• Dani




  • Deadhorse

    I smell smoke, hope nothing on fire.

  • Piemeltje86 (Pattaya Secrets Forum)

    If true this guy should spend a long time in jail. This is just wrong, in any country.



  • Frank

    “Officers conducted a full search of the house and report finding sexually explicit material featuring Mr. Miller with minors”

    Not Thailand is bad but the people who come here and think they can enjoy their pervert sexual ideas are bad. Thailand is a great country and has a lot to offer – even without sex. It is not a brothel if you do not make one out if it. Buy if so be aware that you insult here many normal people.

  • MonoXimian

    Why would any teacher invite children to his home when he is alone. This sort of behaviour would not be acceptable in Europe under any circumstances and a teacher should never put themselves in such a perilous situation for fear that accusations like this should arise. If he is guilty then he should serve the maximum term because it is sickening to read of those that use Thailand as a sexual playground especially under the guise of being a teacher.

  • Peter de Vries

    Remembers me the case of the Dutch teacher who was wrongly accused a couple of years ago just by inviting children to his home.

  • M. Sagan

    It’s surely one of the worst crimes to be accused of.

    The best situation would be that it’s a complete misunderstanding and no children were harmed, and this guy is freed.

    The next best situation is that he is rightly found guilty, at a fair trial, and punished appropriately.

    Based on the report, with info like “..finding sexually explicit material featuring Mr. Miller with minors..”, it seems like the second situation is more likely as the evidence sounds quite clear-cut/black & white.

    Watch this space!

    (Would be great if PON offered a follow-up for stories like this, although perhaps the trial will take a fair while.

    Would also be good if PON told us what sort of length sentences drug dealers, murderers etc might expect based on their opinion and experience).

  • MonoXimian

    @ Peter de Vries

    I don’t remember your case but I think it was completely inappropiate and highly unprofessional for you to have students in your home without the supervision of their parents, especially when you are their teacher. Your case merely highlights the perilous situation you put yourself in and hopefully you have learnt your lesson because if it happens a 2nd time you will not be so lucky

  • Anus

    Never have young students to your flat or House without Thai wife/girlfriend with you. Even if it is for extra lessons. If you scold them for bad behaviour, They may think nothing of saying something which may be untrue, but, you may find it hard to prove, unless you set up the computer cam to record the lesson your own safety!The damage done even with false claims, came leave you with bigger problems.

  • TR4Pattaya

    Not to bright. Never, never, never give lessons in your own home. This is not only a self set-up, it is wrong.

  • Jake

    That he would deny all allegations against him when supposedly they found:”sexually explicit material featuring Mr. Miller with minors”…gives me pause to wonder if his denial is just panic-reaction to his situation or if indeed there is something fishy about their evidence???? To be there so quickly the police were watching/targeting him for sure. In any case, very stupid to put himself in such a bad position guilty or not.

  • Pai

    Interesting till you know that the guy was having a relatioship with the mother of the single boy involved, (Thai police love to blow up a story) until late last week. Cos he wouldnt have sex with her till she got a divorce she sent her son round there, and 30 minutes later the cops turn up. Of course the demands for money are only in the low millions. Hope the judgemental out there can take this on board and still cry for the death penalty!

  • Pai

    Odd! Been at court today. He has one charge of one boy who is the child of his ex girlfriend, as of five days ago. Very strange that he would engage in such activities minutes after the boy arrived and even stranger that the police should “happen to turn up” just minutes after that, eh?

  • Wookie

    Do dispel rumors of this man’s accusations – I’m a close personal friend of Greg, and I’ve known him for years. These accusations are 100% false and unfounded. He has a Thai girlfriend doing working back in Europe, I’ve met her, she’s lovely and a hell of a good cook. The “victim” these Thai “police” are referring to is a kid whose mother is married to an Englighman who is currently in England… Greg and her met through a mutual friend and she was quite interested in him, but he knew she was married, so he (out of respect for the husband, with whom he’s friends), refused to “do” her. She and her son (12 y/o) and his friends would come over to his home to swim in the pool… most times with the mother there. The kids would once in a while come over to swim while he was home (what kids don’t like to swim). Neighbors got suspicious and called the police and they see an easy payout… so does the boy’s mother who is pissed off because he would not give her attention.

