• Lazar

    Speed kills all the time

  • saujana

    ..almost everyday someone dies in road accident in Pattaya

  • Don

    What a mess. RIP young scholar

  • Tomtom

    Rich people’s problems.

  • mickey

    i hate driving in thailand the roads are good but the drivers thai and western seem to think there in an f 1 race and think nothing of overtaking on the inside and just pulling out on you, you really need your wits about you and eyes in the back of your head, lorry drivers and coach drivers are the worst offenders the tollways in bangkok are brilliant and so are most of the motorways

  • Jimmy

    Lots of people die every day on the roads in Pattaya. I don’tcallthem accidents as the vast majority are caused by people’s stupidity. Driving fast is not the same as good driving.

    Tomtom – a strange comment. Do you mean to say that rich people die in car crashes? Must be poor people that die in motor bike crashes.

    Much better to leave home 15 minutes earlier and drive sensibly.

  • Hal

    Mickey, I respectively disagree, the roads in Thailand are Bad and the Drivers are WORST!! When you 10 years old whizzing pass you on his Honda Wave 125, not a care in the worldthis is what happen when they turn 18. Drive safe. You are a SPOT On F1 race comment.

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