• Frank

    I am wondering why those victims often have very much cash and other valuables in their room safe. I guess it is just bad luck.

  • cor verhoef

    Why on earth would anybody keep 130.000 baht CASH in a hotel safe? Stupidity really has no boundaries.

  • Jimmy

    I’ll never understand why these guys take freelancers off the street or beach or wherever. It’s a sure way to get in to trouble.

  • Brown

    that’s incredible!!! somebody never heard about credit card rechargeable?? never heard about room for rent for hour?? every possible mistake is done!!! and bad lucky for the female not honest

  • pete

    Miss Preeyanut and her boyfriend, wish mr Murphy a pleasant continuation of his holiday, and wonna thank him for his generosity.

  • Lazar

    130 large is not a lot of cash to keep while on holiday just like 30 large a night is not hard to spend.

  • harrymcgarry

    just bad luck,however never take a drink off strangers,hope the id cards not fake,easy arrest if real id.he might even get some cash back.learn the lesson kidda

  • gungadin

    Am i the only farang with any brains here?

  • SangSomSoda

    I never trusted those room-safes, just check on youtube how easy some of them can be opened in seconds.
    When i go on holiday in pattaya i take Amex Traveller Cheques and Passport and store them at the reception safe. Even when this safe is broken into (which is very unlikely anyway) i get all my Cash back (copy of passport and Queque numbers i send to my own email before go on holiday, just in case i need a copy

    Okay Passport is a little bit stress to get a replacement document embassy and so…
    When i go out i take the cash which i want to spend that night and my VISA Debit Card.

    I visited about 10 times pattaya, never hat ANY trouble. Just be clever.

  • Observing

    Agree with Jimmy. I never bother with free lances or anyone off the street and not affiliated with a gogo bar.

    Nothing good can come of it and the risk is too great. Cheap charlies beware.

  • jonny

    Well least he ll be to prove by this report back home in the social club,he had a 23 year old,oh well think he ll take the safer option next year and return to the tried and tested holidays in Blackpool,less fun but least he ll still have his kiss me quick hat when he awakens next morning

  • frankie thunder

    jimmy your right.. i was told years ago not to get ladys from the beach–and i never did…even if it costs me a little more at least bar girls work at bars where you can complain to the boss if you need to..(of course nothing will be done)

  • Saujana

    …another sad story, when will they learn

  • martin smith

    Jeez !!

    Pattaya is truly going down the tubes. One nightmare story after the next. Does anything good ever happen there ? Is there the likes of a “normal decent lass” left in that town?

  • Robert

    Pay the stinking bar fine, it’s cheap insurance. Better yet, get out of Pattaya and go to Ban Chang, which is much more fun.

  • jonny

    Even if the girl is caught soon and the money is well gone,its gonna be hard to prove she took it,he s admitted being extremely drunk in his room,was blood taken to prove he had drugs in his system?also she could say somebody from the hotel could of been in room before they arrived and stole the money,Good luck in catching her,but unless she confesses,could be just his word against hers

  • baresi

    she WILL confess,whether she committed the crime or not.
    the BiB will see to that,no problem.

  • soidog

    Murphy..a good old English name.Dont forget lads..always open your safe with the BG looking over your shoulder..so if you forget the numbers you can ask her! thats what i do ,and i hardly ever get robbed! just a few times only.You know it makes sense.

  • http://khiaao.blogspot.com Khiaao

    At least your alive to talk about i, live and learn my friend

  • john o rourke

    i do feel sorry for him,but what a stupid fool will forigners ever learn the tricks of the the trade these girls have,i been there so often i can see a scamer a mile off,

  • jonny

    Whats that all about people calling themselves Farangs??Bad enough the Thais muttering that word every 2 seconds,Must be the most over used saying here

  • martin

    who is this lazar fool trying to impress when he say’s — 130,000 large is not a lot of cash to keep while on holiday just like 30 large a night is not hard to spend…Who the hell spends 30,000 Bath a night in thailand? 5,000 a night is well more then enough!

