• startrack king

    if in fact this crime has taken place, I hope the girl involved doesn’t suffer too much emotional trauma as a result. truly the worst type of crime

  • Jake

    Following #1 rule for life in Thailand: Nothing is as it first appears…That said, there is a lot more downside than upside to accusing a monk of such a thing, so I would tend to lean towards the allegations being likely true, but hold back to hear more of the facts.

  • jonny

    Lets just hope he is innocent.

  • gwats

    Having a great love for Buddha is great thing, but you need to remember that you are human, too, and the flesh gets tempted. Perhaps this Monk should consider returning to secular life, getting married, and having a life different from what he is doing now? I understand men leave the Monasteries all the time. Better to leave with your dignity intact. I suggest this with respect, not ridicule.

  • trevor

    its the exact same thing that was happening in the catholic church for decades,bishops and cardinals closed ranks and hid the offenders,had as much if not more power than the governments who were afraid to challenge them in case they lost votes.the thai s will have to rise up and come together to get action and justice.

  • Hal

    MAYBE a WOLF in Sheep Cloth, just maybe so let us see what the evidence SHOWS!

  • jonny

    @Gwats,Let the investigation run its course hopefully the truth will emerge,You mention temptation,yes we all have,but were talking about 11 year old child,temptation doesn’t come in to it,its totally disgusting and wrong,any one who is tempted with children doesn’t deserve to be breathing

  • Halffilipino/Thai

    @ jake You’re leaning towards the monk is guilty , is that because , from the previous report on PON about other monks commiting similar allegations?

  • gwats

    It’s very hard to live without human contact, and many of us could not do it. That why we have marriage and relationships with women of a proper age. That’s why I suggested that the Monk might want to consider returning to a more conventional lifestyle. I have no opinion one way or the other on these ‘allegations’, and don’t wish to discuss them. It’s normal to want to touch others, but of course, there are limits.

  • Pete

    Gwats I think you are touched, in the brain region! if someone cant take the celibacy thats fine, go and seek out a woman (or man if you are that way inclined) but an 11 year old girl! its wrong whatever way you look at it,

  • Robert

    These kind of cases are frightening because there is no real proof other than an accusation. If this monk was in the habit of doing this maybe other victims will come forward, if not it’s better to free a guilty man than imprison an innocent one.

  • J. Rochester

    @gwats: Your logic is confusing.

    You say he should maybe consider a more normal life, and perhaps get married.

    In which scenario should he do that?;

    – If he is guilty, then he doesn’t deserve to be free and should be locked up, not offered a chance at a normal married life.

    – If he is completely innocent, then he has done nothing wrong and should be perfectly ok to carry on leading the life of a monk.

    You write as if you have some degree of sympathy for him and his alledged offences due to the nature of his lifestyle, and the fact that he might not come into contact with many other people.

  • J Rochester

    Oh, and why do his fellow monks get to be involved in the investigation. It is strictly a police matter.

    If it was my daughter who had supposedly undergone this heinous act, then I’d be furious that monks were allowed to investigate their fellow monk.

    Talk about a slap in the face for the victim. As usual religious organisations command respect and have authority where they have no expertise and where they should keep their noses out of.

    Last point: why is he allowed to have his face censored? Almost every alledged drug deal, ATM scammer, violent thug has their face shown for all to see.

  • craig

    Gwats, by “relationships with women of a proper age” I assume a 90 year old being pushed in his wheelchair makes it all good in the hood.
    However I can agree that evidence in general suggests celibacy, for the most part, does not work. Celibacy actually undermines religion because of cover-ups and dirt being swept under the rug. It should go without saying that the celibacy of an adult or lack of has no bearing on children. That is a different matter indeed.

  • craig

    gwats, BTW I am not implying you condone sex with children but we both know one can expect words to get themselves in trouble with PON commenters if the wording is a bit off.

  • Jake

    @J.Rochester….just as I alluded to, the downsides for the victim coming forward against a monk are great. Unless the publicity of the facts are too great, the wagons get circled, he is given the benefit of the doubt, at worst transferred elsewhere. The victim meanwhile is stuck in the neighborhood feeling the shame and doubts of others in addition to the betrayal….it sucks, but I’m sure since he was a Thai…Khun Obstinate will be along shortly to blame it all on a farang.

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