• Observing

    See, another clueless one disregarding the warnings about wearing gold jewelry like necklaces in public.

  • mickey

    fancy showing off your wealth in pattaya with a necklace that is worth 6 months wages to a thai he might as well of had 30,000 baht tied round his neck with a sign saying mug me im stupid

  • Robert

    Real men don’t wear necklaces.

  • Rob

    @Robert …. yeah ok Mr Macho!

  • Pete

    Mickey, there plenty of Thai who showing theyr wealth to. Just take the BTS in Bangkok and count the Iphones Thai people have.

  • renbe

    @Robert: Real men don’t ride on mopeds…

  • renbe

    @mickey: Nonsens, I wear an 18K Daytona worth 30 times the amount you mentioned, and a necklace weighing well over 200 gram.
    However, I drive in a 4WD SUV and don’t hang out in sleazy pauper bars and brothels. Never had a problem and never felt threatened.

  • John

    @ renbe says:

    “@mickey: Nonsens, I wear an 18K Daytona worth 30 times the amount you mentioned, and a necklace weighing well over 200 gram.
    However, I drive in a 4WD SUV and don’t hang out in sleazy pauper bars and brothels. Never had a problem and never felt threatened.”

    There is no need to show up – just pay the bar fine. Don’t understand your motivation since really rich people do not run around like this – they have the money but will not carry it like you to show it around. They are careful. Or are you gay and want to show it this way?

  • Rob

    @renbe …. you are so full of yourself. I ride a scooter everywhere around Pattaya because I choose to and I have no problem with my masculinity. Sure I can afford a “4WD SUV” (and as much gold as you) but for what? I’ll bet I can get anywhere from A to B in Pattaya in at least half the time you can, and I never have a problem parking. On the very rare occasion I need a car I just rent, if I’m going further, I fly.
    FYI, it’s not in the “sleazy pauper bars and brothels” where you have a problem with gold snatching, it’s out on the streets so it could even happen to you when you go to the gas station, supermarket or any other time you have to actually get out of your “4WD SUV”!

  • soidog

    What is the point in treating yourself to something nice if you are too scared to use it?then you become an oppressed victim with your liberty compromised,so the muggers win.
    so…stay in and get obese,or go out and get stabbed and mugged up to you!

  • frankie thunder

    hard to believe thai’s came to the swed’s rescue…and what a crock of bull that the 16 year old wanted to spend his share of the money on schooling…”YEA-RIGHT” !!

  • Wally

    If you have the need too show your wealth, then you are not and never will be wealthy.

  • mickey

    been coming to the land of smiles for 20 years renbe seen people who flash there wealth have it taken from them buy crooks and birds and if you ever have a crash in your suv watch the cops and the driver youve hit faces light up when they see all that gold round your neck

  • Alessio

    People wearing gold and expensive watches are poor souls with lack of confidence reaching Pattaya as one of their last destination to pay for a small amount of fake respect with their tiny wallet

  • renbe

    @John & Wally: Guess you’ve never been to Cannes, St. Tropez or Skt. Moritz? I am not gay, but I like to spend my money on nice things instead of sitting on it. I do not and will never live in Pattaya, I merely visit friends regularly.

    @Rob. Of course my friend, it is much faster to drive on a moped in the hot sun or heavy rain and toxic fumes. Up to you, I am in no hurry….

    To the three of you: Jewelry snatching happens everywhere, but of course the victims are not really wealthy people:

    On July 1st, the drivers of a Ferrari and a 4×4 in Cannes were both victim to this kind of attack, losing a 20,000 euro Patek Philippe and a 20,000 euro Weyler.

    The first theft in this string of robberies took place in Cannes when a masked gentleman stole a Rolex Daytona watch worth 100,000 euro from a pedestrian in the street. Thefts continued into the month with notable muggings taking place on the 1st, 20th, 21st, 28th and 29th July. Although the majority of the crimes have taken place in Cannes, the gangs’ presence in Antibes and Juan les Pins indicates that they are not restricting themselves to the iconic town.

    Enjoy your Sunday, gentlemen!

  • mickey

    renbe your proving our point that wearing bling in most major cities is a no no, and even if your that stinking rich you can keep replacing it one day you might get injured or worse protecting it as for cannes or st tropez i wouldnt waste my time going there nothing in my book beats the far east i,e the food the people the beaches, if your still crazy about showing off your wealth get your self a nice pair of shoes and a good pedicure

  • renbe


    Many more people fall victim in traffic mainly on motorbikes) each day than are robbed of their jewelry in Thailand. That doesn’t stop people riding on their mopeds like they are invulnerable. I refuse to give in to crime just because some people are robbed. I also have nice shoes and visit the pedicure monthly

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