : there is no court case against RB or against me, and is obvious because we do nothing illegal. We built and delivered 118 large boats to about 15 countries . We expect a good compensation for the damages that we suffered. I take the opportunity to say thanks to all my good friends , davide jimmy franc andrea jack michael christian and others. Thanks to Pui that was all the time on my side and is unique as always. To all the people who enjoyed , to who laugh of other people problems , i dont wish anything : they already got the life that they deserve.

    • AntonioS.

      Brilliant: you just gave a new meaning to the old proverb
      “You Give a Man Enough Rope, He WILL Hang Himself” . . . . . .

      Swing Low, but You Won’t Swing Sweet ! ! !

    • MarcoM

      Wow … you can say this with honesty? You really believe yourself ? You usually have some stupid false name and defend yourself on line when no one else will .. which one of the comments below is you I wonder ?

      Dude ….. they have no court case (I assume you mean you haven’t been charged yet) as they are collecting evidence to charge you … and they don’t issue a subpoena without a clear case being made. The question isn’t whether you will be charged but how many offenses will they charge you with. The DSI don’t raid foreign businesses by mistake or from small time tax evasion.

      Let’s wait for the police conference and, like a former PM of Thailand, perhaps you can dial in from overseas and protest your “obvious” innocence ?

      Look at the internet and go and look at the current court cases to see how many unhappy people you have made. Glad you have good friends because you have few friends and lots and lots of unhappy customers.

      Guess that is “Arriva Dirci” baby !!

    • Akira ter Elst

      Do you really believe demanding from your costumers to pay millions of baht directly to your private account is not tax evasion ; setting up a bankruptcy for when you would lose one of your court cases and leaving behind an empty shell is not illegal ; paying off prosecutors and police officers to issue arrest warrants based on false statements is not criminal ??? If you really do then I actually feel sorry for you. You must be feeling so misunderstood in this world. But I actually do think you know deep down what you are doing wrong. It cant feel natural destroying all these peoples dreams and even lives. Probably looking in the mirror and confronting yourself with your ego must be just a to big step to make. To bad because it could of been very different. You could of been a successful boat builder helping people to realize their dreams, even how naive they some times might be in the beginning, me included. You would of even be a richer man in the large sense of the word. Sooner or later it will end for you and their will be no more “friends” around ( I actually doubt you really understand the meaning of that word ). I would like to believe it is not to late yet but just call me naive.

      A lost opportunity to a real friend,

      Akira ter Elst

      All my support to the victims off Raoul and many thanks to the people who helped me.

      • rr.

        We heard about your horror story. Incredible. He will pay for this. For you and your courage we have the greatest respect. You have always been good and fair with the customers, but you had no chance against Mr. Evil. We will meet one day, we all hope. Good luck for now. rr.

      • raoul

        Dear Akira . I never bankrupt a company. My personal accoint has been used only for personal money. It could surprise u to learn that i have not done money with boatbuilding but with financial operations. This is surprising eho checked the accounts as in fact the boatyard did little or nothing profit.

        Talking about u; u took care of the payments in RB dear friend. U could not explain why and where a couple of millions disappeared. I simply asked u to explain where the money was gone . We discovered that u used company money to pay for your gf expenses and so on. U have been legally charged for this. I accepted a small refund of 250.000 baht from u , as i knew u did not have any money. My lawyer asked me to help u and avoid u the prison . U have a short memory my friend. I heard that u are working in kho pangnan. So wish u all the best. I know u r a good guy who did a mistake and u have a good boat, so i hope u will be successful there. From me ..not hard feelings. About what happened and these blogs , i coulnd not care less. It is all promotion free. Ww sold a nice boat to a thai gentleman that dont care of rumors….so..all ok it seems

        • Quicksilver.S

          Quicksilver.S {} RAOUL BIANCHETTI: you are a twister-of-facts: this Belgian Qatar Akira is a man of high “integrity”, a quality which could never ever be confused in correlation with you ! ! The fact is that YOU stole money from this man and the fact is that YOU threatened to put him in jail, whereas YOU stole from him as well as stealing his Mast, Sails and some other rigging WHICH HE HAD ALREADY PAID YOU FOR !

          There are many people who are wondering how you can possibly sleep at night and there are even more people who would prefer it if you didn’t wake-up one morning.
          The fact is; you could not even “list” one (1) satisfied, happy boat-building client, because he has yet to be born . . . . .
          Almost 50 people, who you have cheated, can’t ALL be wrong . . . . . Your day of reckoning is approaching fast, Raoul and when that day comes, at least 50 ex-clients will have the pleasure of a great sigh of relief, as will many people in the Boating-Business in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, and even overseas in your native Italy; as well as the many victims of your practices in Quatar, UAE, Scotland Brazil, USA, Belgium, France, Australia, New-Zealand etc.

          We all realize that your traits are as a result of the unmistakably recognizable sociopathic characteristics – the only cure of which is ‘isolation’ from the normal populace.

          The Buck Stops Here ! !.

        • Akira ter Elst

          Dear Raoul,

          Funny how you say you not make any money with boatbuilding but with financial operations. Does that mean you see extortion, selling other peoples property, charging money for repairing goods under guarantee,… under this category ? Maybe you have a “good” accounting or some contacts to look it comes from financial transactions but I know when I worked for you the money transferred to your private account came from the costumers that ordered a boat with you and was part of the contracts they signed. Even more : you needed that money so it could look in the books you paid back the money you personally lent from Raoul’s Sailing Center Co., Ltd in case you lost a court case and they would come after your personal belongings because of that outstanding loan. All this Raoul together with making active the sleeping company RB Power and Sailing Co., Ltd and transferring the assets, workers, contracts,… is setting up a bankruptcy. Yes, you never bankrupt a company but at the first claim of serious money from a lost court case or tax department there will be nothing left to collect. I know theoretically you have even nothing to do anymore with Raoul’s Sailing Centre CO.,Ltd but using your ex wife as MD is quit low. I even wonder if she fully understands the position you put her into. Off course she has no choice as she depends entirely on you for financial support.

          Now to the point where you accused and charged me of the fact of embezzling 4,8 M baht. So let me see, I have your two statements to the Najomtien Police here beside me. According to you I transfered 1,2 M to my company account over a period of 10 months without you knowing it. How bizarre. I have here 11 signed and stamped invoices by you from my company to yours together with 11 signed and stamped ( by you ) international transfer request from Kasikorn bank. As you know I was not authorized to make international transfers. As for the other 3,6 million I would say look again to the email I sent to you a week before I left with the exel file or the over 400 pages counting file I gave to Allessandro, your new GM at that time, with overviews month by month and copies of every receipt and invoices during that period . If you would look for the originals just check your accounting if you have lost them let me know, I also have a copy of it. If any money would be missing I will be happy to deduct it from the money you owe me. If you still are not convinced look at the daily emails from the office sent to you with the overview of all the done payments. When I last checked there are over 200. So you to claim to the police that from every payment ever made over a period of then months the complete amount is missing is in my opinion to say it mild a complete lie. So with this said to refresh your memory, mine is perfectly fine by the way, you admit in your message above you only extorted 250 000 Baht from me to release my boat and withdraw your charges together with the arrest warrant because I am a good guy that made a mistake. Well Thank you so much Raoul ! That is so good of you.

          People who read this might think way I defended myself not legally if I have all this evidence of my innocence ? Well most of you know by now the justice system in not working so well and pure economically paying 250 K is much cheaper then to pursuit this way. I would of still been stuck there at this moment. Also hiding with an arrest warrant above your head issued by a Police station that was happy to accept Mr Raoul his money to skip a few legal steps before doing so is not really a way of living. But have to say, it gave me some time to travel around in the beautiful country Thailand is, so thanks again Raoul. I have some very nice memories of that time. ( Not being sarcastic here)

          Why I write here again today ? On request of Raoul Bianchetti himself.
          See Mail below

          (No Subject)‏


          Reply ▼


          To akiraterelst@hotmail.com

          From:raoul (raoul@loxinfo.co.th) Sent:Friday, March 01, 2013 3:38:30 PMTo:akiraterelst@hotmail.com

          Dear akira , high integrity person

          Tomorrow i will read all the blogs. If i dont find a few posts of yourself , and very convincing ones ,I will write to belgium police to explain in details all your story and who you are and what you did to buy the yacht . As i listened from your mouth . I will not change a word

          1 kg x sq mt…..

          the ideal target….mr high integrity …..

          Sent from Samsung Mobile

          Because of something I did in the past and told Raoul when I was still naive and believed he was a good man with bad luck. In the mail above he wrote me today he is referring actually to some marihuana I growed for personal use. How he thinks to scare me with this, I have no idea. It is quit common here in Belgium although theoretically still illegal. How he came up that this is how I paid my boat ? Must be his wild imagination. He knows very well that the money came from my mother who invested it the company we started up in Belgium. Believe me if I say this is not Thailand here. Tax departments love to investigate these kind of companies with boats overseas. And as a matter of fact they did already.

          So Raoul, I hope by writing again on this blog I complied to your black mailing once again. And like you mentioned before : No hard feelings. I understand it is just a part of your marketing strategy. At least I seem to be the ideal target for your black mailing.

          A little bit to much of my private life here in the open, but yes, I suppose I had that coming when I posted here under my own name.

          Raoul give my regards to the Belgian police but you have to know offering them money won’t help your case here.

          Curious to see what facts you will twist an manipulate in your reply. I will answer them as good as I can.
          What will be the next thing you will threaten me ?

          Akira ter Elst.

          • raoul

            Hi akira. I still have your 400 pages of receipts. The first page list got dog food for some thousand of baht . The secretary told me that u r a dog lover. You could then have considered to pay yourself. Anyway you charged me for dog food. For a boatyard dog in Thepprasit that was left by 3 months. Then you used company money for rent a motorbike for your gf or whatever
            I got hundreds of points. You destroyed the apartment where u lived and the company car was in miserable condjtions. U were paid 100.000 baht a month !! What u have done got a precise name: fraud.
            I dont care if u were a drug dealer in your country. But u have the face to tell me that am not honest as i dont pay enough taxes!did u pay tax on selling your 20 sq mts of grass (personal use!!!hahha u never used it , u told me)?
            U r really the last person who can be a moralist…

          • Happy

            Akira ter Elst

            Akira, you no worry abouta him. He deficiento. Disgraziato. His strategy is same witha all a person. We are all your side. We know whoa is the bigga liar, him cana nota help himself.

