• madforit

    Is it leagal for a 16 year old to work in a disco then???

  • harrymcgarry

    also missing a rabbit a dove piece of string some metal rings oh aye and a white glove,now thats magic,she,ll be caught soon

  • wyle

    Makes one wonder what a 16 year old was doing in a disco. You have to be 18 or 20???

  • soi dog

    So he befriended this woman and did not know her name?I think maybe she is a magician too,she made a lot of his stuff disappear….Just like that!

  • TheMagician

    Well, looks to me that his “MAGIC” didn’t work on her. Anyhow, great story of the magician – he invited her on Monday morning for having sex and woke up at 4 am. Must have been a fantastic experience (10 seconds sex and 2 hours sleeping, and than woke up). Buddy, maybe you’ve got the wrong master who taught you the magic tricks ?!?

  • Born to Die

    Give it a few weeks and this dummy will return then its jail time sleep with 1 eye open ..lol

  • startrack king

    she was teaching him the fine art of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’

  • Shergars ghost

    Does anyone want to buy a rabbit……………

  • Joseph

    You have to be at least 18 to work in a disco, or whatever night-venue.
    You have to be at least 20 to visit such a venue.

  • little sexy

    …that’s why his name can’t be revealed because he is 16 years old.

  • soi dog

    From what i remember…when a magician’s stuff disappears it is often stuck up his
    sleeve.i would advise the BIB to check that.

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