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  • Jake

    I rather doubt his story about her “jumping” voluntarily.

  • Lily

    Jake – maybe she was looking for a stupid rich falang to support her and her twenty kids from different boyfriends because each one was not up to her standards of taking care of her lazyness – not all Thai men are bad but most women are

  • Jake

    “””maybe she was looking for a stupid rich falang”””

    Not too hard to find a stupid one in Pattaya….rich, being a subjective qualifier, is another matter.

    “””and her twenty kids”””
    Twenty?…@27, that would make her more prolific than “Octo-mom”! I’ve known a few who could squat and squirt ‘em out like a gum-ball machine, but twenty?

    “””each one was not up to her standards of taking care of her lazyness”””

    Its a lot more likely that they (accepting for sake of argument that there were indeed multiple boyfriends)left her due to her low level of financial support for their lazy ways.
    Anything is possible, but the odds are not in favor of the scenario you suggest.

    “””not all Thai men are bad but most women are”””

    As long as you are not making that exclusive to Thai women, I agree whole-heartedly :-)

  • craig

    (drunken + friends + mouth) * verbal altercation = you go fly fly < wish room was on 10th floor

  • Born to Die

    Yeah Right he didnt push her Yeah right !!

  • HansNL

    If the police concludes this story is as told by the boyfriend, we can say that in Thailand everyone is equal for the law.

  • Peter de Vries

    Well I had a couple of live in girlfriends who attempted that. And they were not drunk. So his story could be true.

  • Don

    ROFL @ Jake. Now that was a sitting duck waiting to be picked to bits.

  • geoff

    the jumping season is well into the season now it seems

  • Jai

    So you have never gone out to drink with friends and argued with your partner? Why you don’t go fly fly?

  • craig

    Jai, I see you were not at the top of your math class. You missed the operative word “you” in the equation. If someone must go out the window it is not going to be me. It’s just one of my many policies.

  • jack clark

    even the thais are catching on to the balcony jumping trend.

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