          • Akira ter Elst

            Thanks a lot.

          • guestinth

            Hi Akira, the law is working and i’m from your side too. We just need to wait that DSI will finish ti check every things and we will be free to post our comment. Is not difficult to made a profile of RB, just write his name on google and you can read many post from many customers. You are right in your story but let the DSI go on it and we will see the results soon!!!

          • MarcoM

            I think I met you and you were one of the only helpful people at the RB disaster. I wondered what happened to you. Keep on fighting !! You might want to keep those emails as they seem to be libel and that is a criminal offense in Thailand … got the names of any of those police officers RB introduced you to ?

            I almost believed there was a new wind in the business when I was looking for a builder but luckily someone educated me on your former boss’s tendencies to prefer the easy way to make money.

            BUT …….haven’t we forgotten one thing .. NO PRESS CONFERENCE, no police denial of the raid and the pending arrests but in the past week a lot more information and some pretty sad stories.

            Pity his poor ex-wives who are stuck as nominees (how many ex-wives are happily living in and around Casa Crazyland ?) but that was the point of some of the allegations … he hides behind ex-wives, shell companies and some say paid bullies and thugs.The more blogs, the more there seems to be a common thread concerning RB’s disasters both socially and commercially.

            To RB … better just change from being the “Fastest Man in Thailand” to “Fastest Man OUT OF Thailand” and save the DSI the trouble.

          • Ralph1956

            I know Raoul. He is really Italo, slimy little man. Not same professionel business man. He cheat one friend from me too. Very big problem with this man boat and also some big problem with SaleTax for him. I think they can kick him away from Thailand if authority want, but i think they want make example for bad falang in Pattaya and put him in the prison. My friend say big case from tax fraud and many people in this case and some other thing I not understand clear. Good luck for all police stop all bad Falang cheat Falang. Funny place Pattaya, same Sodom & Gomorrah. But for only fun ok and can enjoy. Ralph

    • SailDude

      “they already got the life that they deserve” – Mr. Raoul: you are sooooo right . . . . . they have this “life” because of the enormous damages you inflicted in them. “Then” are hardworking, honest & decent people, who were completely taken-in by you and your very smooth M.O. ! ! How you can sleep at night, I will never understand, until I ‘google-ed’ the word Sociopath . . . . and then it all became instantly clear to me ! !
      May you too “get the life you deserve” and I’ll just bet this will happen sooner, rather than later, Mr. Bianchetti ! !
      I pity you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/priore.difranciacorta Priore Di Franciacorta

      Hi Raoul,
      Can you contact me? On facebook: Priore DiFranciacorta. I have a few questions, not about the matter that is posted here.
      Kind regards,

    • Maverick

      In light of the latest update from the DSI, would you like to change or retract your statement?
      I can only say that now, I really hope you also get the life you deserve ….. in a prison cell!

  • Happy

    I offer to pay a money for all expense for yuo coma to Thailand, for you make statemento at DSI, for you fly and hotel these person for tell a true about RB everythings – K. Pak, Mr. Flavio, Mr. Diego, Mr Alan, K. O, mR. Marco, Miss Pui. Contact directly Director DSI pravit@dsi.go.th

    • Quicksilver.S

      Well Mr. “Happy”; the Thai Authorities have just saved you a small fortune; the people you mention in your post (and some in addition tot that short list) have ALREADY been interviewed and statements have been taken.

      The “sound” of Arrest-Warrants” is beginning to fill the air and this entire affair will be coming to a climax very shortly, it is understood.

  • Happy

    Thank you for informacion to let we know what is a happen to you. We thinka newspaper make joke. Now becos you tell the world we believea newspaper. Alora, becosa you says you no make noting wrong, mebe DSI make biga mistake. Thank you for speak us the true. We belevea you.

  • rr.

    to mr. bianchetti: great info ref. your 118 large yachts sold. forwarded to tax/vat/police departments already. much appreciated that you help to speed up the process and just more than doubled never filed duties, taxes and vat. would not wanna be in your shoes right now. the good old times of threats, violenc, false police reports, bullying and worse are over. and you are fast becoming really famous: ‘fastestmaninthailand” my ass…. rr.

  • Britsaddened

    This man ruined the life of two very good friends. A lovely couple, who never got their fully paid boat delivered. It was then sold for a second time and we understand, that boat is now a wreck and still somewhere in a boatyard in Pattaya. There is an ongoing court-case and with his new developments criminal charges are being filed at highest level. There are several more unlucky customers, we understand, who never got their paid up yachts delivered. One a very well known person from the Emirates with two large yachts, which were sold on a second time to some Eastern Europe investors. Both parties are fighting this in court, additional criminal complaints are now imminent.
    Thank you DSI and authorities to put an end to this. How could this go on for so many years? Much of this is common knowledge in yachting circles.

  • rr.

    Just heard that, some people in marinas and shops, all the way to Phuket are being or have been interviewed.Looks like he no friends left. It seems they want to make sure this Italian goes away for a long-time. Don’t want to divulge any sensitive information, better let the authorities do their job. And a good one, indeed!
    It will be a while before the reputation of yacht builders in Pattaya or even Thailand can be restored. Maybe there is an association of Thai boat builders – if not, that would be a good moment for a few big players to create one – that could distance themselves publicly from such practices and actually use this a PR platform. They could establish industry standards and self-regulate & enforce, which would in turn re-assure potential customers and sort out rogue builders automatically.

  • Diver-DU

    Awesome job! Thanks PATTAYA ONE for reporting this. A mate of mine got taken for a bad ride by this ‘boat-builder’ a few years back. Lost about 150’000 $. He has already contacted the authorities and is even being assisted by the embassy in his country. He has been in touch with some of the other victims and they are confident this guy will not be allowed to continue this.
    Seems he ticked off some heavy hitters over the years. I will write another comment about the outcome. Great work by Thai law enforcement. Cheers.

  • Lrock

    Well after have read all this post, I understand that i will be blamed or pointed finger to be close to this guy, which in a fact is not true , free to believe what you like more ,.I heard about the company and him just only because a close friend bought a catamaran from him and honestly a part that i am jealous as i would have liked to afford to buy the same , i have seen only good things about this boat and my friend experience.. I cant report any other things as i do not if this italian guy has been cheating the other or not , but for experience my friend and myself as well who was lucky to get some nice sailing day with him , it has a been very good deal .
    As said not to defend or or offense the builder but just to report the facts, as reader from all the blogs i can say that to me it is looking like someone is trying to set him up to get him out of the businenss.. fair enough in this world things goes like this .
    And wondering if the guy is already in jail now …and how come it took so long to catch such devil and big cheater …..

  • Asiancruiser

    Just a few month back I was very close to order a yacht from Raoul Bianchetti. After trying to get some references of satisfied customers and nothing forthcoming, I had my Bangkok lawyer do a quick background-check on this man and drive down to Pattaya to get some feedback from misc. marine businesses and competitors. The results have been devastating and I immediately gave up on the idea to have this yard build a yacht for me & my family. How can people be so naive and proceed with such a project, just based on the builder’s websites and his bs. is beyond me.My research cost me 600$, but probably saved me 500’000$ and years of trouble. Well done Thai police & DSI. get rid of such scum & Good luck to everybody who got hurt.

  • Akira ter Elst

    Hi Raoul,

    We are making progress. Still got not over the dog food ? Like you say; YOUR boatyard dogs with Italian names you abandoned. Consider it as a good deed to improve your karma. The motorbike : when I accepted to work for you there was the company car included. When Mathew joined you also offered him a company car included. As he needed it to go up and down BPK and do the purchasing there was one missing. I used the motorbike instead of a car to drive up and down where ever you wanted me to meet. ( Also for private use at the evening, I admit). So not for my girlfriend, who was by the way, all months in Indonesia. The apartment : the one where I lived, I left in perfect condition completely cleaned up and with 500 baht on the table to your German house attendant for the laundry of the bed sheets. You have to understand I was in a hurry to leave because you threatened to sent the police if I was not gone within 24 h. You may be referring to the apartment downstairs with the water leak in the ceiling caused by your German house attendant. Sorry, I did not live there. About the car, is that the one you kicked in the door after an anger burst out ? Sorry again did not drive that car anymore for at least 2 months before you got it back. I never put a scratch on it. The salary : yes it is a high salary for Thailand but like you know it was invoiced by my company in Belgium so I need to deduct all the expenses from that amount ( social security in Belgium, taxes, accounting, insurances, …) You also forget the mention I had to deduct the taxes and social security in Thailand and the expenses for my work permit you had me refund against the agreement. So after all not so much left for working 6 and a half days on seven.

    My point is Raoul we can go over all the items you believe are up for discussion and if we add them all up we will not come to even the salary you still owe me from one and a half month. Far from the 300 K you owe me for the mast. This was all known by you before you went to to the police. So thanks for you for confirming this with your message above.

    The whole thing here is not about being moralistic. It is about the peoples life and dreams YOU destroy. And this has to come to an end. Sorry if this offends you.

    • Happy

      Hima upset about a dog food becosa you buy him a wronga flavora,

    • hugeloss

      Hi Aki

      Good to hear you well. For what waste time and make effort for this low life Italy guy? We everybody know you always do your best help customers and you help R.B. solve many problems. He is coward little guy and always hide behind other people and use other people. How he can find is mistery.Some story now come public is total incredible, but true with many evidence. We talk to many people in marine business and more story found every day. Everybody watch news on this case and many victim and other people do good network and stay in touch. We so sorry, your boat no have mast and rigging, we know what boat have your mast, when R.B. take from your boat and lock your boat and start big lies. You help him one year, but at end he abuse everybody. So sad for you. We like meet you in Thailand soon one day and somebody will contact you next week, please you answer. No worry, we happy pay ticket. We think you have many info, but better you not get exite about this guy write story about you. No worry, nobody belive. All people know this is garbage and invention. For your happiness, so many people want see him in court and jail. We happy see you again and wish you luck from everybody.

