• Don

    A loud explosion coming from a coffee machine I just cant imagine.

  • anus

    A loud bang is usually from liquid fuel vapours once ignited. Bet he has insurance! Seeing that the area he is in, aka Boys town, aka ghost town! (Was down there three weeks ago, looking for some decent food…not found)

  • mickey

    if the exodos of european tourists continues due to weak currency of pound and euro thell be a lot of bars/stroke restaurants going up in smoke i was in soi linki august to september it was like a ghost town for europeans plenty of bars empty and loads for sale or rent

  • Laurie Says

    Lucky no person was injured. Just another place which will be empty. Hope he had insurance !

  • soidog

    I cannot believe that electricity is getting blamed again!The strict adherence to code
    in LOS is second to none!

  • Rob

    The restaurant was destroyed yet the damage is estimated at only 200,000 baht …. not much of a restaurant and not much of a loss if that’s all it was worth!

  • geoff

    electrical fault is always a easy get out for a payout. it is the low season too

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