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  • Max

    There will be some hot action in the homes of region 2
    police tonight.

  • Tabs miller

    Bar girls love this shop as they are fed up with dirty old men and get more enjoyment out of the plastic cocks,can’t blame them. who would want to sleep with an old man older enought to be there grandad.

  • god

    the whole place sells sex “wtf”

  • Bob

    I know where those cops can put those dildos.

  • buckstar

    i still dont understand why sex toys are illegal in thailand. only thing i can think of is that they are similar to import car taxes, they take away thai jobs so they tax them high to make the local option more attractive / make it illegal so you need to hire a local to do the job.

  • Kev

    Meanwhile the Police are supporting criminals all over town.
    Jet ski thugs, mptorbike scammers etc…

  • penis

    it’s ok to have a wooden penis, like they do in all the bars…
    not ok to have an imported plastic penis

  • wally

    there’s a big latex factory down the street have them make these things and then everybody is happy.

  • khunj

    What does the “Anti-Human Trafficking Division” has to do with this??

  • Wallace

    This woman is a freedom fighter!

  • Ron Jeremy

    What a joke. Raid on a condom shop. Big day for Thai justice and law “enforcement”. Why didn’t they call Dwayne McLaine and Dirty Harry as well to join in on the “raid” Utter farce and a joke. Why don’t they clean up Walking St and the thugs and Thai mafia hanging around. Thailand has changed too much, for the worse. Police should be focusing on more important issues.

  • Ron Jeremy

    So when are they going to ban all Family Mart, Pharmacies, 7-11 from selling amongst other things, Cialis, Viagra, Condoms, Kamagra, etc etc. But they go and raid this girls shop for a few dildos. Are they serious?

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