      • Akira ter Elst

        Thanks. Much appreciated.

  • +1forakira

    + 1 for Akira ! He is a great guy and tried to help all customers the best possible under most difficult of circumstances. Only just now made aware of his terrible experience and the loss of mast and rigging. We had numerous business contacts with Akira during his time with R.B. and he was really the only one caring about the numerous problems many customers were facing.
    We wish him luck, he is a young, courageous and positive man and will be smiling about all this when he gets as old as we are. Akira, you are always welcome in OM.

  • Jil

    + 1 for Akira Mr. R.B.’s activities are known allover town and Thailand. Would not worry what this
    looser writes about you. A ton of honest business people waiting for his arrest. He has done serious damage to Thailand’s yachting reputation. JlL.

  • Poland Victim

    Poland Victim said :
    This builder he cheatted my friends for 3 Million $, build 2 big yacht not finish and never deliver. you can go see 1 boat stand 1 yr. in dirty road near fcatory from this builder. Now already in many court and police department more 1 year.Thank you FBI for arrest and stop this man who do many damage to many people and the good country of Thailand. Thank you and everybody careful when build boat in Thailand, please.
    Email : Poland Victim

  • JHA

    My mate got interviewed twice already by police and was supported by an excellent lawyer, who acted as translator, courtesy of some group of victims. Seems there are more and more people coming forward. They asked for any paperwork he had available including transfers from abroad and contracts.
    You think he might be able to recover some of his losses? In our country he could file a civil lawsuit after criminal conviction, but this seems to be quite a long process in Thailand. Reading all these posts on the www. the guy seems to be loaded? Porsche, Dragster, Properties allover Thailand.
    How was he able to get away with this for such a long period?
    Pretty sad the damage he has done to the Thai yacht-building business. A rather difficult business to begin with, then hit by a 10 year financial crisis and on top of that badly tarnished by such a ruthless individual. Looks like has no supporters left and everybody is applauding the police for their actions.
    I reckon a lot of people are following this story closely, hopefully anybody with information now steps up and reports to the authorities.
    To the Thai authorities and the DSI in Pattaya and Bangkok all of us send a THANK YOU for a great job. JHA

  • J.Jern

    We need phone/email/postal address of ‘Organized Crime Unit-Bangkok’ & same of ‘AMLO’ please.
    Good work DSI Thailand. Get rid of these foreigners who abuse your beautiful country. JJ.

    • Quicksilver S.

      JJ; here’s that information for you:

      AMLO (Anti Money Laundering Office)

      422 Phayathai Rd.,
      Patumwan District,
      10330, Thailand

      Post Box : 559
      Postal Code : Samsennai
      Bangkok 10400

      Tel. +66 2 219 3600
      Fax.+66 2 219 3700
      Email mail@amlo.go.th

      DSI (Department of Special Investigation)
      Organized Crime & Mafia Taskforce
      DSI Road 128 Rd.,
      Lak Si,
      Bangkok 10210
      Ph: +66 28 31 98 88
      Mob: +66 86 848 35 55
      Email: pravit@dsi.go.th

      May this devilish Raul Biancheti, aka “El Diablo-di-Pattaya” be in secured confines soon; the entire Yachting-Industry will sigh a very BIG sigh of relief ! ! ! ! !

  • Jh., Singapore

    According to Mr. Bianchetti, he has built hundreds of large yachts during the last few years in his factory outside Bangkok.
    At least this we were told during email negotiations to build several commercial boats. We kept asking for references and yachts we could possibly see and do a sea trial on. He became very evasive and ended up with 3 names, all of them came back with bad to very bad feedback. We then checked out the factory. This was towards the end of last year. There is not even direct water access or facilities to launch a large yacht. The factory looked a total mess, hardly anything going on and there is a large yacht (new, but in bad shape already) parked across the road in a dirt lot.
    When we walked up to the boat a couple of police guards showed up and told us this boat is being watched for the rightful owners who try to have it delivered. As we can read on blogs, they are probably still waiting.
    When our Bangkok partners (Thai speaking) investigated a bit further, they found out, he did not know how to launch the yacht and just walked away from the project. We have no exact details, as we then immediately gave up our plans to build any commercial yachts with this yard.
    But since, we have learned that this guy has a horrible reputation and ends up in court with most of his customers. Many of them ending their dreams with a total loss.
    Indeed, this yard is very damaging to the Thai reputation, as our case shows. We will end up having our yachts built in Australia.
    Good job at least by the police and authorities. Maybe this will help all other yards to regain some trust of foreign customers.
    A question to local experts: Isn’t there a ‘Thai Yacht Building Association’? Such a body could easily eliminate people like Bianchetti, as they could inform potential customers early on about accredited builders. We understand most marine experts have known about this guy for many years. Just an idea. Jh.

  • P.B.C.

    Raoul has been known to be a cheat and dirty character for many years. Why did it take so long to stop him? Why did so many people have to get hurt? Why did nobody speak up? Were they all afraid and intimidated by this little Italian looser? Well, better late than never. The entire Pattaya business community applauds the Pattaya & Bangkok DSI for taking the many reports serious and for taking decisive action.
    This will also encourage people to come forward in this and similar cases, now that we know we have a strong and straight DSI that enforces the Thai law.
    You are our Thai Law Enforcement heroes*****! Keep up the good work and help us improve the negative image of the foreign business community. THX. PBC.

  • P.BC

    Sorry Mate (Howard?) Correct email for post 78 is: p.bc2013@yahoo.com
    Thanks for your great reporting. The only honest guy with no personal agenda in this beautiful town of Pattaya.
    What about you starting a new venture? *Asssociation of Honest Pattaya Business Owners*, a self-regulating body of independent businesses.

    • ramos

      Well full of people leaving bad message or experiences , i am one of the potential victims since still work in process , but after weeks of reading i start believe more than this is all made up . First all these guy listing and putting down sentences they do not present themselves name and family name and email . So this could be useful for the victims like me to get some serious and concrete info to hand off to the lawyers. I am afraid here we are in front of a bunch of sharks that are only eating other sharks .. Readers , read carefully thru the lines of these people .. they are not worst or any better than this Raoul !

      • P.BC

        Buenos Dias Ramos or should we say Buongiorno Raoul:
        If you have doubts about the situation, just stop by the Pattaya Provincial Court, or pay a lawyer to do so and get a list of active court cases with RB involved. Next ask Mr. Bianchetti to introduce you to just 10 of his hundreds of happy customers. Next go to the local marinas and look for RB boats in the sea, in repair or being rebuilt. Chat a bit with the locals. Next head down to Phuket for a fun weekend and visit the few marinas there and talk to the main yacht-shops and a couple of the big suppliers, you might even run into the odd RB boat. Easy to pick out, the ones that look like sh.. after the first year in the sea, rusty stainless and faded and cracked paint-jobs are just the beginning. While you are down there visit the 3 or 4 approved marine surveyors. Just let them know you are talking off the record and confidential. At that time you might contact Mr. Bianchetti and tell him you intend to have a surveyor come up up once in a while to report on progress and validate his quality work. Pick the one you like best. They are all very good at their job and well respected in Thailand and abroad. Can’t wait for your report on his reaction. If you need a referral just mail us.
        Or, off course you can continue to believe that all the information about this yard on the web is not more than another Urban Legend.
        Please keep us updated on the progress of your yacht construction. And, why would you need to see a lawyer as you seem to have no issues with your yacht’s construction? We sincerely hope you will be able to enjoy a quality boat and many happy years of sailing. Nothing better than feeling that salty air in your face. P.BC

  • Julio N.

    Mr. Najeed; You need to get a good criminal lawyer very quick to protect your interests or you will never see your yacht. Take action now. You are not the first who is making this terrible experience. I hope you have not overpaid the yacht. How long have you been waiting for delivery? What is the yard telling you? Best of luck. Julio N.

  • J. Usher

    To All Victims of Raoul Bianchetti:

    The in-depth investigation & legal proceedings against Raoul Bianchetti
    are fast reaching their conclusions, but if you haven’t reported your
    damages/financial losses/extortion attempts/horror-story etc. to the Thai’
    authorities yet, it is now high time to do so. We, the ‘RB.victims-supportgroup’
    have been able to pass along a small mountain of fresh evidence &
    statements to the DSI, over the past few weeks; but from our research we know
    that there are even MORE victims, some of whom have NOT yet made their signed
    statements to the DSI. We
    invite you, hereby to do so now – and you should contact the DSI directly: pravit@dsi.go.th or you may send it to our
    support group at: rb.victims-supportgrp@hotmail.com
    and we will make sure it gets to the DSI-Organized Crime & Mafia Taskforce. This little, slimy and cowardly
    Fraudster named Raoul Bianchetti has made his last victim and his next stop
    will not feature any luxuries, but will be a genuine hell; a place well-known
    to his many (50+ !) victims . . . . .

  • >Doneoverbyrb<

    Hello Mr. Bianchetti:

    Remember me? You screwed me for 150 big-ones a while back. Not Thai-Baht, but US-$!
    Still alive & Still kicking! And you are always on my mind.
    You have brought so much misery to many of us and abused the Thai hospitality in the worst way possible.
    But you are finally famous, always wanted to be, little fastestmaninthailand.com!
    I am doing my best to make you even more famous; just waiting for the green light. In the meantime we watch CI-Network/Asian Swindlers. They pale in comparison to your actions the last decade.
    With the help of some friends, quite a bit of interest in this story has been generated, interest from producers and investigative journalists allover Asia.First on-cam interviews taken!
    Buddy, we might even get you on prime-time.
    Hopefully, anybody who has been used & abused by youis reporting their experience and fully supports this effort to put you where you should have been for the last 10 years already.

    Akira, we know you got screwed by Mr. Bianchetti. You should report your case of extortion, if you have not done yet. You can do it through the Thai Embassy. the DSI has a worldwide network. Hopefully your boat has now a mast & sails.

