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  • Umpa Lumpa

    Sounds like entrapment to me. How can a tourist know what women is legal or not? We come here only for good sex. We don’t want problems and when we start to get problems we don’t come back!

    • Eddie

      She’s just 13! You should be in the slammer with him.

    • Geggi Svela Pettersen

      How can you possibly NOT see the difference of 13 and 19 ?
      I agree with Eddie. Yeh you should be locked up with him.

      • ExPatinThai

        Been to Thailand? Obviously not!

        • Long Time Resident

          May of us live here. You are a fool.

        • Geggi Svela Pettersen

          Who me ? Never been to Thailand ? Or were you replying to Umpa ?
          This is going offtopic, but obviously I’ve been traveling to Thailand for the past 13 years

    • Don


    • Annonymous

      We don’t need scumbags like you either. Its coz of sex addicts and pedophiles like you that most of us are always troubled or looked down at.

    • rob

      I surely hope that you and others like you stay away from Thailand, your kind is not wanted…

  • gwats1957

    This guy has NO idea of the door to Hell he has just opened for himself. Pattaya, Los Angeles, Moscow, London, one rule is universal…. Always, always, VERIFY the age of the person you bring back to your room FIRST. Almost every Civilized Nation issues an ID that can be verified by Hotel Staff BEFORE you head for the room. Just having the girl there in your room will land you in Jail in 99% of Countries. Life for this guy is about to change….. for the worst.

    • Robert

      17, 16 maybe even 15 can be genuinely mistaken but anyone caught with a 13 year old knew or should have known she was not of age. Hope this clown goes to a Thai prison, they’re much worse than those in the USA.

      • gwats1957

        He picked up a girl from the ‘Coconut Bar’, i. e, the Beach Road area. There are dozens of real Bars in that area, and hundreds of available women with proper ID. I’m willing to bet he knew what he was doing.

    • Lee

      A simple maths question for you Mr. Rosenthal

      There is a 543 years difference between the Buddhist calendar and the Gregorian calendar.
      Year 2013 in Europe/US is year 2556 in Thailand.
      If you check her ID card and her DOB is shown as DD-MM-2543 if
      you take away the difference between the two calendars and you arrive at the answer 2000

      Does that make her?
      a. 13 years young.
      b. I’m a paedophile and I don’t care.
      c. All of the above.

      Whichever way you answers you’re going away for a long time

      • IanB

        Simple question for you Lee …. You ask coconut bar girls for ID cards, before engaging in something that is illegal in Thailand in the first place?


        • Lee

          Mr IanB
          As I’m a happily married to a Thai women for 9 years (sometimes)
          I must be one of the few men that has lived and worked in Pattaya and Bangkok andto have never bar fined a girl or walked along the coconut bar to pick up a girl.

          If that makes me “Classy” then thanks , most Thai girls/women hold there looks is very hard to tell how old they are, as I tried to point out in my post she is 13 in any walk of lifeshe would look young .At no time alarm bells didn’t ring out in this guy’s head???

          So Mr lanB if youdon’t know me then don’t judge me.

          • craig

            Although I do window shop where ever I find opportunity I do not think I have ever picked up anyone from the Coconut Bar not just because of the beat up road whore look but because of a plethora of red flags.

            My classiness is equal at 4PM and 4AM because I am properly looking at the back of my eyelids in the wee hours.

            I would say Thai girls develop late because it seems it takes until about 19 or 20 years of age to properly fill out a padded A-cup size bra.

            If they did not wear different clothes (sometimes) I would not be able to tell if a Thai child at 13 is a boy or a girl. Ah, I am sure I would see it is a kid.

            This sounds like a setup and the key is don’t walk into a setup. At 4 in the morning if the cops did not get him there is a good chance someone would have gotten the job done.

            The idea of perv, perv, perv, hang him, hang him, hang him is a slippery slope that could be very well argued and expanded by entrepreneurs in other categories other than age.

      • mickba

        Most ID cards have shown the Gregorian calendar for 7+ years.
        The -543 stuff is outdated.

