• tom

    how did he get her pin number.Did she write it on the back of the card?

  • chang beea

    How did he get the pin code for withdrawing money?

  • kevin

    How dumb is this lad? If he actually worked in this Hotel,did he not know of c.c.t.v.?both in the hotel and at the atm?
    g/friend must be impressed.

  • http://khiaao.blogspot.com Khiaao

    Thats what i like to know, he must have followed her one day and watched her at the ATM machone

  • jonny

    Yes how did he get pin?Again another top notch piece of investigation journalism.

  • soi-boy

    is that the citin loft sign i see in picture one

  • Lazar

    Lucky guess on the pin number


    Oh dear there goes his 500 Baht a day job.

  • fw

    Since when is this punished in Pattaya? I thought hotel employees received bonuses for ripping off the guests. Perhaps because the guest is Thai, there will be no bonuses issued.

  • frankie thunder

    yes i believe he’s a thief !!!! and you guys are right how did he get her pin number ????????????????????/

  • Martin

    Maybe he used the hotel cctv to get the pin

  • gwats

    Pin numbers are hard to guess…. unless it was given to him for ‘services rendered’ with the understanding the card would be reported as stolen later. I smell a scam. After all…. “This is Thailand”

  • gwats

    If the card was reported lost or Stolen, the Bank would replenish the account, and the card holder would get to spend that money TWICE. A Woman looking to get her ‘groove on’ and cover her rear with her husband/Boyfriend could play, pay her lover and look like a sweet, innocent thing and get her money back.

  • Peter de Vries

    I give anyone the opportunity to try with my bankcard in three times. But then again many Thais use ‘1234’ …

  • Peter de Vries

    ‘He had successfully guessed her password PIN from her ID card numbers’. Now we know.

  • Observing

    As Peter says he guessed the password based on her ID card numbers (as mentioned on another news website). Sound a bit odd to me but stranger things have happened. Maybe some people are like that with their passwords?

  • gwats

    Honestly, friend, She GAVE the Password to him, for whatever reason. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • gk

    The Movie Spaceballs. The secret combination is: 0..1..2..3..4..5. Amazing, I have the same number on my luggage locks

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