    Bottom line is – corrupt Thai police seeking a massive payout from an international school teacher who earns quite a lot, an angry woman who didn’t get what she wanted, a guy who did not wish to commit adultery with a woman whose husband he’s known for years, who happened to allow 10-12 y/o boys swim in his pool, and a neighbor who saw smoke when there was no fire. Do the math.

  • Naam

    I think running serious background check is a must before hiring anyone to work especially with children. The school I believe probably did their best before they hired him to teach there, but it is unfortunate incident happened that will have impact on children emotionally and physically.

  • Jake

    @Pai…thanks for the update/info…first lesson thailand: nothing as it first appears….including PON stories :-)
    I hope the guy can turn it around and have her charged with extortion….not likely in a country where they have extortion and rice whiskey for breakfast, but it would sure be nice to see it happen.

  • Abdul Jabbar

    This is very very wrong.

    The man will probably face jail time in Thailand then be deported back to the U.S. to face more charges here and be tagged a “Sex Offender.” His whole career is shot, down the whole.

    Good job.

  • teresa

    Hello is there a brain active? One wants to discuss a problem. I have never asked but just learnt landlord is a pedophile we pay 65000 per month. My skin is crawling .Biggest can and will do.

  • teresa

    If you stupids want to jump on him answer me why. If he is a pedo prove it. If you dont stop waving your balls.

  • Gwats

    Another story about an American abusing his privilege to visit Thailand. I’m reserving judgment, and hoping this not true. Messing with other people’s
    Kids is never cool. If it is, he may never see another free day again.


    How embarrassing for his folks back home.

  • Stuart

    “Officers conducted a full search of the house and report finding sexually explicit material featuring Mr. Miller with minors”

    Wookie – then what are the police talking about?

    Suicide is a possibility whether charges are real or it is a setup – I hope manslaughter charges apply in the case of proven false accusations. Case of a busdriver in the US – committed suicide after claims of rape by schoolgirl – recanted after she found out he had done himself it.

  • Stuart

    All the children should be questioned extensively and separately – if there are major inconsistencies case should be thrown out.
    Or, further pursued with a different defendant.

  • Ian

    Stuart, stating the obvious YES police make false details to strengthen their case to the public and to make the accused PAY more.

    If there was any follow up on any of these high profile cases you’ll learn they were release for large sums of payoff money. Guilt or innocence matters not.

  • Robert

    These silly claims that the police set him up are self impeaching, only a complete idiot would remain in a country if which he really believed the police would frame someone who is innocent like that. The people making these set up claims are therefore either liars or complete idiots.

  • Malcolm

    Looking at previous comments, there could be more to this story.
    Although if they did in fact find sexually explicit material featuring Mr Miller with minors, then he is most likely guilty but we should wait and see what evidence is produced.
    Either way this guys life is ruined.

  • Observing

    Indeed Stuart, everyone can claim they know what a great guy he is, but what of the alleged sexually explicit material with the accused and minors? How, if true, did the police ‘frame’ him for such things.

    I certainly don’t go by the word of a ‘friend of a friend’ automatically here. Sure sounds shady to me.

  • Observing

    Agree Robert. Whenever the accused is of certain nationalities, maybe it hits too close to home. This makes causes some to automatically side with the accused and blame it on the ever reliable standby, ‘corrupt police/vengeful Thai citizen framing foreigner.’

