• jonny

    Need to hear what his problem was with American,as always usually money related or a deal went sour??

  • Jake

    Police believe this was murder

    Step 1 for Thai police murder investigations: Allow 20 plus people to trample thru the crime scene.

  • Observing

    Hope they catch the suspect.

  • mike

    Police believe this was murder, but were told he had many health problems! what like being severly beaten?

  • bob

    This should be chalked up as another
    Pattaya suicide.Case closed

  • soi boy

    i wouldnt call him a professional boxer, id call him a coward on doing that to an elderly man who has health problems, hope they catch him

  • craig

    Always blame the American. Is it odd a 72 year old would be hanging with a boxer?
    What’s that about….
    There does not seem to be enough with the story to speculate.
    Well that’s not true, we can speculated along with the police based on the blood splattered walls this may be a murder.

  • Robert

    Chose your friends carefully here, not all expats are in Thailand because they wanted to leave their home countries. Very sad, RIP. Little doubt they will catch the American, if he is indeed the one who did it.

  • Bob

    some kind of plot, at least his wife will get new one

  • The Pattaya Guy

    The man lives 72 years and just by coincidence is found dead 3 months after a divorce.

  • Talksin

    @Robert, wise advice. This American may not have been the victim’s friend however. Boxers don’t make good friends either.

  • Denouk

    His x might be telling porkies looks like he might of been leaving His furniture packed away

  • alan

    Come on the wife saying some guy named alan ! its proberly her new boyfriend !

  • Ben

    And I’m sure his demise has nothing to do with his 33 year old estranged wife.

  • Tony

    Anyway well done at the age of 69.. Still this Alan seems too abstract to me.. Would change it to Somchai..

  • sitanonchai

    Good try Khun Goranit, if you pay the thai cops enough they’ll buy your story for sure.

  • Don

    1. 3 storey mansion
    2. 33 year old wife, just split.
    3. Possible younger septic ex boxer shacking up/in.

    RIP mate and good job being able to have a kid a 69. Gives me hope

  • SammySleaze

    R.I.P hope they catch the scum bag.

  • Robert

    @Talksin If the read the article, it says the American was a supposed friend of the. Deceased.

  • Shergars ghost

    How sad, what a way to die, naked and beaten-up, RIP dear fella….!!!
    A complete sweep of a crime scene to gather evidence takes a SOC team a good couple of days. So I’d hope that has been done before the BIB posed for photos.
    If he a ‘friend’ then his full details, plus photo should be circulated.
    His (ex) wife, knows too much…………

  • Bangsaray

    the usual idiots putting 2 and 2 together and getting nothing, the suspect wasnt a boxer he was a martial arts nut and his wife didnt have anything to do with it. Hope he gets brought to justice soon.

  • richard

    well.well.its a Murder Case,its a conspiracy murder case,the 33yrs old lady is involved,let the Thai Police catch this Heroe before he cross out of the thai border,and listen to the verdict
    this is called love some body,hehehe

  • RA

    she’s behind it alright, it stinks but nothing will come of it, she will pay merit and the BIB and all will be forgiven……………Amazing Thailand!!!

  • Roy Wilkinson

    I knew him well as a schoolboy, he was 4 years younger than me, I was a friend of his elder brother and they lived around the corner. My younger brother, though younger than Dave by 6 years also knew him and forwarded this news to me. Not a country I would want to spend a long time in, I was there briefly in the early 60’s whilst in the RAF. I hope they catch who has done this terrible deed, when you remember someone who was a young boy you don’t expect to hear of their demise in this way. RIP Dave.

  • craig

    Roy Wilkinson, good story. Thanks for sharing.

  • craig

    RA, are you suggesting a Thai woman would desire or feeled owed something that is not rightfully hers? Well this is the first time I have heard of this type of thing.

  • gk

    Just once show me an old retired farang that was murdered WITH his clothes on and that did NOT have a 30 or 40 year old Thai “wife” or GF.

  • gk

    Just curious if the man was Millionair real estate agent from his businesses in Britain or did he attain that measure of wealth operating in the Thai business world?

  • Tina & Terry

    Dave was a great friend who inherited money in England and went to Thialand for a better life, his friends and family are feeling very bitter, as he did not deserve this. What are the Police doing, they should be helping his daughters and son who are up against things not being to speak the language.

  • drinkingasoline1980

    haha yet another old hapless fat twat murdered by his hooker wife haha, seeya old peterfile

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