        • gwats1957

          The last time I looked at a Thai ID, I was easily able to tell the cardholder was 34 years old. Don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

      • gwats1957

        The age of consent in Thailand is 18. You cannot tell me this girl looked anywhere near the age of ‘consent’, and why is a 38 year man even looking in her direction? Answer: He was trolling for ‘jail bait’, and guess what? Mr. ‘Dummy’ hooked himself a whopper! What is wrong with taking a B.G. closer to his own age home for a little playtime? This guy is a pervert, too dumb to even look around and see the Cops were following him back to his hotel. He’s history. He knew she was underage, and good luck convincing the BIB otherwise. No ‘Lolita’ for you, perv, but you are going to learn about deviant sexual behavior ‘up close and personal’, if you don’t $settle$ this case, and get your butt on the next plane OUT of Thailand, never to return. Leaving your common sense ‘Stateside’ was a major mistake, and the Thais specialize in locking guys like up for long periods of time. You in some serious trouble, boy!

        • Robert

          Actually Section 277 of the Thai Criminal Code defines the age of consent at 15.

          ” “WHOEVER has sexual intercourse with a girl

          not yet over fifteen years of age and not being
          his own wife, whether such girl shall consent or
          not, shall be punished with imprisonment of four
          to twenty years and fined between Bt8,000 to
          Bt40,000. “

          • gwats1957

            Is there is a point here? What he did was illegal, immoral, and could land him in a Thai jail for a very long time. 13 is not 15, and common sense tells you to steer clear of girls this young so far from home.

        • Cippan

          No, the age of consent in Thailand is 15. But you are not allowed to
          work as a service girl before 18. You are never allowed to work as a
          prostitute as it is illegal, and the result of that is very obvious in

          • gwats1957

            No, Mr. Cippan, when you are in a foreign land, you need to conduct yourself as a guest, and not get yourself into these situations. I’ve passed on more than one young lass in this place because she seemed too young, or I encountered her in an unusual place, like Beach Road at an odd hour. Our 38 yr old friend got caught walking on the wild side, and should have passed on this one, as I understand he allegedly had a fiance waiting for him at home.

  • rammis

    Like gwats said have the hotel verify the id and age for you. If he goes to jail or not in Thailand there is a chance he will be arrested once he gets back to the US. According to the law what ever law you break over seas you can be prosecuted for once you go back into the US, it is especially true for child abuse.

    • gwats1957

      Due to the negative press these cases generate in the US and Europe for Thailand, these cases will get a thorough look-over back here in the States. A second set of eyes on IDs never hurts, but I’m betting she was ‘sneaked in’, or a bribe was paid to look the other way.

  • Dill Pickles

    Looks can sometimes be deceiving. It would help stop a very unpleasant situation if hotel staff, (Those that check I. D.’s) would tell the farang that their company is under age. If he is willing to maybe accept his fate & continue, it’s on him. Now that he’s nailed, no one is believing he didn’t know, even if they did, only $$$ will save his a** now.

  • Don

    Its because of dirty scumbags like this looser that these young girls are drawn into this existence and do what they do. Another one to be Hung and Quartered! To the gallows!

    • Lonely Planet Hater

      Another sicko tourist comes to Thailand. There are millions of these fools both male and female arriving here yearly. Ever see the foreign women dragging their prize behind them? The young Thai man looks like a beaten puppy.Time for a serious look at handing out visas so easy. Thailand would be far better off without these losers. Add alcoholics to the list of losers.

  • Bob

    Lots of “Iffy” bits to this story and absolutely stinks of entrapment. The cops were “monitoring” her and were about to call it a night as until the yank turned up nobody had taken the bait, so along comes dumb yank (there are eyes watching allover the beach area especially at night) and off he goes with her.In his defense assuming the girl in the picture with the white shirt on is her, she does indeed look quite big for a 13 year old, and could perhaps pass for 18 or 19 years old, carefully picked i wonder? But all is not lost here for dumb yank but it will likely cost him lots of greenbacks to make this problem go away.