    Mr. Bianchetti, you should be ashamed for what you have done to the reputationof the Thai Yachting Community.
    You must know that EVERYBODY applauds the DSI and police and praises them for their great job. THANK YOU DSI!
    The more information they get from people about your dirty deeds and the more
    >Thank YouLetters Doneoverbyrb<

  • Marinaman

    Good day – I have been doing marine related business in Thailand for many years – It is a fact that Raoul is a rotten apple and many of us have been wondering how he could get away with this for years.
    Some of us made a few $ with him, if he ever paid his bills – Many of us actually lost a few $ –
    One of the main reasons, as a matter of fact, were his immediate and most aggressive actions an intimidation techniques the moment anybody questioned his illegal actions and unethical behavior – I won’t get into details, as this is not the forum for such, details have been made available to the DSI already.
    We now seem to have reached crossroads or as we sailors would say, the tide has definitely
    turned – Raoul must be a very lonely man these days – Just about anybody has turned away from him – Every business man from here o Phuket is informed and delighted.
    We all have part in this terrible story and we might not even have realized how much damage Raoul has done to our own businesses and reputations – We all should have spoken up years ago – We certainly might have in a Western country.
    Let us do the right thing now – Somebody step forward and start working on a *Thai-Marine-Society* or similar, so this can never happen again.
    We must establish international standards and we must regulate the marine business from within.
    We have very capable surveyors, yacht-builders, the worlds leading sail & mast maker, some very large marina-enterprises and much more – Let us unite.
    But even more important at this point, let us write to the authorities, some contacts are mentioned below and let us confirm the damage this man has done to Thailand, let us express our gratitude to the DSI and the courts.
    Certainly the Pattaya DSI will happily forward any letters they receive to higher-ups.
    This must be a concerted effort – Let us make sure Raoul disappears for a long time and can never hurt innocent customers, family fathers, husbands, people who have saved a lifetime to realize their dream of building their own yacht and sail the world, in this great country of Thailand again.
    Don’t delay, do your part today – My letters have been mailed today.
    Great work of the authorities and the Thai FBI (DSI). Fine people!


  • Bigfin

    Word is, R.B. has also ripped off AL FAJER ENTERPRISES-Dubai, a few years back / Fully owned by THE Ruling Family / This seems to haunt Mr. R.B. now / Doubt he will buy his way out of this one / Good job DSI & Police / Don’t forget to check his tax returns & VAT / R.B. you are the talk of town, or at least the talk of every bloody marina from here to Australia / Well done mate! BF

  • Guillio N.

    This cases seams to be take very long – even per Thai’ standards; I hear rumor that authorities want to make a example from Raoul Bainchetti. Seeming that this case is not just 1 casesm but a few – and all the criminal cases ! ! Is also the rumor I hear is that because is so HUGE proof against this Italian Devil-Man, they not even make the possibility from his bailing hisself out, but (like the game Monopoly) GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL . . . . . I thinking this is the good solution because this man he ruining soooo many people lifes; now will be him turn to suffering like live in the hell ! !
    THANK YOU to DSI and Police Thai’ ! !

  • Ralph1956

    The police now already take interview and all document from my friend who Raoul cheat also.
    They friendly and very detail more than 2 hour. My friend think serious case and now Thailand want clean bad imagery from bad foreigners. Because also start big clean in Phuket and Bangkok. This why now Special Police from Bangkok and no more Pattaya. Good for Thailand if stop so many crime happen every day and so many people loose everything. I warn my friend before, how can be stupid and believe can get good quality from this man. Everybody in Yacht Club know him long time and not like him many years. Good work for police. We thank you very much. Ralph

  • Aquillio Santos

    Breaking News:
    I just speak to a guy who is putting together a YouTube Video Clip about the horrible things this Italian Raoul Bionchetti has commit against the so many peoples (his “Victim-Clients”) and the title of this little vdo is:

    “The EVIL MAN From Pattaya”.

    . . . . coming soon & all over the world . . . . .

  • Aussie-64

    We were to meet with the owner of the RB-factory this
    week to discuss a new project.

    However, after reading up on the internet and finding tons
    of only negative feedback,

    we kind of got suspicious. So we decided to pay the
    factory a visit without announcing it. We stopped by on our way from the
    airport. It is quite a large factory hall on this river nearby.

    Our mistrust turned into disbelief immediately.

    What a dump!! Any yard we had looked at in Malaysia &
    Phuket compared like a 5* facility to RB-factory. There were several what
    looked like abandoned, half-done hulls in there. We could not see any useable
    materials or machinery, just old dilapidated, rusty junk.

    There were a few workers hanging out, chatting and
    smoking. Nobody paid attention to our group of 3 people and we could just walk
    onto the boats.

    There was one very large cat, also half-done, parked on
    one side and an identical one, already in bad shape outside the factory on a
    dirt-lot. When we approached that one, some security guards walked up and told
    us they were police and had to watch this boat for the rightful owner, as the
    owner of the yard is “bad man” and “not deliver boat long-time” and “make many
    problems for people”.

    We had seen enough and headed to Pattaya to check out
    some yards at the local marina there.

    It pays to be careful these days and certainly this
    Italian dude takes the cake.

    Best of luck to all his customers. Very doubtful they
    will enjoy their RB-yachts.


    • Clubmember

      Great report Aussie-64! Finally a smart buyer who does his homework. Have a look around in Ocean Marina and talk to some yacht-owners. There is a couple of decent builders in the area. Jack Hall / ex Hans Christian Yachts is one of them. Good luck and congratulations for not let the Italian rip you off! Clubmember

  • Sailor1954

    Raoul has been known to be a total amateur & cheat since his early days. Seems however, that he could find a ready supply of naive people on the internet. I feel sorry for everybody who got ripped off. I got away cheap many years back, with a small repair I had done by Raoul. Ridiculous job. Had to be redone all over again and I made sure none of my friends at the Yacht Club would fall into this slimy Italian’s trap. About time the authorities are catching up with him. There are plenty of horror stories about Raoul going around. What goes around comes around….!!! Sailor1954

    • Clubmember

      +1 ! Fully agreed. Raoul Binachetti is a unscrupulous miserable guy. Also a total failure in business. He has started a bunch of businesses and they all failed. I put some blame on his customers who seem to be very, very naive people. They find the guy on the internet, but don’t have the brains to google him. We may safely assume his best days are over and the heat is on. he might get a taste of his own medicine soon. Clubmember/Pattaya.

  • Albert C.

    I got curious about all the reports about this yard and as a mate of mine is ready to get a catamaran himself, we took a ride up to this factory today. Startling, we walked right by the security guy. A few workers doing not much of anything. Whole place filled with rubbish. A couple of large unfinished d yachts, deserted or abandoned? One was a cat, the other one looked more like a gigantic bathtub than a boat. Can not imagine that anybdoy inspecting that dump would dream of giving this yard even a dinghy to build. Bloody amazing how people can fall into this guy’s trap. Albert C.

    • Aquillio Santos

      Amazing; more so because when I spoke with a number of people in the “boating-business” (Brokers, Builders; Shop-Owners etc.) the very moment you mention the name Raoul Bianchetti, people give you that look, like they’ve just eaten something very distastefull, while just having stepped in some dog-pooh . . . . . .

      Amazing that so many people have been able to be defrauded by this evil little man from Pattaya ! ! ! ! !

      Heard through the grapevine that his arrest is now imminent ?
      The sooner, the better; – the cleaner the yacht-business in Thailand !

  • http://www.melfast.com/industries/60/Boat-Manufacturers Cody Travis

    I hope they catch this culprit as soon as possible before he leaves the country, such kind of people should be sent to jail forever.

  • Phuketandreas

    Fully agree Cody. This guy need be locked up in Bangkok Hilton (not hotel!) for very long time. Incredibly how long time nobody do nothing and police watch. But now I hear from good friend in police they very serious to lock him and make big warning for foreigners use country Thailand to cheat people and same cheat country. I think can read him in jail not long time now. I can hope his many customer, good people, can get some money back. her in Phuket Marina everybody know this guy and warn not do business with him before long time.We must say thank you very much for DSI in Pattaya and Bangkok for stop this man. I think they start big action for stop foreign mafia, same in Phuket where I live. Bye bye Italy man. No pizza and salami in jail. Good luck to many victims. So very sorry for you. Everybody be careful now.

  • Aquillio Santos

    @Cody: Yes and I also hearing about woman (name Phui or something like) is helping him with many non-legal things doing and she also will have the many problems with the law. But is not the probleme because in that Bangkok-Hilton have the special place for the woman sure.
    I cannot wait for day these 2 criminalies will be looking out from the inside the metal bars and then may be to realize all damage they do to so many the victims.
    I think in Thailande they call it the “Karma”: you do the evil to others, then you will receive the evil back 100 x what you causing to other people first ! ! ! !
    Thanks you for Lady Justice ! !

  • deepseadiver2345

    A close friend just filed charges for commercial fraud and several other criminal offenses via his Bangkok law-firm with a Special Department of the Thai Police. He will present his case also to the Task Force of the DSI in Bangkok next week.He seems to be one of the latest victims. His lawyers told him he is one of many and the charges against this Italian swindler are huge. We just hope they don’t let him leave the country. Lock him up!
    It seems the authorities are now committed to clean up the landscape littered with with many foreigners abusing the Thai hospitality. Phuket, Samui & Pattaya are on their list. Kudos to the Government and the DSI Pattaya & Bangkok. Great job! Kob Khun Krab*

  • USGREG2007

    Is this the same Italian that just got arrested in North Thailand? Great on the Police to lock up these foreign criminals. They must know Thailand is no more a country of refuge for the scum of the earth. I now see more and more foreigners working for Bangkok police departments and special task forces, even seen them in drug raids in Bangkok.
    I hope he gets what he deserves for ruining all these peoples lives. However I don’t understand how naive some people are. Are they not checking with previous customers, the internet, local shops and competition?