    There’s several issues in this case that can’t be excused away on ‘corrupt cops,’ etc. etc. So let me get this straight. Some female wanted to be intimate with the accused, but the accused did not want to out of some ‘chivalrous’ respect towards the female’s husband, yet the accused still lets her kid and other kids play at his house, and now he’s being framed for this? LOL, whut? And again, exactly HOW did the police and others ‘frame’ him for these explicit pictures HE is alleged to be with kids in?

    Sheesh, pure comedy, some of these comments here.

  • Pai

    There are a number of discrepancies in the polices report. 1) there was one child at the house, (the son of a woman he had just finisged a relationship with) not five. 2)If the police have “explicit” pictures on his computer or elsewhere why was it not on the charge sheet? I was there yesterday at court and it is not, so that is an embellishment. 3) Please explain why non sexual toys are relevant? He has a swimming pool and the woman and here entire tribe of kids have been there regularly for three months. Most of them were brought by her so why mention it?
    Noted also that the demands for money to “clear” the case are not mentioned. Thai police have a very bad reputation for creating facts to make their case look better. If they have something REAL, then lets hear it. I for one do not believe for one second has done a thing wrong.
    Greed and anger are the motivation here. perhaps if Thailand ever gets any real police these blatant set ups, extortion and lies will cease. If he is by any chance guilty, then he deserves what the court gives out. Foreguessing outcomes and slandering before it is proven is unhelpful, unchristian, and well just plain sick really.

  • Pai

    All schools runmeticulous background checks on foreigners and International schools even more so. You need to be cleaner then Jesus to get into top places so clearly he has no record anywhere. he has worked here for eight years with no blemish, then this just days after an acrimonious break up with the kids mum.
    My experience says if something stinks, don’t swallow it.

  • Fritz Schtengell

    i would send him to jail for wearing a copy brandname shirt.

  • SammySleaze

    Does have the hallmarks of a set up but who know’s? I feel people who think they will get fair justice in LOS like there home countries are really kidding themselves TIT

  • Stuart

    Wookie & Pai – I guess you are friends of Gregs. If you could get him some writing pads & pens etc – tell him to write down everything that happened that day. Every minute detail. Also general situation for preceding weeks.
    Make it a stat dec & notarised.

    & his lawyer should demand that the cops do the same to the accuser / son.

    There will probably be a significant discrepancy between the accounts which could unravel the case of the guilty.

    Its said the ‘boys’ borrow heavily to acquire rank; 1st 6m need to repay loan, rest is icing on cake. Yr friend may be the icing.

    & Robert; ‘verballing’ goes on in most countries. thats why cops don’t like videod confessions.
    Maybe not in Singapore.

  • Robert

    Pai, if you really believe the nonsense you wrote, you should be at the airport now trying to get the first flight out of Thailand. Do you really think the Thai police have nothing better to do than frame an innocent teacher? Trying to put the police department on trial what OJ Simpson did, but that only works with moron jurors, in Thailand you are tried by judges.

  • Malcom

    Something is definitely not right here.

    If they found pornographic material why has he not been charged for this.

    There looks to be one charge based on the accusation of a 12 year old boy.

    I think what will come out of this is that the boys mum in fact was the person who called the police after sending her son to the house. In typical Pattaya style you will find he turned her down causing her to lose face, her husband was clearly not sending her enough money and she was looking for other sources of income which he did not want to be part of.

  • Wookie

    @Stuart – you quoted:
    “Officers conducted a full search of the house and report finding sexually explicit material featuring Mr. Miller with minors”

    As was mentioned before, police in Thailand often embellish to strengthen their case, mostly in the court of public opinion.

    Thai police reports tend to have more holes than swiss cheese, and their heads are even more spacious than that.

  • Jake

    @Robert…..I’m not inferring that you are stupid, just that your slip is showing so to speak…meaning that to those of us who’ve been around LOS/Pattaya for a good while it is evident that you’ve not made it very far along the learning curve here in Old Siam. Police positions in Pattaya are bought not earned by those whose intent is to make that “professional fee” back and much more by way of the enhanced opportunities their position in Pattaya provides. For you to think that the coppers of thailand in general and Pattaya in particular are above framing the innocent for monetary gain shows immense naivete’.