    • Nick

      You’re refering to the person with her back to the camera whose face you cannot see? Your age-identifying abilities are remarkable.

      • napkin

        Remarkable is to argue about the age of an Asian girl when you can only see her back.

  • MaxD

    Sounds like the police and the girl were working together, hence the statement ‘Officers from the Police Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit were
    monitoring the 13 year old girl around 4am on Tuesday Morning and were
    about to detain her and take her into care’. I lived there for 6 years, and the scams the police pull are deploarable.
    Since it has got harder to make money from the tourist’s, I see this as
    nother medium for extracting large sums of money from the ferang. I am
    not saying that the idiot doesn’t deserve a slap he most certainlydoes!,
    anyone, with a bit of commonsense, would know that the girl looked
    young. The important to note here is that most ferang don’t know that if
    they have sex with a girl that is under the age of 21 in Thailand, they
    have broken the law, unless they have the permission by both parents. Do this, and you are a paedophile by Thai law!

    • Beachman

      Its a setup the police should have taken her off the beach when they knew she was underage, the guy was in a wrong place at a wrong time. His life is going to be change forever.

    • Budgen

      Nonsense. 18 is the legal age for prostitution in Thailand.

      • Neil D

        Prostitution legal in Thailand? Are you sure about that????

        • Budgen

          Yes. Prostitution is legal unless conducted in a “promiscuous” manner. That’s why there are barfines! Try reading the law!

          • Alan Lockhart

            bar fines are illegal my friend as is prostitution and public nudity ,pornography drugs and gambling your info is way of base read the law muppet

        • IanB

          100% correct. It’s illegal. Rarely enforced for foreigners and NEVER enforced for Thai on Thai.

      • MaxD

        don’t be an idiot! Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Thailand at any age!

      • gwats1957

        The word you are looking for is ‘Consent’.

  • Jeremy

    The bigger crime is paying for something so freely available on tap in Thailand albeit with over-18 ID cards.

    • Guest

      Wrong. The ID is generally kept at the desk, and returned when the lady leaves the Hotel. Keeps her honest, and you alive.

      • Marc Hawkes

        Undiluted nonsense. If a girl does not seem overly mature & overly built then an alert sounds. Not sure why a “customer” does not go to “the desk” to check the ID ie: if a girl does not have it on her. Besides, this girl had no desk since she was freelancing around Coconuts Bar. So not checking an ID (no matter where its “kept”) does not keep the customer “alive” – as the yank has discovered. When in doubt, keep out. Those who take risks must wear the costs associated with risk-taking. Those hungry for something very young & tight might just get a fright.

        • gwats1957

          It will keep you alive if she / he was going to drug/rob you in the room. Where I stay, the lobby calls up before the guest leaves with their ID card. Those folks don’t need you dying in their hotel rooms!

      • FlamingBull

        Honeysuckle, wud u read it if the ID was stuck to the kid’s forehead or will you complain that you left your reading glasses with your prosthetic ?

        • gwats1957

          Flaming Bull, please do not procreate! Too inbread for normal folks.

    • gwats1957

      He’s right. Why ruin your life over doing something that will get you locked up in 99% of the Civilized World? Leave the young (underage) ones alone.

  • Gary

    It’s a pity the laws are made as such. If you look at nature, periods come from 11 / 12 years old, so she’s fit to have children already. But the man-made law says otherwise, that’s about it.
    And yes it looks like it is entrapment, but now he’s all alone to deal with his problem.
    Well, better him than me, but next time it could be me, or you, especially since the girl will be back as she will have no consequence of that story. And what about her family, were they watching too?

    • Phoenix

      ” If you look at nature……” yes,but is for this that we are called ” Men ” not animals.
      You are right,next time cold be you,NOT me,becouse if i have any doubt,like many says,i will check or make check the id card. Anyway,up to you.

      • Gary

        We are not called, we call ourselves. But I know many people just simply can’t understand much. That’s not your fault, you’re the normal one don’t worry.