  • gerald blairs

    cant believe anyone would keep 130,000 bhat in their room.?thats about £2,700 quid? when i take a lady back room i only ever open my safe when thyey are in the shower, i have been ten times and never had any pros

  • craig

    Lazar, 30 large? It is fun to say “large”, like a gangster, but I am not sure if the tale is one of grandiose vision, extreme lack of whoring skills or simply bad math.
    Let’s do the math together. OK, we have one prime hooker in the shopping basket. Let’s go ahead and make the night special so we add one more. Let’s now include in the bill all the top shelf booze and food he and his pair can eat and drink. Let’s now put a hole in the boy’s shorts so he leaves breadcrumbs down the beach. I am trying to think of how to spend more money, OK, he now doubles everyone’s tips and throws money to beggars. Let’s say he buys a 7/11 round for every Indian at the Coconut Bar like the “Most Interesting Man in the World”. I cannot see where that amounts to 30 “large”. Sparky, what are you doing special?

  • trevor

    @lazar,yes ur right about the 130k but spending 30k a night is vulgar.12k is the most i ever spent on a night in pattaya and it was 7k too much.1 or 2 women,food,alcohol and back to the room.

  • Masaman

    jeez, 3k euro. Not sure i would report it to the police. Thought of having my name showing up in google for rest of life and associated with thai hos

    would it be possible to report it, slip the BIB few quid to keep the press out of it ?


    If the girls I.D card is real I think there is every possibility Mr. Murphy’s story is fake.Gone crazy and blew all his money,wants the British embassy to bail him out you think? Good luck with that one.

  • Tri pod Dave

    Well lets all hope he managed to keep it up through out the time he spent with this cheeky one..

  • Super mao

    I’ve been to Pattaya about 5 times, I consider myself to still be quite new, but never had a problem. I take 20,000 baht out the ATM, when that’s gone I take another 20,000. Sorry for Mr. Murphy’s loss, but he’ll learn quickly.

  • Pk

    Open a safe full of cash whilst drunk with a street hooker in the room…. Darwinism at its finest.

  • Edwin

    This guy is an idiot, every mistake he could of made he did on top of that he is a pervert. First off you 60 year olds getting 19 and 20 year olds are discusting and you seriously need to look into getting help. Second this dudes story is retarded. He was heavily intoxicated, and most likely doesn’t remember anything he did last night because he was to drunk. He most likely LOST the money or he left his door and safe open and someone came in and took it, maybe one of her friends who knows. Third who gets a girl from the beach, seriously as others have pointed out, ALWAYS get a bar girl or a go go girl at least you have a starting point if something goes wrong. On a final note, I think this dude learned a very serious less about his ways and hopefully he will never make this mistake again!

  • Lazar

    @Martin, Craig and Trevor It’s obvious from your posts that you fella’s have never lived the life,(cheap Charlie’s comes to mind) I’ts wrong to assume that all people live the same boring mundane lifestyle.

    @Edwin, What is your ideal age chick for a 60yo man to buy?

  • Dyslexic Idiots shouldn’t blog (Edwin)

    Hey Edwin, I’m 51 and don’t need help to get a 21 year old. All I need is my wallet and Viagra.

  • Neil

    Message from Miss Priyanoot to Mr Murphy.
    “When you come back Thailand.
    I wait you come back Thailand.”

  • Fritz Schtengell

    the combination drunk,horny and a pile of cash and then bring a streetgirl to the room is asking for it.

  • JOHN


  • Andy

    It is an experience common to all men to find that, on any special occasion, such as the production of a magical effect for the first time in public, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Whether we must attribute this to the malignity of matter or to the total depravity of inanimate things, whether the exciting cause is hurry, worry, or what not, the fact remains.

  • soi-boy

    @ gungadin, no you are not haha how could you leave out khun observing( the most wise farang of them all) haha

  • craig

    Lazar, I propose a larger than life statue of you reaching for your wallet be erected at the Coconut Bar. The 30 “large” meter colossus can both serve as a reminder for the little people of The Most Interesting Man in the World as well as a perch for flocks of sea birds to deliver the monument its due patina.

