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  • Observing

    Welcome news. Never had any problem with business on Walking Street but this is added reassurance.

  • soidog

    As i am led to believe,prostitution is illegal in The Kingdom.I have noticed solicitation in public on Walking Street many times,thank God now that these nefarious activities will be a thing of the past.

  • Born to Die

    what no more hassel from the lady boys ? pick pockets ? drunk and methed up Thai men ? bouncers or so called security guards ? lol ill belive it when i see it.

  • Wally

    Safe as houses until you step onto beach Rd.then you’re on your own. Good Luck.


    Just want to give a big shout out to all the “Safety Zone” crew..

  • siam massive

    safety zone!!! recently stated on this news site there was a murder close to mixx disco invloving thai gangs,wonder how many murders happen a year in pattaya???

  • Peter de Vries

    A steel tower? Perhaps they’re able to shoot offenders from there?

  • craig

    Well this is a difficult one. I am going to get blocked by PON on least 6 different directions. Let me try the first approach.
    There are many people that watch what I do on Walking Street and for years those people have been OK with not robbing me because they know I will rob myself and I will be good with that night.

  • gwats

    When trying a new idea to ensure the Safety of tourists, using the word ‘scheme’ was not the best idea…. Sorry. Hope the ‘plan’ works.

  • Loookstrouble

    Watching out for the trouble before it starts, good idea.. But why not remove the perpertraitors that they know are the trouble makers, yes everyone, that would be the Lb’s, trannies, men in wigs whatever you want to call them !.
    One in every family.

  • Ian

    For what it is Walking Street is the safest venue of its kind in the world. Funny those that take this opportunity to bad mouth it without meri. truly a brilliant placet

  • Jake

    “””One in every family.”””

    Yes…and that is the conflict they wrestle with. How do you ensure the safety of the golden farang goose without taking your brother/sister to jail for wringing the goose’s neck?

  • TR4Pattaya

    Cheers, but no cheers. This type of hype and signage usually places people at greater risk. They let their guards down and become easier victims. Keep your head up and be vigilant.

  • mickey

    walking street maybe safe but you try walking to it from beach road facing the wrath of lady boys boozed up russians barging into you and them annoying indian tailors who try to measure you up for a suit while your running away from them while being blinded by the guys selling laser pens at the back of royal garden its like a scene from blade runner

  • gungadin

    All for show.The Thai police couldnt give a **** about farang.

  • gwats

    Thanks for the effort, but I’ll still keep my head on a swivel on Walking Street.


    Think there’s enough dudes in skirts on Walking Street without the National Police Scottish Pipe Band starting.

  • craig

    Well the next question I have to ask is why Walking Street is the only tourist protected street in Pattaya.
    Shouldn’t all the tourist streets be protected?
    Unfortunately the answer is no.
    Pattaya is a unique place where big boys, small boys and freak ass posers play with Thai hookers that (both sides) are for the most part not up to the task. With that comes, irony, difficulty and a lot of just plain ugliness.
    And, Ah that is what it is all about!
    I would think the outcome of these news reports on PON is normal.
    Now if they want make the place kid and 80 year old mother friendly for looking at hookers on Walking Street maybe it is just me but I think some of the flavor may be just a tad bit lost in hard core whoring.
    I may be crossing a line with PON about truth but hard core whoring is about the love of danger.
    Before this latest protection nothing will happen to people, men or women, on Waking Street unless they are stupid.
    I do not like the word stupid and I don’t think I have ever used it before on my PON rants.

  • Pete

    The last 20 years many things changed, for the good. In the past i have seen alot of nasty fights infront of Marine disco, that place around 2 am whas notorius.

  • saujana least there is a safe zone in Pattaya

  • gk

    Oh I wish the place was just left alone. Have the police around but gosh, I don’t want an undercover agent in every gogo, side street etc. Part of the attraction of Pattaya was being able to walk wround somewhat anonymously. A little pestering, or being groped by a ladyboy was always expected. Cut down all the trees, turn on the spotlights, search everybody, drug test the customers and the place is unpalatable quickly

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