• Ian Gibson

    At last they’re addressing something that is causing major problems throughout the region.

    Hats off to them for this one.

  • Robert

    That is the most selfish, stubborn buffalo brained people do here. Sure, they know better but they don’t care.
    I was riding with a farang who got hit by one of them and the clown actually wanted my friend to pay for his bike, The Sattahip Police laughed when they came and told us we could leave. we just left an my friend did not bother to complain, but it cost him 4000 Baht to get his fender and headlight fixes.

  • gungadin


  • Jake

    If they actually were to enforce this completely…..I’m sorry I can’t even imagine Pattaya traffic without wrong-way drivers…???

  • Jim Pattaya

    Driving the wrong way is the law to be enforced TODAY.

    Tomorrow there will be a different law to be enforced and this one will forgotten. It seems that only one law is enforced on any one day. Too bad that all traffic laws aren’t enforced everyday.

    The traffic police in Pattaya do a really pathetic job. All they seem to able to do is occassionaly see a farang without a helmet or with a noisy exhaust system. They never see children driving without licenses or helmets and with four on a motorcycle is ok (if they are Thai).

    Doing a proper job would mean they would have to actually work more.

    A few years ago in Bangkok they tested many traffic police about the laws and almost all of them failed.

    Would Pattaya have the same result?

    I was ticketed once for driving the wrong way. Problem was that I was in a small parking lot next to Sukhumvit Road and going to the exit.

    Just an after thought: Those voluteer traffic police are a nasty bunch when wearing wannabe police uniforms at check points.

  • Michael

    This happens all over Thailand,good luck to imposing Law and order,hope you set a good example,maybe Police will do their job properly??$$$??

  • harrymcgarry

    what about the pissed motorist too,its ok we can just forget them because theres thousnds of them,a see them every night three and four on a bike,

  • Danthai

    The BiB will be very busy here in Pattaya if the really want to do anything about this. You can see thise drivers every day even in very busy roads as second road and the police are just looking and doing nothing. The next problem will only be that even cars will use the peditians area to go in the oposit directions.

  • Fritz Schtengell

    what a bull***t. increase tickets or whatever but go jail for it is just stupid.

  • Rob

    “the Governor …. identified drivers who drive against the normal flow of traffic as the main causes of accidents” ….. no $h1t Sherlock …… well I hope they have REALLY big prisons because this is second nature everywhere, particularly in Pattaya so the prisons are going to fill up pretty quickly if they start jailing everyone who’s caught.
    On the realistic side, this simply means the BIB will be out in force for a couple of days fining the offending Thais 200 baht and the foreigners 400 baht then life will go back to normal.

  • adrian

    IF this is enforced in Pattaya it will be a very good thing,long overdue.I fear it will be ignored like so many other rules.

  • jon

    The fine is about to go from 500 baht to 5000 baht for Farangs.

  • geoff

    happened to afriend i know in chiang mai,a old man riding a bike the wrong way up the street drunk.hit each other,bang he is dead.the end result the police said all ok,but really the thai family blamed him for everything and he paid out for his funeral.he was in the right and got all the hassle.this may change a few things will be a good thing

  • soi dog

    Thats right Rob,a lengthy comprehensive study came to this conclusion…after a vote,6 against 5.The naysayers protested that in the event the drivers could only be going one way,not being numerically equipped shall we say to go both ways at the same time…Thai logic,cant beat it.

  • Thaiger

    I love this country. If you dont like it leave if you can handle it stay. I think amrican cops who use tasers because they are to lazy to chase people are stupid in the same way. Not to say that driving on the wrong side of the road is stupid all over the world. ting tong mak mak

  • David

    What a load of cr*p. Did you ever see a car stop at the pedestiran traffic lights. Even the police runs over a red light there, not to mention the pedestrian crossings.

  • Rob

    @jon …. when was it ever 500 baht for farangs? If you ever paid 500 for a RTO I’d say you’ve been ripped off!

  • Rob

    @David … the whole RT law in Thailand is a load of cr*p and I can state without fear of being proven wrong ….. it will never change, not in my lifetime at least!

  • Burt

    The police might want to obey the law themselves before arresting other for it. I guess it will be the same as the helmet law. Half the cops ride around without them arresting others for not wearing them.

  • frankie thunder

    hello everybody its me frankie thunder and im back from holiday in pattaya–was gone most all summer” this kind of driving i saw all summer long –day and night…it will never change…us old timers know for sure..