    Great job Thai Royal Police, now let the prosecutors and judges have their fun with him and others like him. Gregory

    • Island-Joe

      Hi USGREG >

      No, the papers say this was an Italian that committed fraud in Italy and is now being extradited back to stand trial.
      Raoul Binachetti, he calls himself boat/builder and entrepreneur, lives in Pattaya, not in the North.
      All expats here are flabbergasted he is not in jail yet, but some of the victims are still submitting their cases and being interviewed. It seems the case has now moved even higher up to Bangkok. He has pissed of and cheated some very influential people it seems, not only abroad, but also here in Thailand. I know a couple of guys who got ripped off by this impostor. They seem to know him well and have been waiting for a long time to get even. They say the guy is a total nutcase and has no conscience whatsoever. Everybody seems to be following this case and my two mates have also contacted the authorities with their experience. One of them was called in for an interview a few weeks back already.
      Will try to meet him and get an update and post if possible.
      Now everybody seems to have their fingers crossed to wake up one morning to the news of the next Italian arrested for his misdeeds. You are damn right, people should better check carefully before considering doing any business with any farang here in Thailand. So many swindlers active here in Pattaya and Thailand. Island-Joe

  • CourtReporterVini

    Yesterday is very interested case in front to judge at Pattaya Court to doing with Mr. Raoul Bianchatty, from Italian. Is to doing with the breaching of contract to building a very big boat (catamaran) and trying to cheating the customer (company in Maldivian islands). After I talking with involved peoples and courts officer, I discover many more criminal cases with tax-frauding, excise-tax evadings and faking company ownerships as well as stealing and making the threats to innocent customer or staffs. I told to me there are more as 40 victims as result of doing boat building businesses for more 10 years in Pattaya. How this man can done is a mystery, but soon reality will come to him soon. Must go jail sure ! Also have big cases with DSI and I will follow more and make reporting to medias.

  • Jaywalker

    He clipped me for a HORRIBLE boat.

    It almost sunk from day 1 & it just went down hill from there.

    I paid about $250,000 for it & had to haul it in less than one year.

    Finally sold it.

    I lost about $200,000. He’s a complete fraud and it is SO nice to see him locked up.


    • Claudia

      Hi Jaywalker,
      The in-depth investigation & legal proceedings against Raoul Bianchetti are fast reaching their conclusions, but if you haven’t reported your damages/financial losses/extortion attempts/horror-story etc. to the Thai’ authorities yet, it is now high time to do so.
      We, the `RB.victims-supportgroup’ have been able to pass along a small mountain of fresh evidence & statements to the DSI, over the past few weeks; but from
      our research we know that there are even MORE victims, some of whom have NOT
      yet made their signed statements to the DSI. We invite you, hereby to do so now – and you should contact the DSI directly: pravit@dsi.go.th or you may send it to our
      support group at: rb.victims-supportgrp@hotmail.com and we will make sure it gets to the DSI-Organized Crime & Mafia Taskforce. This little, slimy and cowardly Fraudster named Raoul Bianchetti has made his last victim and his next stop will not feature any luxuries, but will be a genuine hell; a place well-known to his many (50+ !) victims . . . . .

  • Robert

    When will foreigners learn that contracting something large like a yacht, or buying a condo in a Country that affords none of the protections and legal recourse that exist in the West is foolish and risky. Contracts here are not even valid unless they are written in Thai, which few foreigners can read. With that said, it’s still sad so many lost so much.

  • gwats1957

    This guy is SLIME… he set up business in a place where he thought the local ‘go easy’, ‘Tea money’ attitude towards running an honest business would favor him stealing on a huge scale. He was wrong. Thais may not always get things right, but not ALL Thais are ‘asleep at the switch’, and many became aware the a ‘Wolf’ had set up shop in Pattaya. He also made the additional mistake of stealing from ‘Falangs’, which made him more visible to local law enforcement. The DSI, like our own FBI, may not always see the problem immediately, but they DID see it, and for whatever reason, took the appropriate action to put this crook out of business, and for that, I commend them. I hope it sends a message to would-be future ‘Grifters’ that this is not a criminal’s paradise 24/7.

    • Just Interested

      Great summary GWATS57. A Thai friend of mine, who is owed a ton of money by this SLIME, called me this morning and told me this guy will go down big times very soon. There seem to more and more complaints with the FBI and several other authorities.

      They just added my friends case a couple weeks ago and seem to have evidence on some major violations, going back many years. This guy must be very stupid or very arrogant.Still in Thailand?
      Why do such serious cases take such a long time to be resolved in Thailand?
      Anyway, I agree, the authorities and especially the FBI must be commended for cleaning out the foreign trash. They seem to be very active against foreign criminals lately.
      Hope the press keeps us up to date and this does not just disappear….Well done! J.I.

  • soidog

    Operating illegally for 15 years ,with impunity it seems.Whose toes did he tread on to make
    something happen?

  • IanB

    Confused. What is this update supposed to tell us?

  • Blueseas2000

    Well done DSI and RT-Police! But all of us in the Thai Marine Industry will only applaud and relax, once this Italian is locked up for good and/or deported and may never be allowed to cheat innocent people from allover the world again. Many of us have made statements and written to authorities about the immense damages this man has done to the Thai Marine Industry and many of us. We will continue to do so on every level, to every department in the Government, until Mr. Rauol Bianchetti does not walk around and continue his shady and dirty deals anymore. For the time being he is still a free man, it seems and we hear, he is still finding new victims and threatening old victims. Shame on you, you are a miserable, slimy human being and be assured; Justice will catch up with you. Everybody is invited to help this effort. Plenty of contacts in comments below. Posts and reports are encouraged.

  • Past coworker

    Well done DSI! He belongs in jail!

  • cliwe

    OK folks lets see what happens next and hopefully PO follows this story to the end.
    In this country money rules, some boats may be traded together with an oneway ticket to Italy.
    I would not be suprised,
    living here to long.

  • notdubbed

    Mr. Bianchetti:

    How can you sleep at night? All the people you have cheated! All the lives & dreams you have destroyed! One of them is a good mate of mine!
    You are just a common criminal. Even in Thailand, common criminals eventually end up in jail. Enjoy your sleep while you can! ::Lady Justice:: is blindfolded, but not blind. Justice will prevail, whatever efforts it takes. Plenty of incorruptible people are working on this. You will be able to reflect on your destructive activities for many, many years to come. In an environment custom-built for people like yourself. All your victims are following this very closely and are supporting ::Lady Justice:: until justice is done, whatever it takes. Once again: Kob Kun Mak Krab to the DSI Pattaya, DSI Bangkok and all other Thai Authorities working on this case.

    • raoul

      thanks , i sleep very well , as i never cheated anybody .

  • Ralph

    Rumor in Pattaya Marina today; Raoul arrested by Bangkok Police this morning December # 4? Anybody knows more??????????????????? I hope they keep him locked up forever. R.

  • HL-Waters

    Indeed, this is the best news in a long time. We congratulate the leaders and case agents in the DSI Pattaya, the Attorney General’s Office in Bangkok, Pattaya & Bangkok Immigration, DSI Bangkok, AMLO Thailand, NACC, Thailand. Raoul Bianchetti has ruined many lives & families. He belongs in jail and removed from Thailand. May he rot in hell. THX. to everybody involved helping to bring this crook to justice. Victims can still report their case directly to DSI Pattaya, contact details in several prior posts. Merry Christmas *** H.L.

  • Happy

    Just confirmed by victims network !!!!!!!! RB, the most crooked wanna-be boatbuilder ever !!!! Arrested and jailed in Bangkok Immigration Detention Center / Suan Phlu Detention Center.

    What is next? Anybody with reliable information? Dozends of ruined victims waiting for this moment. Thanks DSI Thailand & Attorney General Thailand!!!!

    • raoul

      well , party should be postponed , i guess :)

  • CourtReporterVini

    Yes; Raoul Bianchetti is finally in the jail (Bangkok) awaiting a myriad of mounting
    criminal charges against him, his girlfriend/managing-director & his varies
    companies. There also the rumors about the AMLO (Anti Money Laundering
    Office) that is imminent the freezing/confiscation of ALL of his remaining
    & ill-gotten asset, like houses, boats, cars and even 1 small airplane, I was told to.
    Some quick “last-minute” property/company deeds transferred will be
    reversed by the government and criminal charges will be brought to people
    involved in these illegal transferings. My advices: if anyone offer you buy
    something “nice & cheap” from the Raoul Bianchetti possessions:
    So: BEWARE:
    DON’T, because you will lose the item and your moneys ! ! – and possible facing the criminal
    charging also ! ! !

    I will following this story about this very EVIL man from Pattaya and report more
    here soon.

    “Justice Grinds Slowly, but Grind it Does !”, just ask Raoul Bianchetti . . . . . . . .

    • raoul

      merry xmas to you too

    • raoul

      hey buddy , if the justice will not hurry up , i will be too old to laugh about these posts …

      sorry to interrupt your dreams ,,,,never had a criminal charge in the real life , …only in these posts on this ridiculous tabloid ….did u ever notice 1 word about me , in Bangkok post , The Nation , or anything else that is a real newspaper ? wonder why ….

      com’on ..a little effort and you too can understand it

  • Fish

    Why is there nothing in the press? Hope this is a fact and this crook is finally out of business.
    Plenty of people ruined. Still too many of this kind in our LOS. Well done DSI. You have made many people happy. Any links to press reports? “Fish”

  • Deepseadiver1954

    Just picked up the great news. Any chance victims can recover some losses? Fully agreed with others posts. This crook need to rot in hell. Well done Thailand! Get rid of this slime-ball criminal. DSD.

  • WonderWhy

    Great news, indeed. Well done. Hopefully the many victims get some satisfaction and this piece of sh….will be kicked out of Thailand forever. W.W.