  • Larry

    I am a teacher here in Thailand and I won’t allow myself to be alone in a CLASSROOM with another student, let along my HOME?!? Regardless of guilt, very poor judgement for any single man to allow children in his home . . .

  • craig

    Does he vehemently deny all the photos of him on the hard drive are not his work even when he is in the photos?

    Don’t worry about the police not charging him with photos. Seems they have bigger fish to fry.

    I really do not trust any male teacher of young children. It has always seemed to me to a very unusual profession for a grown man to select.

    What is the process to interview a farang in sin city for teaching children? The thought there even can be an interview involves a flawed process.

    Wookie, normal grown men do not hang around with young boys and normal grown men are not named Wookie. By chance do you teach school?

  • Supervondi

    I agree with Wookie , this is nonsense. From personal experience Thai police and many local Pattaya residents are disgustingly greedy scammers. May the truth prevail. I’ve left Thailand for good and there is no way I’m ever coming back. Lots of beauty in the country but the police and other con artists have turned me off immensely.

  • Patrick

    It is interesting how many readers are so judgmental after reading a news article. Not knowing all the facts yet, these armchair prosecutors have basically found this individual guilty. Lighten up mates, there’s two sides to every story. Gwats, why are you specifically commenting about an “American” abusing his priviledge? “Foreigner” would be more appropriate.

  • craig

    Robert and Observing, I think a good percentage of English teachers in Thailand are running from something.
    What moron would work for nothing unless there are “issues” and for some reason they feel safe in Thailand? Well they could be on a Zen thing, whatever…………..

  • Peter de Vries

    MonoXimian, are you mad? The Dutch teacher wasn’t me. What were you thinking?

  • Craig Roach

    @Malcolm – Heard a similar case where a 16 yo girl knocked on the door of a friend of mine, he asked what she was doing here, she walked in a collapsed on his bed stating she needed to lie down, before he could do anything the police and the parents barrellled in and insisted on ‘virginity money’ because obviously something had gone on. Parents and this girl were constantly on this guys back for money and it came to this. I advised him to tell them where to go and in the end they went to try and scam someone else. Goes on here….absolutely

  • Norm

    Robert you moron. The Judges don’t gather the evidence…the police do. Secound; what are you running from? usually people like you sterotype others because they are hiding something of their own. It’s really bizzare that they didn’t show any of these explicet pictures like they normaly do…why? and noticed when they talked about toys which have no bearing on the case they said non Sexual toys..what was the purpose of saying it like that…because people only see sexual toys. I hope he didn’t do anything. I hope we find out that they mother was up to no good.

  • craig

    Craig Roach, “Heard a similar case where a 16 yo girl knocked on the door of a friend of mine”
    Sorry your friend lied to you.
    Did your mother name you Craig Roach? I can understand why you had odd friends.

  • Ric

    @Craig, “I think a good percentage of English teachers in Thailand are running from something.
    What moron would work for nothing unless there are “issues” and for some reason they feel safe in Thailand? Well they could be on a Zen thing, whatever…”

    My Father has been a Mathayom teacher for a well respected Thai school for over 20 years. He is not and never has run away from anyone or anything… He is not and never has been a moron. He is, like other GENUINE teachers, interested in instilling a proper learning curve for his students. It is a difficult, low paid job which needs dedication and he deserves respect. I do not deny that there are some unscrupulous people about who like to take advantage of their position and status in their community and this needs to be curbed but don’t judge all people who decide to make a life long teaching commitment as “Morons”.

  • Nicholas Heckman

    Thailand needs to better screening of teachers for our young…I have two kids going to school and it makes me sick everytime I see a story like this.

  • MonoXimian

    @ Peter de Vries

    Apologies Peter, I am not mad but your English was very poor and easy to misconstrue when you said

    “Remembers me the case of the Dutch teacher who was wrongly accused a couple of years ago just by inviting children to his home.”

