• Frank

    I am afraid the one who was EXTREMELY poor is this unlucky guy. He was the real victim in the end.

    • jo-macral

      I feel no sympathy for a lazy drunk. I feel bad for the wife and child however.

    • gwats

      In what way, Frank? If you’re not going to provide for your family and kids, then don’t marry, and don’t make babies! The kids are the victims here, they have no say in the matter.

  • Gary

    Very selfish on the part of the deceased! Wish the wife and her son all the best for the future!!

  • tom

    I feel sorry for his wife and child.What a waste of a life

    • Rob

      He was already wasting his life before he hung himself. Shocking for his wife and son but probably better for them in the long run!

  • gwats1957

    Let’s see… the husband, unemployed, heavy drinker, unwilling to work, married with a pregnant wife, and a son already, and HE commits suicide because his wife wanted to divorce his sorry butt next week? Looks like he did Thai society a favor with not having to lock this deadbeat up. At least he won’t make any more fatherless kids.

  • soidog

    Fit enough to father children and get drunk.The thought of the easy life disappearing was too much.

  • uuael

    Is this a Thai thing to commit suicide by hanging oneself? Seems like a lot of suicides like this.

  • Sir Marmaduke

    Unfortunately, this is typical of the way people lead their lives in Thailand, which is why Thailand has fallen way behind other Asian countries in development terms.

  • Robert

    What’s his problem they do not have a child support collection gestapo in Thailand like they do in our home countries.

  • jonny

    Even if he was a waster and a drinker sure his kids would of still wanted him around,Always better to have a father than no father at all.At 35 he did have time to turn his life around,Sad story,Especially for those left behind

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