  • Born to Die

    Yeah Right lol

  • lestroops

    Will the police on motor cycles be made exceptions to this rule????
    2nd road /3rd road / Pattaya Tai /Pattaya Klang,is are typical areas for all Parties to be witneesd breaking the road rules, which are observed by police
    Better Start Building more Prisons ,if your Rule is going to be INFORCED

  • Thai Dave

    This will cause the motorbikes going the wrong way onto the sidewalks where there’s no direction law. Already they come up behind you so fast that if you step sideways, you’re mowed down. This is the only place a pedestrian has to look behind himself before changing direction for a speeding motorbike on the sidewalk. TIT

  • pepe

    This law only for farang and polis can get more money they pocket. HA,HA,

  • Juju

    what about all the motorbike taxi drivers?

  • Jim Pattaya

    This will all be forgotten in a day or two. Next law please.

  • WTF

    My Thai wife’s brother works as a driver for the police in the province. And guess what: he does not have a driving license. Do not think the BIB will ever enforce any law if it does not mean more money in their pocket.

  • gungadin

    Only time ive ever been stopped going the wrong way was a few years ago in Pattaya soi 2.The cop who stopped me made me follow him back to his police box to pay the fine.His colleague was in there p*ssed out his head on whiskey.I gave him the cash to pay the fine and the drunken idiot gave me back 300bt too much change.I said thanks and left.

  • Rob

    @Thai Dave …… I guess you’ve never been to Saigon then, in comparison, Pattaya isn’t even close when it comes to motorbikes on the sidewalk!

  • mike

    Saigon is crazy for motorbikes, I was glad to get back to the safety of Pattaya”s streets and pavements

  • gk

    One of the stereotypes in america is the “Asian Chick” driving. Well, while a good joke, there sure are a lot here who think they are still on a motor scooter and can just point their car in any direction and head that way at any time. Using turn signals in traffic? What’s a turn signal? Never used that lever before. But there was a space in front of the car that I pulled in front of. How was I supposed to know that car was going fast and I was actually cutting him off? I had to get in that lane to go to the market!

  • Scot Farang

    What about the bloody stupid Scooter riders ive had more near misses swerving toavoid these clowns Farang thai all the bloody same ignorant fools the lot of them. Dont fine them take there vehecles or bikes for 6 months so they have to walk or taxi everywhere.

  • Don

    @ Rob – How can you not get ripped off and is it really possible to then negosiate a better deal. My mate and I got pulled up last week in Jomtiem because we didnt have international licences and slugged us 500 each. I said in a polite way and offering a smoke that 200 is the rate and copper just laughed and said pay or go jail, up to you. We got done late again on Beach RD just after Pattaya Klang (they always sit there from 1pm onwards) for the same reason and had to pay 300 each even when we said we had just been booked in Jomtiem, and he just laughed and siad “different brother from another mother, so pay or jail, up to you”. So please tell me how one can justify that we are getting ripped off when we have no say in the matter?

  • Rob

    @Don …. I have only ever used my own National licence and even been stopped 5 times in one day a few weeks ago and never been fined for it. I have been fined for speeding many times and various other misdemeanors but where it once was 200 baht, it’s now 400 baht and that’s the maximum I have ever paid. As for getting ripped off … well if you consider what it would cost you back home in fines and demerit points in the UK, USA, Australia or Europe, it’s hardly a rip off and I just consider it the price I have to pay to drive around Thailand. It’s cheap as chips really!

  • soi dog

    The pet sensationalist banner words
    of journalism,Could,and if…..If i could
    grow wings i no need motobike.

  • Thai Dave

    @Rob no I’ve never been to Saigon but I’ve seen some scary traffic videos on U-Tube that make Pattaya sidewalks look like Safehavens. The Cambodian begger woman with a kid keeps coming back and the police keep pulling only falang motorbike drivers over to give tickets. TIT

  • Robert

    @WTF He is her brother? Seems I’ve heard that one before.

  • Damo

    a big smile and 100thb usually works for me… don’t do the wrong way driving though… annoying & dangerous.

  • Bob

    @ Rob, off topic, this is thai NOT Saigon news.

  • Rob

    @Bobthenob …. follow the thread bozzo .. thai Dave said, quote; “This is the only place a pedestrian has to look behind himself before changing direction for a speeding motorbike on the sidewalk” … I was simply pointing out this is NOT the only place so it’s not “off topic” as it’s directly related to his comment!

  • Bob

    @ Robstrawman, Wrong, not just Saigon and LOS

  • Rob

    @Bobthenob ……. what exactly do you mean by “wrong”? I certainly didn’t imply it was only in LOS and Saigon so I’m not really sure what your point is or are you just back to your old boring ways and having a go at anything I post regardless of the relevance of your comment?

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