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  • Rob

    And the public in general are UNLUCKY that Khun Egapong survived because no doubt, he will get a paltry fine and be released to go driving again only to kill some innocent bystander next time with his drunken antics!

  • Born to Die

    Well said Rob .

  • Don

    Should be given 5 to 7 years regardless for being another drunk driving

  • Robert

    ^ Yep, none of you angels has ever driven while drunk. He’s already been punished, his car is destroyed. Besides, I’d prefer so risk drunk drivers than see Thailand become like the place I left to come here.

  • Rob

    @Robert ……. condoning drunk driving simply confirms you to be the complete idiot I always thought you were. I’m guessing, and I’m pretty sure it’s a good guess, that you are a regular drunk driver so be careful what you wish for because one of these days you will end up on the front page of PON either as an offending drunk driver who’s wiped out or wiped out someone else, or as the victim of one of the many drunk drivers you would rather risk having on the road than have the police arrest and take off the road!

  • Robert

    @Rob So you have never driven drunk, not once ever?

  • Rob

    @ Robert … of course I have, more years ago than I care to remember, when I was young, immature and thought I knew better. But I saw the light and don’t do it now and certainly wouldn’t condone it at all like you do. Your attempt to deflect the drunk driving issue on to me is pretty pathetic, without as much as an attempt at denial from you, but at least I’m mature enough to admit I’ve done it and also mature enough to have realised the potential consequences of drunk driving and don’t do it now …. for what …. the 50 baht cost of a motorbike taxi, Is it really worth the risk, is it really worth your or someone else’s life? I certainly don’t think so!

  • craig

    Rob, you may want to qualify that motorbike taxi driver should be sober because that is not always the case. I have the scars to prove it. Thank goodness we were going slowly. Especially around “Play Water” it’s a crap shoot if the driver is bombed out of his mind.

  • Rob

    @Craig ….. I’ve got several regular drivers I’ve used for a few years now and rarely take drivers unknown to me but if I do it’s, cha cha!

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