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  • Observing

    Drugs and monks a recurring theme in the land of smiles.

  • Wally

    It must be hard to meditate if you are bouncing off the walls high on yaba.

  • Jake

    In the grand scheme of things this may screw up the safety net of the monk-hood for the traditional slackers and general eff-ups who use it to retire in their golden years after a life of failure….then again, little will be done in the way of vetting/reform in most temples as long as the head monks get a cut of the steady money generated.

  • saujana

    …the chief Monks should have criteria in ordaining new monks to avoid future shame like this.
    …if this continues then the monks will be less respected in the near future.

  • craig

    O, truth be told meditation on a high level and those pondering in the ditch are not that far apart. Of course only one side is hoping perception remains reality.

  • renbe

    I guess there are some rotten apples in every basket

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