  • willsee

    well not so sure, let’s see the end of the story, as there are many people involved into this and it might be that the guy is not the bad one in this story .Wait and see

  • Germanchap

    “willsee” How much longer you will see? Until another 50 customers ripped off and cheated? Who are you? Another-one of his lady profiteers who get diamond rings, cars and houses? Show me just 1 happy customer! And what about numerous lawsuits, major criminal investigations, indictments?? What will you see? Are you dumb? Or maybe are you Raoul writing from your jail cell? You are known to entertain entire forum threads under different sign-in names. What a miserable human being! I salute prior posts: Well done DSI-Pattaya & Bangkok! May he (you) rot in hell and may he pay for his crimes. Germanchap

  • >Doneoverbyrb<

    NEWS!!!!!!!!! My lawyer just woke me up with great news. It is confirmed from official side. Raoul Bianchetti, this slimy little Italian cheat has been deported from Thailand last night.

    We all would have preferred this criminal ending in a Thai jail, but this is the next best way to stop this con-man from operating in Thailand.

    We will post more details as we learn them. Certainly the authorities will continue their

    We will try to put a lien on his properties, if this is possible in Thailand, maybe some of us can recoup part of our damages. The Thai boating industry will be relieved to hear this. Merry Christmas >Doneoverbyrb<

    • raoul

      change lawyer buddy ,,,

  • CourtReporterVini

    @willsee: If by “the guy” you meaning “Raoul Bianchetti” then you either drunk, stupid or, as Germanchap speak: “Profiteer-of-Raoul B.” ! ! ! This horrible, sociopath Raul has ruined sooo many people their lives and making soooo many debts with Individuals AND Companies ! It will take many year for all these victims to get over this . . . . .
    Willsee: I have only 1 thing to speak you: you WILL see and I maening JUSTICE !
    LATEST UPDATE: Raoul in Bangkok jail, but will be thrown out the Thailand soon and may not NEVER coming back to Thailand ! ! – Is very good ! ! !

    • Victim 37

      Vini, he is gone already! ** Deported last night 20.00! Blacklisted for 99 yrs. under special provisions of the Thai Immigration Act, we understand. ** This confirmed by highest level officials directly to my lawyers. ** We will try to recover some damages and advise victims to submit full reports to DSI Pattaya & ATTORNEY GENERAL. **No more threats and blackmail by this Italo slime-ball. ** He is the talk of the Thai Marine Industry. ** Everybody is delighted! ** We were informed all legal actions will continue. But it will be a long process as there is so much to be investigated and be brought to court. ** Does Thailand have an extradition treaty to lock him up after judgements out? ** Merry Christmas to you Vini, your mates and everybody out there!

      And off course:

      THANK YOU DSI & ATTORNEY GENERAL, as well as all other Departments involved.

  • raoul

    hi…this story is only showing that the free tabloids should not exist . I built over 100 large yachts and exported them to so many countries …i guess somebody is still happy , considering that clients keep coming back …and often the same clients …
    lets put the name on the posts and will see how the disappear ….envies and losers ….this is the kind of people can meet here .

    I use to do as a camel , when crossing the villages , the caravan , and all the dogs are barking ….but the camel goes and goes ……and don’t care …so do i .

    so , let the comments be here and i stay in Italy to spend Xmas with my friends and relatives .

    uhm…..i never heard of extradition for ‘tax crimes’ , from italy to thailand ….would be a unique case . But still never had a Court case , so will be a real sensational case ….an extradition based on posts of a blog of a free tabloid ….:)))

    Merry Christmas

  • raoul

    it must be disappointing for many people , and i apologize for ruin the party , just few days before Xmas ….must be very terrible for most of the authors of the comments here below ….am in Italy to spend the end of the year surrounded by nice friends , in the marvelous scenario of the Alps , awaiting my sweet heart .

    I really wish a merry Xmas and happy new year to all the poor people who is writing here below ….must be really terrible not to have a life and enjoy of other persons problems , and living with the hope to see others in problems , in jail , or to lose something . We really must love even more all these poor persons , all these unlucky losers .

    Let them talk and get happy for a moment ; let them live a minute of joy , in a long miserable life , that hardly means anything at all . Let dedicate to envies and mentally sick persons a moment every day , to listen them , to consider them , even when the society reject them and they hardly can find a bar in soi boakao to accept them , where get a beer chang in happy hours ……yes , that is the maximum that can afford .

    my case is precisely described in S. Matthew XIII , 57

    ..for the few of you who can read something else then a free tabloid :)

  • Nemesis-1

    No, No, No; Raoul Bianchetti:
    “Many People” are anything BUT disappointed – and you have NOT ruined the party: you ARE the reason for the party ! !
    And don’t worry about the ‘quality-of-OUR-Christmas’, for your Christmas will be dismal & depressing.
    The proverbial “Pay-Back-Time” has come, for you Raoul; now you will get a taste of what YOU have inflicted on your many trusting customers, whom you have hurt beyond repair, the likes of Neil, Graham, Sunil, Lars, Akira, Steve, Andy, Matthew, Creed, Vince, John, – a list of Victims which number well over 55 individuals – and that does not include Joy, Julie and a few others whose lives you have ruined.

    How DARE you peak of the Holy Book; How Dare you even refer to this manuscript, you arrogant slimy- little-manipulator who thinks himself an accomplished chess-player ? Don’t make us fall all over ourselves laughing out loud: you are NOTHING – you HAVE nothing and you will never accomplish anything of value in your life !

    Here’s the Bible’s ‘response’ to your highly sacrilegious Matthew XIII-57 quote:

    Psalm 50:16-18
    But to the wicked God says: “What right have you to recite my statutes or
    take my covenant on your lips? For you hate discipline, and you cast my words behind you. If you see a thief, you are pleased with him, and you keep company with adulterers.

    And; if I know God like I believe I do: He WOULD “turn the other cheek” to you, but not until after he finished vomiting all over you ! !

    It’s people like you, who make it a real challenge to retain one’s faith . . . . . at least you
    have accomplished THAT !

  • Pinkerton

    Well then, Mr. Bianchetti, self declared boat-builder: With your success story, based on selling yachts 2 or 3 times over -you had a few big players you ripped-off – everybody understands, it should be easy to present us with just 5 happy owners and well built yachts out of the hundreds you claim you have built. So here you have the chance to prove the rest of the world wrong. Because we could not find 1 person who is backing you up, even your own lawyers and advisers have some very harsh words and specific names they call you. How many of your Italian and foreign managers have you screwed? How many fake police reports and threats? Plenty to open a bunch more cases against you, be assured. The law will not rest until there are judgments and severe consequences. You got deported, not absolved. Enjoy the rest of your life and/or go in hiding….Next time you will not leave in handcuffs, but come back in handcuffs. We will be waiting. Happy New Year….

  • >Doneoverbyrb<

    UpDate: GOOD NEWS: My lawyer informed us that the AMLO Department has accepted the case vs Raoul Sailing Center Ltd.and/or RB Power & Sailing Ltd., and/or Mr. Raoul Bianchetti (Jointly and/or Severally ! !) with regards to the alleged Money-Laundering, where these legal entities have taken money from the business(es) and by-passing the Revenue Department have acquired Real-Estate, Racing cars as well as an extravagant “Life-Style”. This is also know as “Money-Laundering” and is a very serious criminal offence. The AMLO Department is currently filing for the ‘Freezing-of-All-Assets’ connected to the above detailed 3 entities, which will make it impossible for this awful Italian Fraudster to dispose of ANY of these assets, Furthermore, anyone within the Raoul Camp who DOES attempt to liquefy any of the said assets, will be held criminally responsible, whether or not these individuals were aware of this Government Directive. Mind you; it probably will not do any good for us “The Victims”, because apparently, there’s a huge outstanding Tax-Bill, which, like in any country, will have preference over civil claims.

    However; it must come as some sort of consolation to many of us, that at least Raoul-the-Evil-Man-from-Pattaya, will NOT get to enjoy the fruits of his crimes any longer.
    Having a ‘Good Time’ in bankrupt Italy, are you ? ? ? ? Raoul ? ? ? ?

  • Bigfin

    Great news indeed / Just arrived in Pattaya from a dive-trip in Similan Islands and first thing I hear at Ocean Marina is the great news about Raoul’s disappearance (deportation!) / Seems many people coming out of the bushes now and trying to get a piece of the cake to make up for their damages / Wonder what the next steps of the authorities are / All kinds of rumors going around / Office across from the Marina looks locked up / A local shop-owner told me there are inquiries from DSI & Tax-auditors about Purchases & Sales by Raoul’s companies going back several years! Ooops! / Anybody with more details? / A MERRY & HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my sailor and diver mates in Pattaya & Thailand. BF

  • J.D.

    Best regards from all the Italian people here in Pattaya. We are so very happy you are gone away forever. You give a very bad name to everybody of us in Thailand and now we hope very much later you have to pay for all your crimes much more then just deport bt police. We so happy see you gone. You not even have character not cheating people from your own country. Many case known and talking about. You come back ever we visit you Hilton Bangkok sure.
    Enjoy the snow and make sure police in Italy not catch your for against law. J.D.

  • Gian

    Yes, this man cheat many Italian also.
    He make like friend and than stick knive in the back from them.
    Everybody know him, but he slimy and can find new naive victim many times.
    Many people lose all they have. Now i hear have 5 customer boat not finishied and money finished and gonna.
    Poor people and sadly Christmas for them.
    How can find so much money to fisnih boat.
    Good Thailand kick him out and maker him NO-MORE-WELCOME! Must go jail for what he do. Sorry from italian man national to everybody for bad countryman.

  • Raoul’s “Friends”

    Best wishes, Raoul Bianchetti, for the NEW-YEAR 2014 from all your managers, staff and friends that you have cheated and wrongly accused many times. We are sure you must like the cooler climate in Europe, while we poor people have to stay in sunny and hot Thailand. God will be your ultimate judge.
    And now some sincere wishes for the authorities, all people that suffered and all our friends and family, let us celebrate the good people in this world: <>

  • buck weet

    He doesn’t look very intimidating to me. He just looks like an ill-tempered lout with a sunken chest and fat gut. I guess he must have had some thai bully boys to back him up?

  • Giordan M.

