• Rob

    They broke the first rule in the book …. not once but 3 times, money, gold AND iPhone, no sympathies! When will these idiots ever learn???

  • davyboy

    When will people learn ? Leave nothing of value in a parked car in Pattaya. The place is full of thieves who would steal your eyeballs if they thought they could make 5 baht. He`s Thai and should know better.

  • giga

    Who can believe this story !! Some one know some Thai poeple can live without is mobile phone ??!!
    Only this car broken …

  • Jake

    “””A bag containing 40,000 Baht in cash and a gold necklace worth 25,000 Baht””””

    Uhh, right….as always the above is reported by each and every victim of burglary….Uh-huh and indeed.

  • Jim Pattaya

    40,000 Baht in cash and a gold necklace worth 25,000 Baht were stolen along with an Apple IPhone 4S and personal documents.

    Is this stupidity or an insurance scam?

  • Jake

    @Jim P…..the bag of cash and probably the gold necklace as well are pile-on’s at the very least. Giving the benefit of doubt he may well have had his car broken into, but they always claim a bag of cash and some gold that likely was not there.

  • gk

    I don’t get it. Did he park for a short time while he went to the gym? DId he park for several hours? heck, I bing in my little bag/towel and keep it right next to me when I hit the fitness center.

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