        • Phoenix

          Oh,Gary,sure i don t worry,it s you that should be worry. By the way,I am happy to be the normal one,and believe me,I understand more that what you think,even if i cannot well explain,being not English my mother language.

    • Nick

      So if a girl is physically mature enough to have periods, it’s ok to have sex with her? You’re another imbecilic paedophile who shouldn’t be allowed to live.

    • ThaiPoliceman

      U sound soo much like Gary Glitter. I thought these comments were only heard in the caves of Afghanistan.

    • Jeremy

      Maybe you need to voice your opinion about 11 and 12 year olds in pubs, police stations and in public – given the hunt is on for people like you. idjut

  • Bob

    The guy in the green shirt looks like he is the girls minder and picture one seems to suggest that the cop in uniform is happy with the nights catch. The best thing that yank can try and do for himself is pay whatever to get out off the s hite he is in asap and most importantly before the US authorities get a hold of the story because his life will not be worth living if they do, although it may already be too late.

  • Rob

    Too late already …… it’s on PON so it’s public now!

  • Bob

    Entrapment for profit. He will be back home soon with an empty bank account.

  • Maria

    The age of this girl only makes a really horrible thing worst. The trick is not to buy a girl ‘the right age’ the trick is to not buy girls at all. Only because you, disgusting horrible men exist, does this industry exist. And you are all to blame.

    • Bob

      I would love to engage you in discussion Maria on the points you have raised, but unfortunately i am off to Africa tomorrow to work on a documentary highlighting prostitution involving young African males and elderly western women! Not really going but hopefully you get my point

    • Sunny

      Sorry, Maria 99% of sexbuyers are thai men. This has been going on for centuries here, because buddhists does not look down upon ladies (or men) who sell sexual services.

      It was known among sailors even as far back as the century 1600 – But has existed for much longer. There is no stigma about prostitution like in the west but more on the level of other service works.
      And it is a well known fact (also in the west) that wealthy men attracts young beautiful ladies.

      But for a 25 year old american lady to marry a multimillionaire age 60, is considered a catch in the US. They lady just happen to sell their body to the same old man every time.

      • Bob

        Rubbish” Sunny,” there is a lot of stigma about prostitution here, and as for buddhists not looking down on hoes, well thats total B.S.

    • Rob

      I thought it was because girls are willing to sell their bodies for a few bucks, that this industry exists! I guess it’s the old chicken and egg theory really!

    • sympa

      «Only because you, disgusting horrible men exist, does this industry exist. And you are all to blame».
      Sorry, Thoses mens (tourist sexuel) have to be to blame and not YOU (men) ARE ALL TO BLAME. If threre are not 1 lady accept that ways = there are not tourist sexeul longer… Thanks.
      HERO are all LADYDs who work hard and respect tradition. I have all my respect to thoses LADY first.
      I also understand and comprehension to the people whose chose the ways money aesy maker too…Hope paece to all.

    • Ryder

      Legalizing prostitution would help stop things like this from happening. Just look at Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Las Vegas, Amsterdam and etc. The war on prostitution is like the war on drugs, it’s impossible to win.

  • cactuswasp

    Entrapment ?? Who gives a sh#t. Asian or not it isn’t that hard to tell if a girl is 13. Hang him high and out to dry.

  • tr4pattaya

    Now this is written, even if he pays off the right authorities here, he has US laws to contend with. They can and will prosecute for this crime as soon as he returns to the US. 13 ? This guy will be a sex offender for the remainder of his life. Enjoy the remainder of your life Neal Rosenthal, I believe you just ended everything you once had.

  • mario of thailand

    This guy new what he was doing.guys like him give all of us living here in Pattaya a bad name.Once the TV people are at the Police station,there is no more paying your way out of it.I hope he goes to jail a long time and after he gets out of a Thai jail,he will do 30 more years under the Clinton law.

    • Jorgio

      Yes, just imagine the damage he’s done to the reputations of those living in Pattaya. You know I hate to break this to you….