    Hi Buck-He really doesn’t-In fact he is a real greasy Italian slimeball, a coward, who is known to have very short temper and then resort to breaking things and yelling like a freak-Physically he would only ever challenge girls, timid Thai workers and in rare moments guys who were clearly old or weak-But he uses other people to do his dirty work and he is the perfect bully and manipulator, using the inadequate and corrupt justice system here-He was also supported, against payment, by several influential ” Thai “friends” who would do anything for money-One of his schemes not to pay managerial staff, after they realized what a conman he is, was to fabricate some fake charges and actually have arrest warrants issued-In some instances like a comment below illustrates in detail, he actually bullied people into buying themselves free, out of fear being arrested or being deported or arrested at arrival at the airport- Obviously this was only possible with help of Thais, his latest accomplice was his lady-manager & gf.who has been running around like a nervous chicken on his behalf for the last 2 years, trying to get him out of the hole he had dug for himself-By then the authorities had already accumulated mountains of complaints and charges, which will take years to be turned into court judgements, our lawyers tell us-He might think he got away with his crimes-Far from, he will have Lady Justice following him for the rest of his life-In fact the deported was just the 1st. step in a well orchestrated legal battle-We are aware that after his deportation several more victims have come forward and will lodge official criminal complaints- People who live here and have been in fear for their families for years-Now relived this evil Italian is out and gone!

    Happy New Year to all readers and especially to all other victims in this horrible
    crime-saga-A special Hello to my mates in Australia & NZ!


  • Robert

    Thank you for publishing this information. Raoul ruined a very good friend of mine and his family in he UK.
    He is a ruthless, evil person who should end up in jail for what he did to all these poor people.
    So should all his helpers and enablers.
    How is such a terrible crime-saga possible? I feel so sorry for all his victims.

    Thank you everybody who helps getting justice in Thailand.

    Robert, 72

  • WonderWhy

    We in Pattaya everybody so happy see Raoul deport from Thailand. He make very bad name for Italian people. But many scared of him evil, dirty guy and pay for fake accusation many time and even make people leave country from scared. How can do so long? Why nobody stop him before? He destroy many happy family and people. Never come back here please Raoul, we NOT LIKE you here. If come back we hope you not go deport but stay monkey house for many year. You are a piece of sh…..t to everybody here. Where is all your friend now? No have, hope you can not find new people cheating for in Italy or Europe. ByeByeBye! Hope never see again in street Pattaya.
    “A real Italiano”

  • Billybong

    Absolutely impossible to re-sell the garbage that RB has produced. A friend fell victim to this a.h., too. He paid over 300’000 $ for his boat, had to fix it up right after launch and a disastrous survey for another 50’000 $ and now about 3 years since launch can not get 100’000 $ for it. Potential buyers run fast and far, once they hear or check on the internet the names RB or Raoul Bianchetti. The worst mistake in his life he says, to fall for this Italian con. He is personally aware of at least another 10 victims who are stuck with a substandard and often unusable boat from RB-boatyards. About time this guy was forcibly removed from LOS. Well done. Billybong’

    • John Bellusi

      @Billybong: I can certainly confirm what you wrote. Also; I believe that an important part of Mr. Raoul Bianchetti’s con is based on ‘very nice plans’ and ‘very good Specifications’, which, together with ‘very attractive Renderings’, leads potential buyers (read: “victims”) to believe that Mr. Raoul Bianchetti actually knows a few things about boat-building. The problem is, however, that the boats produced by this scam-artist, are NOT built in accordance with said Plans & Specifications, but many (even essential) bits are ‘done without’ and many items that are supposed to be ‘Marine Grade’ are substituted by “cheap-house-&-garden” variety items, such as Toilets, Fridges, Pipes, Tubes etc.: items totally unsuitable for use on/in a yacht.For any layman even, it must be easy to comprehend that a boat-builder who substitutes “Lead” in a keel for “Concrete” might be horrified. Same goes for Raoul Bianchetti’s “understanding” of ‘EU-Standards'; something the boat-owner dearly pays for, but Raoul has yet to build a boat which actually complies with these standards, at great (Huge) extra costs to the cheated client. There are even a number of professionals in the local boating biz., who are convinced that Raoul Bianchetti knows very very little about boat-building. I’m afraid, after witnessing many examples, that I can only concur.

  • Deepseadiver1954

    Just catching up on the news of his deportation. Finally. But what about all his customers who paid/lost fortunes in return for mostly unusable boats? Hope the authorities continue all these ongoing cases against this crook and reward some of the assets, he most certainly has hidden away, to his many victims. Note to myself: Never ever have a boat built in Thailand. “Deepseadiver1954″

    • Victim 37

      Hi Mate: Can confirm many cases still ongoing against the Italian and his companies. Received mail about efforts to press criminal charges against him in Italy last week. Plenty of defrauded parties supporting all efforts to have him locked up. He will pay for this. Doubt there will be much cash left after Thai Gov. is paid what it is owed. Wished however like all of us, he would have ended in Bangkok-Hilton!?&%$> See you on the island next week?

  • Me

    I am wondering why there is no news or official publishing about his deportation or end of the story , before in February a lots of noise for nothing now that seems that he is secured no words? I have also been told that his partner Pai or Mui whatever is her name , will keep the business going on and protect his interest . Is that true , can she still running it and she is privileged as she is not falang but thai ? It seems that Raoul is still enjoying and preparing some of his evil activities , teasing all of us that are waiting for the final resolution of this case.

  • Me

    as last but not least , kinda of weird to renew the web business site with also the holding info for someone that is out of business , check his site he has renewed with additional info and dress .

  • CourtReporterVinie

    The effluent life-style (read: on other people’s $$$ !!!) has come to a sudden halt, for this Italian psychopathic criminal: he is currently ‘surviving’ in Turin-Italy with no money and nothing but the clothes on his back.
    Meanwhile, his debts in Thailand are mounting to a horrifying level – and more & more people are filing criminal charges (fraud) against him there. A Warrant for his arrest is outstanding in Thailand, dated Tuesday, 14th January 2013. Likewise; in Europe; a number of Law-Enforcement Agencies, from a number of countries are now focusing on this ‘Lowest-of-Low-Lives’ and it is anticipated that, between all these authorities, a request for extradition will shortly be drafted for Raoul Bianchetti to either Thailand or Dubai, from what we can gather. The Thai’ AMLO (‘Anti Money Laundering Office’) are also about to finalize their investigation (helped by many ex-clients of Raoul B.) and this will result in the freezing of all Assets, including Real-estate holdings, which include Homes; Beach-Homes, Commercial Offices & Storage Premises, a small Restaurant, Vehicles, Vessels and various items of Equipment.
    In addition, some individuals who are still (albeit “unpaid” !) Employees of some of his nine (9) illegal Companies (all subject to ‘Nominee-fraud’ !) will also soon have to face the severity of a number of Thai’ criminal laws for “aiding & abetting” this Italian Major Fraudster: most of them, unwittingly.
    The sooner this occurs, the better-off humanity will be, because this horrible little man is using Earth’s precious air which was intended to be used for Real & Decent folks ! !

  • raoul

    Greetings to all of you from Europe .

    Many years before and somewhere till now , the camels used to cross the desert , carrying all a bunch of people , goods , tents . Every once in a while , the camels reached a village and typically all the dogs woke up and start barking to the camels . But the camels just kept walking . The dogs barking ….the camel go .

    I am that camel . And you ?

    • The Happy Mariner

      >>> Loser & Coward >>> You are and have always been a SISSY, look it up – Defintely not a camel, they are considered smart animals >>> Hiding behind incompetent staff, hired of the street & you misc. girlfriends and wives, who have no clue what they getting themselves into >>> Never even had the balls to discuss any problems with me (customer) or any customer for that >>> Sending Akira and some other Italian idiot, supposedly accountant, turned boat-builder & expert over night >>> Nice to see karma getting you finally >>> At least some late satisfaction >>> Hope you end in a Thai jail! Enjoy Italy and wait for the real law there to catch up. “Happy”

  • Raoul’s “Friends”

    Well, the cold must not become you?! The little bit of brain left, “freezer-burned”?? What you mean by “keep walking”? Keep cheating your friends, sorry we meant to say, “newest targets & victims”, in Italy now? After running out of targets & victims & deportation in Thailand?! You are a miserable human being and the entire Italian community here despises you!
    Comparing yourself to a camel is quite an insult: to any camel. What comes to mind is in the best case: “slimy little worm”, if you want to stay in the animal world. But even a worm probably has more character, ethics and conscience than you.

    We all hope very much the worm “keeps crawling” right back to Thailand. This time we will make damn sure it is “Bangkok-Hilton” & not the quite pleasant “Deportation-Jail”. No escape route & helpers this time. There is a cell with your name on it waiting for you. All in place for a warm, tropical and VERY EXOTIC Welcome. You will enjoy the famous Thai hospitality, free of charge, as you are broke anyway.

    Don’t you believe 1 moment you got away with cheating all these people. You will meet a shit-load of Lady Justice very soon. In the meantime enjoy your Spaghetti, worm.

  • Sea Rock

    Why not keep your gibberish to yourself and stick your head in a plate of spaghetti #^&%$#, you idiot. The world knows WHO and WHAT you are. You have not sold a boat in years and never ever built a decent and up-to-standard boat in your life. You have lived the high-life after cheating a few potent clients for millions $, who will get your ass in jail, just wait! Only an Italian Ego-Sociopath can be making such fool of himself. Complete loser. Laughable. S.R.

  • Robert

    Pathetic Mr. R. Bianchetti a.k.a. “The Camel”! All said!Robert

  • ScrewedByRaoul

    Worm-Raoul: PLEASE come back to Thailand, because there will be a very nice little ‘welcoming-committee’ waiting for you there ! ! ! – We shall be standing at the “back-exit” of Suvarnabuhmi Airport [the exit-doors where they always take the Drug-Smugglers; Wanted Criminals & Italian Worms out to the Prisoner-Van, in handcuffs to be “processed” Down-Town]. We shall be there, sure; with whistles & clap-hands and we may even bring some rotten-eggs to throw at you. We will probably NEVER get our money back, but we WILL get our satisfaction that you will be thrown into the good ol’ Bang-Kwan Prison: for at least 10 years ! ! ! ! ! Oh; don’t worry: your Arrest-Warrant is most certainly ready to go: we now even have the arrest-warrant-number, if you’d like ? ? ?
    So; YES: please return to Thailand: WE can hardly wait for that beautiful & righteous day, okay WORM ! ! ! ! ! !
    PS: Once at the Bangkok Hilton, we will arrange for you to be frequently visited by a very gay Camel-like friend who will be so pleased to let you experience (frequently !) what you put all of us (55+ Victims) through: at absolutely NO charge to you. You may not be very comfortable sitting-down for a long while; but ‘walking’ will only be slightly impeded . . . . . . . And knowing you; you will probably “grow” to eventually enjoy this arrangement in the knowledge that it is entirely paid-for by your “Happy Boat-Building Clients”.