    What you should have said was “I remember the case……………”

    I still stand by my reasoning that any English teacher worth his salt should never invite children to play at their home unsupervised irregardless of any circumstances. This guy has no one else to blame but himself for being castigated as he has brought his own reputation and that of his profession into disrepute. Any fool knows that when people see smoke they will often assume there must be fire and we should applaud the neighbours and the police for being so vigilant as we all know that there is a lot of predatory behaviour in Thailand nowadays.

    I hope that if he is innocent then he will be able to easily disprove the case but we all know that when accusations like this are tossed around, his reputation will be forever sullied and tainted which is exactly why he should have exercised more caution in the first place.

  • rainmon

    If it’s true the married Thai lady’s sexual advances were rejected by Mr. Greg and she lost face, then this shake down would not surprise me. Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned, especially a crazy money grubbing desperate Thai woman approaching middle age that is use to receiving big money from a husband or boyfriend…best to keep a very low profile in Thailand.

  • Robert

    @Craig Roach I heard that story too, but she was a 16,000 year old girl from Neptune and the age of consent there is 18,000.

    @Norm your attempt at amature psychology is amusing, and your knowledge of law is laughable. Yes the police gather evidence, but your trial here is by judges who decide of you are guilty or innocent.

    • Norm

      Robert I am positive that I never quoted the law and you are wrong again. It is still initiated by the police and if the police decide to let it get past them….then yes you are correct in falls in the jurisdiction of the Judge. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Judge on the initial investigation of a crime….I don’t know…just saying.

  • Charles E. Smith

    Someone made the comment about better screening of teachers.

    Many teachers who travel to Thailand or Asia don’t have background checks and schools just seem to overlook that issue.

    Also, the back ground checks here in the U.S. only cover convictions not complaints by others about the individual. In California they have the Megans List, which posts sexual offenders picture and a small profile. Yet, Thailand isn’t concerned with that. I don’t know about other countries lists.

  • Malcom


    You have no idea what you are talking about in relation to income.

    There is a huge difference between the income of an unqualified backpacker and a true international school teacher.

    A teacher with eight years experience would have been on at least 120k Thai Baht per month. I’m personally aware of teachers in Bankkok on 70k USD per year.

    Yes running from high living costs and taxes most likely.

  • jobsworth

    Mr. Miller was a teacher at an international school not a language school. He was not an English language teacher but a curriculum teacher. All teachers at accredited international schools, which Garden International School is, have to obtain a teaching license from the MOE. Mr. Miller passed all of the appropriate checks. The Thai government licensed him. The school are not at fault here, it is reported elsewhere that Mr. Miller has no criminal record in the US. If the evidence is there then he will be found guilty and he deserves to go to prison for the rest of his life.

  • Jake

    Ok, Mr. Miller’s guilt or innocence has been beaten like a dead horse here..all the angles covered and waiting for time to sort it out…what of Halfbaked’s mother? What recourse is there under thai law if it indeed turns out she cooked this one up and what of the Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit. What liability do they have legally? IMHO its as at LEAST as likely as not that the boy’s mother instigated this setup. Is it not just as heinous to use your kid to accuse someone of such a heinous crime???

    • Norm

      I totally agree. However I don’t believe there is anything in place that would hold either the mother or the child for falsely accusing someone. This is the same in my country. They feel if they created a law like that it would stop children from coming forward. However, I believe is it is evident that it is a bliantent lie they should be held accountable. No matter what if this guy is not guilty he has already been tried by those in the public that hear only what they want or never go back to hear the rest of the story

  • Observing

    Pai since you seem to know more about this case, then I will concede that there are two sides to a story. You just have to remember that crimes against children are in particular despicable, in Thailand no less, so there’s a lot of heated emotions here.

    Guess we’ll wait and see what happens.

