• Russ

    What the…no visible sign of injury. I think not having a head is a fairly significant sign of injury…

  • Fritz Schtengell

    hmm..a headless corpse floating face down…

  • minesapint

    Apart from having no head and being decomposed, did the sea rescue unit manage to save this chap? was he OK??

  • Rob

    @Fritz Schtengell …… nice one .. LMFAO 😉

  • Don

    Just has to be suicide.

  • Don

    @ Don – Hey Don Im the Don on this PON Portal and have been for a long time. You need to change your handle or add something to it OK.



  • T Williams

    @Russ,@Fritz,@Don,,,,Wow good ones

  • DON

    I’m the new Don Don so you can donner of.f

  • jj

    How about sending in someone to pick up all that trash floating in the water?

  • Thai Dave

    To all of us that walk along the beach daily, be on the lookout for a corpseless head.

  • Pete

    Clearly a case of suicide.

  • Don

    I am happy that your handle is DonDon.

    Appreciate it.



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