• anus

    Third time, did the dog wai, and say sorry the first two times? Thank god it was only the idiot owner it attacked…for me! First attack, dog dies hopefully dragged behind the pick up truck so it will feel bad about attacking in the first place!

  • John

    Such a cute dog. Look how aggressive the owner looks. Time to lock him away 😉

  • Jake

    “””a Rottweiler and Pit Bull Terrier cross-breed,”””

    Crosses between breeds like this often result in this sort of outcome. Bet the owner thought it was really cool to have such a bad-ass aggressive breed when he first got it….som nom na

  • Peter de Vries

    I first want to look at the violence history of both of them. Then I’ll decide who has to be euthanized.

  • chang beea

    I’ve never seen a “” Rottweiler and Pit Bull Terrier cross-breed,””” resulting in such a dog.It may have some Rottweiler blood but let the pitbulls away with this one.Such attacks are mostly due to the ignorance and the stupidity of their owners

  • jonny

    Give the dog another chance,retrain him to go after thieving lady boys on beach road

  • Tomtom

    The owner should take classes by looking at the national geographic channel at the DOG WHISPERER series, or download the seasons online.. Lot of good tips, like: exercise, discipline and affection , in that order, for a healthy, well balanced dog..
    And yes, males should be neutered.

  • Robert

    After looking at the owner, I vote “not guilty” for the dog.

  • Wally

    Maybe the little tough guy was wearing his sunglasses at night and stepped on the dog, never saw it. The dog just couldn’t stand it any more.

  • Chichen

    There is probably another reason this dog went off on this klutz. Most dogs don’t just go “off” on their owner for no reason. Perhaps the dog was mistreated and acted in self defense. Judging by the location of the bite I suspect “Mr klutz” going to kick the dog and got more than he bargained for. Unfortunately the dog has no rights in this case and will put down.

  • tri pod dave

    Sounds like the Rottweiler and Pit Bull Terrier cross-breed wasn’t getting enough attention..

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