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  • Pete

    In the last picture you can clearly see,that the woman is highly addicted.

  • Jake

    I’d take drugs too if I had to listen to drunk Thai men attempting to sing night after night.

  • jonny

    Could this be a indication that in most girl bars and go go bars,there is high drug use amongst the girls working in them???

  • SinCityGr8One

    Re:jonny…Nah, what ever gave you that idea?

  • kim

    @jonny, could!! where av u been for the last 25 year!

  • jonny

    Always knew,but you get a few on here giving it the holier than thou about the drugs menace,yet are prolific offenders going with these little cute bar girls,[nothing wrong with that i may add]wot i m saying is there’s a high probability that some of these girls before blowing on ones rusty old pipe,have also been blowing on a ice pipe,And once time is up where do you think the money you pay them is re getting spent,jus pointing out a lot of people may unwittenly may be promoting the drug problem,without relising

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