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  • Wally

    Well there are worse ways to start a presidential campaign. And he’s already got my vote.

  • craig

    Well at least the delusional behavior is explainable opposed to the other lunatics in Pattaya. I do like the mud tactic for avoiding an imagined checkpoint because, let’s be honest, he does blend in well. The irony is he prescribed himself an individual private checkpoint.
    Lesson to be learned: When blending perfectly into your surroundings due to fit of rabid paranoia do not scream to others to explain your escape scheme and lack of progress.

  • Jake

    Maybe he thought he was Arnold Schwartzenegger in “Predator”?

  • bob

    This story has made up my mind to go and live in Pattaya.

    I want to live in a town where it is acceptable to be a swampman. I also love the way the locals look totally unsurprised.

  • Siamiam

    This is the best story of the year:)
    And the lady attacked in the love motel most disturbing story of year :(

  • Brady

    Jake..wanna roll around in the muc with him!

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