  • Umpa Lumpa

    Shocking Monkey Business

  • Pete UK

    I feel sorry for him, looks like he was set up. It genuinely can be difficult to tell the ages of some of the girsl especially after a few drinks and when its dark. Anyway his name is all over the internet forever now.

  • IanB

    The police knowingly left a 13 yr old on the beach to entrap passersby. Without any indication of “helping” her if no one attempted to pick her up. Help that could have been pro-active. In an area KNOWN to be filled with available prostitutes. I’ve seen plenty of Thai girls that LOOK young but are really in their mid-late 20’s.

    To you idiots asking about ID; do you think the 100’s of shorttime rooms near the beach ask for ID cards? NO. Only some hotels require them. Obviously whoever rented them the room didn’t see an issue with the pairing either.

    • gwats1957

      It is your responsibility to make sure you are keeping adult time with babies! Am I wrong?

  • jonny

    Entrapment i think,but good,No symphany for mr nonce,he must of knew she was underage.Good luck to the police in catching the next pheado

  • simon

    Preying on the underprivileged and exploited – what goes around comes around.

  • dodo

    I met this guy in the police station, definitively a great guy who has been trapped by the police. When I was there they were speaking about a girl 17 yo. Then (money speak) the girl age changes and went down to 13 yo which is about 10 year behind bars. I feel bad for this guy, after speaking with him, I had the conviction he was genuinely trapped and that it was not his intention to break the law.

  • Pattaya Farang

    She was being monitored by police… sounds a bit like entrapment to me…

  • ken pohlmann
  • sangsomwithcoke

    “i have been overseas for over 7 years now working as a scuba diving
    instructor. i am marrying my long time girlfriend in a few days and i
    have a one year old shitzu dog so life is pretty complete at the moment”

    ….from pretty complete life to pretty complete shit life in some seconds. Wonder what his girlfriend/ wife is thinking now because her husband is taking young girls from pattaya beachroad in shorttime hotels ^^

  • Ryder

    His girl was pretty cute, way out of his league and he was still trolling Beach Rd. for cheap sex. I’ll never understand guys like that. If your going to cheat at least do it with some class.

  • tommy

    I D”S are only given at the age of 15 i think what a guy to do at that age is just scum

    • Alan Lockhart

      id cards are issued at 7 yrs old as my sister in law is 7 and we just got hers

  • Jimmy

    I have to agree with you on this, I’m betting he knew exactly what he was getting himself into here!!!!

  • Cliwe

    So, if the police monitored the girl before the action, why they not interrupt and put an early end to this sad story. Normally polices should protect crime, at least in civilized countries.

    But you can all guess, if the guy have had money enough, nothing would have happen. And we would never read about it.

  • Raver

    Because the police is under big pressure and results are fast needed…
    Pattaya News with your views?

  • Raver

    Possible in the moment a lot of sh*t is going on, because the police is
    under big pressure and results are needed. If taking a girl to your home
    make sure u can read her id and be sure it´s here id and not a fake id,
    so best go to police station, and let 2 officer proof it, so u can save
    a lot cash and trouble……because of you will never go home with a

  • Raver

    But you can all guess, if the guy have had money enough (500 000 B up), nothing would have happen.

  • DonJuan

    Some really idiotic comments on this thread.
    I don’t know the person involved, but try to think clearly. Pedophile looking for a victim at 4am?? Unlikely. Secondly I knew of a girl working in a bar at 14. There was no way she looked her age, as she was very well endowed. She was the most popular girl in the bar.I refused all advances and acted more like her big brother. She told all her customers that she was eighteen. I’m still friends with her more than five years later. Now she has a child and stays at home. I know of another girl who simply had the date changed on her ID card and only viewing the card under magnification revealed the truth. Other girls can simply use a friend’s ID card.
    So it is not as ‘cut and dried’ as the majority of posters might like to think. Especially as the girl’s age has ‘changed’ in differing accounts.
    The idiot made a big mistake, especially if he already had a partner. But child molestation does not appear to be his modus operandi.

  • Chuck Wow

    2 observations
    #1 he looks much older than 38 so age can be deceiving.
    And #2 off to the potato field for him.

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