  • Ex-Staff, also cheated….

    You are a pathetic loser, Raoul! Using, abusing, cheating everybody, even the few people that tried to help you clean up and resolve the chaos you created. You have no idea about how to build a quality boat and even less how to run a business. Great they finally kicked you out of the country. Everybody is very pleased. Now we can’t wait to see you get locked up…. Ex-Staff

  • RB

    Dear Clients and Friends ,

    RB Landed in Europe , finally !
    We got a partecipation in a boatyard in southern Spain , and all our Clients will receive a newsletter and they are all welcome to visit the new facility near Almeria .

    In Thailand as we all know , there are many disorders and the country is unstable and corrupted . Furthermore the costs and salaries are increasingly high . We took this situation as an opportunity and we are now proud to say that we can offer our unique selection of vessels , to European clients , without shipping costs and without certification issues , for the same amount that is always promoted on our website !

    For any info, please contact info@powerandsailing,com

    Thanks to everybody for the support during all these years .

    As Ryanair …. RB ….never lost a boat , never 1 accident , never 1 person got hurt on our boats …but still criticized by who cannot compete with our prices !

    Large newspapers never published 1 word against us or myself ….i wonder why ?

    All the best to all of you and keep the Malox close by !!!!


  • Robert, also cheated by RB

    Mr. Bianchetti:
    Have you lost all your marbles now? Most certainly you should be able to find a good psychiatrist in Europe. LOL! You are not even fooling yourself, or……..Are you? Have your disorders progressed so dramatically?
    By the way: A reminder; “the so called situation” was your arrest and consequent deportation and “Black List” for 99-years from Thailand for cheating 52 clients and the people & Government of Thailand. Cases ongoing…..Still laughing…..”Robert”

  • Ralph

    You really are nuts. Aren’t you. Still Mr. Italian Bigmouth….
    Why not ask a certain very high profile Sheikh from UAE how happy he was and why he can’t wait to see you in a deep dark hole. Or your next victims from Poland, who you then found on the internet and sold the Sheik’s yachts for the second time, albeit unfinished still after 6 bloody years to this day. Or the Philippines authorities who almost had you locked up for good, had it not been you lucky day and somebody helped you get away…Or several other parties you then turned to, to sell the yachts for a third time. Or the more than 50 !!!!!!!!!!! other clients who then turned to the Thai authorities and finally got you arrested and deported 3 months ago.
    You are a creepy little crook. If I was you i would shut up and hide in a dark little

  • Andy W.

    Rauol / You have no clients-Only victims / You have no friends-Only Enemies /
    You are pathetic / Go crawl back under your rock and stay there / Andy

  • Sailor Man

    Can Raoul Bianchetti be sued for his crimes, fraud and damages in Italy for crimes done in Thailand ?
    It would be great to inform other countries of this conman. I hear he is also ” Blacklisted ” in the Philippines.

    • italian thai

      As Italian citizen , i can tell you that it is possible , however the jurisdiction should be first started in Thailand in the court and condemned him for the several cases which can also be penal legal wise as fraud , cheating etc etc , once he is condemned from the Thai court , it can be requested to Italian court to translate the jurisdiction in Italy . At this stage I am not sure where Mr RB legal cases are in Thailand and if he has ever been condemned if not i assume it wont be a fast process but worth to do it , as even tho’ slowly the Law always arrive. At least will refrain this criminal to do other damages and kill people in other places.
      The good thing if it is happening , he wont be so free , considering that any condemns in Italy are intended in all Europe and reflecting also in US based on the bilateral Union’s law pacts.
      So anybody knows if the Royal that Justice has started or condemned this guy , i cant call him Italian as he is the shame of the country .

      • CB;

        Hello Italian-Thai:
        You seem to know Raoul quite well, it seems. He certainly is a shame to Italy and a shame to himself. Ruthless little slimy bastard. I am in touch with several victims, by now they have a large network. These guys confirm a load of cases still ongoing and will end in court. This might then be the moment to proceed as you mentioned above. I will advise the main players accordingly. I was told there is a couple of victims at with very deep pockets, who are funding this venture unconditionally until Raoul is locked up. This is very good news indeed. You can find various email contacts below if you have anything to contribute. I am assured all information is treated confidentially. Take care mate. CB;

  • CourtReporterVinie

    The procedure to ‘activate’ the Italian Authorities is for the Thai’ A.G. to brief the Italian Embassy in Bangkok (this was apparently already done about 2 weeks ago !). Then the Italian Embassy will pass on this information to the Guardia Finanza and the Carrabinieri in Italy. Subsequently, Mr. Raoul (“The Bastard”) Bianchetti can expect a knock on his door and will have to surrender his passport pending investigations by Italian authorities. This procedure can take up to 5 years, during which Mr. Raoul will not be able to leave his beloved Italy. What “ItalianThai” wrote is very accurate, because since Italy is part of the so-called “Shengen-Accord” nations, most of Western Europe will be ‘out of bounds’ for this horrible little man ! !
    Now I know what some people might think or even say: “Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy . . .” – well; there are 55 ex-clients of this “Waste-of-Space” who MOST CERTAINLY wish this on this ‘very-poor-excuse-for-a-human-being’ ! ! ! !

  • Bobby

    Mr. Raoul, do you remember the nice man you cheated with the BLACK CAT? Destroyed his life and his dreams and made his family suffer without end. Your usual way to cheat customers. Create some trouble and arguments towards the end, charging extras more and more, delay for months and months, not deliver and then total avoid customer. Then start with threats and bullying, playing your “connections”. Eventually just sell the boat again to somebody else. That is your way of doing business. You are nothing but a low life criminal. This cat has been built below any standards and is now falling apart, unusable also for the second “owner”. It rots away like most Raoul boats, in some yard near Ocean Marina, Pattaya. Great to read, that you got kicked out of Thailand and we all can’t wait was is coming next. Jail in Thailand or Italy? You are a miserable human being. Shame on you. BOBBY

  • BisuBisu

    where is the camel now? and where is he heading up to ? No Camel meat is hunted by anybody ? There has been quite few silence about him, is he on Asia path route or still in flourish Europe.
    What about the dogs in the village ,still waiting to get their justice ? Is anybody looking over them to give back their bones.?

  • Choppy

    The fraudster is in Italy and can not come back. Some hope he will try, so! One way ticket to jail. But when cases in Thailand & Dubai judged, will start the extradition to both countries. All on track. Everybody happy he is out of Thailand in the meantime. Calling this idiot and criminal a camel is an insult to any animal.
    What a slimy little cu….t. He will get what he deserves. Let him enjoy his days in relative freedom, won’t last. He is probably ripping-off some Italian friends right now. No worries. They will wise up. What you feel about your fellow country-man BisuBisu? “Choppy”

  • Andy W.

    And here comes the next move of the infamous Mr. Raoul Bianchetti / So called boat builder & entrepreneur / Selling his old inventory of boat/plans to naive & unsuspecting boating enthusiasts allover the world / So Mr. Raoul, how is your new boat-factory in Europe doing, still waiting for your invitation to visit you in Almeira, was it???? / Drove by your local-one last week, looks awfully deserted & dilapidated.

    Heads-up to all; Wonderful “GOOGLE” makes life for crooks more difficult; Check out; universal boat plans & this slimy Italians name; no comments! Andy

  • Robert

    Yes, thank you must say to everybody. Me too i read about this guy from Italy in Pattaya longtime and when visit Marina in Pattaya all people from business there warn me very strong. Now i get mail from business-guy i buy some stuff in marina with warning about new try Mr. Raoul try sell plan online from boat he never make success. Ok. Thank you. I not buy and i give warning on. What happen with this Italian? We no have update, maybe some guy know what situation now. Thank you. Robert

  • Blueseas2000

    Thanks for the warning, very interesting: universalboatplans.com = Raoul Bianchetti
    Google reveals the truth.
    Doubtful many people fall for this: Flashy website / Lousy Designs / Not 1 Happy Customer or 1 Good Reference in 10 years / Shitty owner / Horrible Track Record / Complete Failure/ Well Known Allover As Cheat.
    Anybody knows where the >> Fastest Man In Thailand <> businesses <>Blueseas2000<<

  • John Percival

    This evil man’s horrific reputation is continuing even when
    he’s not even in Thailande but hiding in his native Italia . . . . . Just hear
    in the Ocean Marine the people talk about him boat builded for a Thai man named
    Khun Woot (or something closing to it). Is about a 36 feet Catamaran and they launching this laste week.
    When this boat go in the water, it almost sink and the waterlineo is far under
    the water of that river. Then, moment later, the engine-rooms it flooding with
    water also. Massive damages to the engine and now they must take boat again out
    of the water to make many repair-jobs. This Khun Woot is not just only very
    unhappy but is very very angrier and swore to make the actions against this
    Raoul Bianchetti man, who is, obviously, not the expert boating-builder he
    saying he is !
    guessing this must then become No. 55 Victim, because before last week was ‘only’
    54 Victimes . . . . . Amazing Thailand: thank you Mr. Raoul ! ! !

  • Blueseas2000

    John P.: I have been present at that launch, as involved in adviser capacity in this case, after removal from Thailand of this Italiano con-artist. Another catastrophic boat, built by R.B. The owner might have well thrown his millions into the river and seen them floating away. Sadly one more victim added to the long list of R.B. Any news on his whereabouts? People would really like to see him locked up in a Thai prison for his dirty deeds. Blueseas2000

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