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  • Observing

    It would have been great if the owner was part of the Phuket mafia and they got their hands on this loser.


    what a load of **** !!

  • jonny

    @Observes,Wishful thinking,hopefully tuk tuk,or jet ski mafia,blinking marvelous,let them see how it feels to be ripped off,he s obviously using there tactics nicking the bike then asking money to return it

  • Beacon of darkness

    Guess it might be a few months or years before he returns to Copenhagen.

  • Born to Die

    What a mug he is now deported i hope for good .

  • craig

    Just the fact that he rode a scooter from Phuket to Pattaya proves this whack job is a real hard ass. If I get on a scooter for 30 kilometers I am screaming to get off the darn thing and take a break. Scooters are great for down the street and back but cross country travel deserves more thought. Maybe next time he will consider stealing a car and demanding ransom money.

  • Mike

    No Farang get jailed in Pattaya get deporteded, i see people on town that running telescams first on the frontpage of newspapers then back in business days after, Pattaya could save a life before but officers liked teamoney better :( Its a BIG shame that people that are convicted for crime in there homecountries can come here and keeping doing bad business :(

  • Kamel

    This guy is not unknown for cheating. Was selling concert-tickets. Collecting the money but forgot to hand over the tickets :)

  • frankie thunder

    “CRAIG” how right you are on this story…just an other “BIG DUMMIE” !!!!

  • Alfred

    I can nowhere read that it was only a scooter. I read from a Motorbike, what can, also be a 600.000 Baht Sport bike.

  • bruce

    What a MORON!!!…the bike shop has copy of his passport/ID and this jackass is demanding a ransom for the bike.. Un-real. This is the worst way to extend your Thai Holiday by 1 year..

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