  • Norm

    America doesn’t list complaints because while the law actually deems you guilty until you prove yourself innocent, our constitution stops us from being convicted by the public. So a complaint doesn’t mean your guilty and more times than not we find that complaints by women and children usually have a hidden agenda. So, it is important not to list complaints. However, if a child makes a complaint against a parent it will stick on your record and employers have a choice of the type of background search they want. For government jobs it includes complaints valid or not which is totally unfair to innocent people with vindictive wives and children.

  • Stuart

    ” If the evidence is there then he will be found guilty and he deserves to go to prison for the rest of his life.”

    And, if it comes out that it was a fabrication? Should the cops just drop it, as in the case of the US bus driver who committed suicide after the schoolgirls’ (later recanted) accusation of rape? Police then dropped it because ‘enough damage had been done already’. I say manslaughter.

    Or perhaps, if the punishment were to fit the crime, false accuser ‘goes to prison for the rest of her life’. And in some juridictions, punitive (triple) punishment for ‘knowingly false and malicious’ etc. If some were locked up for three lifetimes, others might make sure of their facts before they start accusing.

    – Speaking generally –

  • tim


    70K USD a year in Thailand and a teacher? I don’t think so.$4000 USD a month? No way sir!

    What school? What teachers?

    • Norm

      There are several schools offering 70,000baht to 120,000baht a month for qualified teachers with and ED Degree. If you came by your creditals by devine right you wouldn’t know about it… : )

  • tim


    Name one school please.

    • Norm

      regent’s pays up to 6000US a month for the right teachers

  • Jim

    I worked as a teacher at an international school in Pattaya for four years. My monthly salary was in excess of 120,000 baht per month after taxes and other deductions. Indeed, there are schools in Bangkok that pay more, NIST, Pattana to name just a couple.

  • Robert

    @Norm You’re actually right this time Norm, wrongfully accusing someone is called malicious prosecution, but in American, at least, it’s nearly impossible to sue successfully for it. Public policy favors not having people afraid to report crimes. It’s trading one injustice for another.

  • Korninho

    Jim and Norm…… Wake up !
    Stop lying !
    6.000 Dollars a month for working in Pattaya would be a dream come true for the whole world.
    For sure they will not get more than 40 K

    • Norm

      As I told the other person posting with denial about wages. I processed a loan in which income had to be verified. I know exactly how much he was making because we don’t just take someones word there has to be verified deposits that coninside with pay stubs and in this case he had to file taxes in is country. You would know if you had a Master’s degree in education or if you were a PHD Linguistic Major

  • supervondi

    @tim Call Regents and similar schools and ask about their tuition fees…then you won’t find a 6,000 and up US$ monthly salary for qualified teachers hard to believe :)

    • Norm

      I don’t need to call them, I processed a loan for a teacher there so I know what he was making. In addition to that I already know that it is a very expensive school up to 1mill a year or more depending on your child.

  • tim

    I worked as a teacher at a private school in pattaya a few years back. 30,000 THB was the top pay for month for an english teacher.I was also told by many reliable sources Pattaya is pretty much bottom of the pay scale for much of Thailand because there is such a high demand to live there by farang.

    I have a great job in america for the county government requiring licensing and such that doesn’t pay as good as these teaching jobs mentioned.People would die for my job.San Francisco bay area one of the top paying areas in the USA.

    Something just dosen’t add up here guys?

    I have to agree more closely to Korninho but, anything is possible. Thank you all for your input.

    • Norm

      If you are a Licensed teacher then you should be looking at the universities or international schools and applying from the states so that they will pay your airline ticket as well. Your a teacher not a head hunter. I see alot of actual teachers with 30kbaht a month jobs, but it’s not because there aren’t hiring paying jobs out there, it’s because they come here looking for fun not a career.

