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  • Jake

    What strikes my non-Thai point of view, is how the “real police” seem to be dancing around the Sgt Major’s obvious abuse of power, willful misconduct, and downright criminal offense(s). Both he and his wife should be shackled and duck-walked off to a detention cell until indictments can be prepared. And just what the hell is with her being allowed to go to such great pains to conceal her face? She’s certainly not a minor. Begs to question, who was she before she became Mrs. Sgt Major, and who is her family and their political connections? Dare I hope she is actually feeling some genuine shame?

  • Frank

    I like her dress. Is this the new fashion? Where can you buy this? Or is this just a uniform for fake police officers if the husband is a real police officer?

    Anyhow – she should not drive a car anyway. Imagine you are involved in an accident with her. No need to talk about who will be guilty in her eyes.

  • Lazar

    Good, I hope the dealer takes these 2 looneys to the cleaners.

  • jonny

    Remember the taxi driver who had the self portrait done up as a policeman and who escaped custody, Waiting for him to pop up in the middle of all this sometime soon.Waiting for hubby to say,she was wearing the uniform for role play purposes at their home,while afterwards they both got talking about there car,got angry and decided to confront the car showroom.Talk about bringing attention,wonder if anyone is gonna do a background check on there finances to check where money came from to buy car???

  • Jake

    @Frank….you can buy one of those hat/face blocks at the fishing tackle stores around Bangkok and I imagine Jitjujack(sp) and other markets.

  • Robert

    Good, this story has a happy ending. The police did not need an embarrassment like this could have been. Even better, “Captain” Sandy Vage has been demoted to civilian.

  • Frank


    Honestly this fascinating dress shows me that those people (whoever) are well organized.

  • Jake

    @Frank….”organized”, yes. “Well organized”?…probably as much as two bumbling idiots can be. I wonder how long she has been dressing up as a dominatrix in police drag and whipping the Sgt Maj. around the bedroom? I also wonder how many times together they have used this ploy to threaten/intimidate/extort money? I truly suspect this is not the first time she has dressed up as the “lady copper”.

  • Jaap G. Klasema

    @Jake: Finally I (for once) fully agree with what you penned here ! The ‘hilarious’ thing the “authorities” are now struggling with: “whether to offer the opportunity of posting bail to the female suspect or not as they consider “if she is a risk to herself or others” if released on bail.” I have to laugh; I mean after what she displayed in public . . . . you’ve got to be kidding me ! ! Like Jake writes: “Both he and his wife should be shackled and duck-walked off to a detention cell until indictments can be prepared.”

  • Lazar

    Maybe her husband Is’nt making enough tea money to make ends meet, so she takes him on these field trips to teach him how It’s done.

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