  • geoff

    alot of cash and he let her in the room and took a drink from her.he learn,t a valuable lesson.he won,t do it again

  • sitanonchai

    Khun Priyanoot enjoy it, how stupid can you be MR. Murphy.

  • dave

    well the chances of getting a deposit box at a bank are below zero, keeping in mind this poor twat was there on holiday not living there so 2 and half grand was his holiday money . the idea of a safe in the room is to keep your money safe along with all the security at the hotel, if he had been walking around with it in his pocket i guess that would be right in the eyes of some of the septics here.

  • soidog

    Edwin,the girls just love us old geezers,
    were gullible and grateful,take the old uns out of patts, whats left,young boys that fight and cant hold a drink.

  • Soi John

    What a Pity..the Thai Street walker is reduced to a common thief for a Bag of Rice.Whatever happened to Honor for thy Customer ??

  • Tri pod Dave

    sticky vicky Benidorm is not same same sticky Priyanoot Pattaya in fact far worse but better ;)

  • gwats

    Stupidity is supposed to hurt! Did you bring her back to the room for sex, or Romance? Why the hell are you drinking ANYTHING in your room you did not OPEN yourself? Plan AHEAD, dummy! Make her shower FIrst so you can scan the room, put your valuables away BEFORE you head out for the evening, and Don’t keep more than 6000 Baht in your hotel safe. You asked for this, you GOT IT! Thanks PattayaOne, for publishing these stories,. Even old punters need a fresh warning every once in a while.

  • Lazar

    Cheers Craig, sounds perfect

  • chang beea

    gwats , if he puts only 6000 in the safe , where does he have to put the rest of his money?

  • Jake

    Perhaps punters can take a lesson from drug mules and tuck their money away before passing out in the only truly safe hiding place :-)

  • Rob

    I see the same every time in Pattaya. Elderly people completely drunk bringing back ladies in their rooms. But wait a moment: what are you going to do in that intoxicated state? Sleep, of course. So why bringing a girl with you?
    I think ther is something I don’t understand. I am in my late thirtiees and if I am drunk I am not able to function. These guys are older and what are they going to do? Maybe use Viagra or Cialis and wait for an heart attack?

  • Rob

    @Rob …. hey, you’re an impostor! BTW, “why bringing a girl with you?” … One of at least two reasons, simply for companionship, or like I often do, with my regular fillies, I hasten to add, sleep it off and do the biz when you wake up in the morning ;-)

  • Cobby

    Unlucky spud. It’s going to be a long 2 weeks.

  • Rob2

    @Rob Now I call myself Rob2 so no mismatching anymore…
    Thanks for the explanation, now I have a better picture: “simply for companionship” you are are a romantic! :)

  • Sleepless in Samui



  • Sleepless in Samui

    lets face it 90% of men in Pattaya are rejects from around the world…heathens most of them, or old perverts that can’t get laid back home right?

    they take a 10 hr flight having never traveled anywhere and get ripped off by hookers.

    why not stay at home go down to the red light area pay a hooker and keep your cash?

  • craig

    Sleepless in Samui, the 90% has to make sure your breakfast has been properly seasoned. Say hello to the little misses from us.

  • martin smith

    True re the 90 per cent, but then again why not come to thai…the wenches in Europe cold hearted lad.

    The RLD’s in Europe, you cum you go…at least in Thai you get all night. Defo worth the extra cash to come to Thai…

  • http://gravatar.com/norslop RainMan

    130,000 bht?…yea right

  • tony piercy

    welcome to thailand , definatelely not fore the foolish ,you gotta b streetwise n onit , cos they r , n trained for it , have fun , enjoy , pay the gal , let her go , n move on to the next one . dont b foolish with ur money , they want it .

  • Matt

    Never let them see you enter the room safe code. Nobody told me this – it was intuitive from my first visit to Thailand.

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