  • jobsworth

    We are talking about an International School, not a language school. These teachers are fully qualified and though salaries vary from school to school they are way in excess of the 40K a month. Mr. Millers school for example pays upto 99,000thb a month, plus housing allowance, plus pension support of 9% of the total salary. Other schools in Bangkok teachers take home in excess of 200,000thb a month plus benefits.

    • Stuart

      Getting right off the topic of teachers pay and back to the minor issue – any updates?

      • Norm

        Sorry I was just thinking that myself..

  • freddo

    so what about salaries?
    what’s wrong with you?
    it’s like if you were witnessing a car accident and you start discussing the price of gasoline.

    • Norm

      Nop…I was just standing here…didn’t witness a thing…..and you?

  • tim

    I didn’t witness anything either, but the gas prices have sure gone up.

  • craig

    Malcom, it seems you spun up a new Thailand gold rush for teachers. When they arrive licking their chops like rabid carpetbaggers I want to invest in the “company store” and Hotel Coconut Bar.

  • Wookie

    @craig – You wrote: “Wookie, normal grown men do not hang around with young boys and normal grown men are not named Wookie. By chance do you teach school?”

    Yes, normal men do not hang around young boys ON THEIR OWN.

    As for my chosen nickname “Wookie”, I think you’re just grasping at straws trying to debunk my valid arguments with petty pedantry. Have you seriously never seen Star Wars?

    And no, I do not teach school, I haven’t the patience or qualifications. I’m actually a bartender if you must know.

  • supervondi

    Good one, @Wookie

    I think Craig was too old when Star Wars hit the cinemas. Either that or he was busy playing with his Disco Barbie.

    Sheldor is sure to find this appalling.

  • Wookie

    @supervondi – “Sheldor” LOL

    Seriously, things are looking up for Greg in the long term – in the short term, there are challenges… not the least of which are people who believe what is reported by Thai “police” is the gospel truth. Co-conspirators involved WILL be going to jail.

    • Norm

      Thanks for the update. If that is true what are the chances of them reporting the story in the bangkok post as well as other forms of print media. This should be front page so this man can frame it above his door step. There is nothing worse then being framed for a crime you didn’t do, and expecially if your a teacher being called out for sexually abusing children. BEST OF LUCK TO THIS MATE.

  • Stuart

    Hey Wooks, would appreciate an update (bit more detail, when you can)
    – seems you are close to the action?

  • Robert

    Anyone know if he is still in jail or out on bail?

  • Ramidin

    This chap was found in a house with the 9 year old child of a jilted Thai woman. Greg refused to become her lover as she has an English husband who is currently overseas.

    The child was fully clothed and playing on a play station playing computer games in the front room of the house, as he had done for many weeks previously.

    When asked what was going on the kid said ‘nothing’ then after being taken outside with mother and police miraculously he had been molested.

    The ‘couple’ had a huge bust up on the 4th, and he was arrested on the 9th.

    It is alleged the gossip is now that certain persons involved are planning on how to spend their compensation.

    This guy is a highly qualified 48 year old school teacher, is polite and well turned out, has a clean criminal record, and is innocent until proven guilty.

    The Thai police obviously take great glee in publicising their successes, and these are the exactly the same Thai police that in a recent case were found to have paid a witness to say what the police wanted them to say, that he had been abducted and sexually assaulted- only problem was that on the day in question he was not even in Pattaya, and the Court literally dismissed the case and recommended the Prosecutor file charges against the police.

    Lest I be criticised for my comments here, if he were to be found guilty I would be the first one to sharpen the blade.

    Let’s wait to see the outcome.

  • Stuart

    Pardon me for splitting hairs, but don’t you mean proven guilty?


    Verballing ain’t dead yet.

  • craig

    I had almost forgotten about his story. Good to see the teachers union is on the balls.

  • FGM!:)

    Greg Miller Is a threat to young boys all over the world! He shale finally be punished for all of the hurt he has spread Here in the USA, there in Pattaya, and any where else in the world he has molested little boys! People like this man should made an example of! I know this man and he is a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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