• malony

    At least that’s his retirement worries taken care of.

  • pete

    62 and 65….. Crazy old men!

  • Steve UK

    Kid’s today!!!

  • tom

    I guess the old age pension was not giving enough money to live in thailand.

  • Hal

    WOW!! At their age it one would think it would be the life of Riley in the land of smile, a year maybe two, then deport them.

  • archie bunker

    Just 2 smart asses or should i say dumb asses.

  • rene

    65 and 62 still mess about with drugs,proper mental
    why people take the risk to take drugs in thailand.
    is a couple of beers, and a good nite out not enough, seems not.
    they rather stay in there hotel room and use drugs, wat is the bloody point of it,
    cant understand it.
    any way loosers thats wat they are.

  • Robert

    At their ages they should be selling their friends Viagra, not meth.

  • Mike

    Probally long term drug users, they all dont die young

  • Observing

    Like I said, we’re seeing more and more of these news lately, which is wonderful. Get rid of these scum.

    Let this be a warning to those who think they can just pick up and retire anytime in Thailand, without giving deep thought to finances. Simply having the mindset that Thailand is ‘cheaper’ than your own western countries will surely lead to financial misery, especially if one doesn’t have a breathing margin and burns all bridges back home.

    Or worse yet, one never gets out of that bar girl mode.

  • bruce

    hey gramps, the doctor said Metamucil not Methamucil

  • alan

    Hello !! did they have any drugs !!! 1 gram and a gunju cigge Woooo lets hang them!

  • fw

    I see many assclown comments on here. Clearly these guys were not major dealers, just users/addicts. One guy was selling a bit to his close friends evidently. In reference to their age, addiction can happen to ANYBODY, regardless of age, intelligence, upbringing, looks, social status, etc, etc.

  • jrd

    roflmao @ steve uk good one m8

  • Bob T

    Screw with the bull and you are going to get the horn. Their pensions stop while they are in prison. It will be a long stay.

  • Wally

    Thailand takes down 2 American drones.

  • Jake

    “”””assclown comments….addiction can happen to ANYBODY,”””

    No, not just anybody…just assclowns

  • Shahram

    It seems that drug dealers nationalities in Pattaya shifted from Middle eastern and African to US and westerners. I propose police to investigate how this happened?

  • tim

    Don’t the cops have somebody better to pick on? Some real drug dealers not some part time recreational users.

  • karl

    dear sir.
    anybody takes drugs execut them.

  • SammySleaze

    Sad to hear but anyone getting involved with drugs in LOS is playing with there life and there liberty.

  • Naam

    At their ages, they should be slowing down and enjoying their time of retirement in Thailand if they decide. They can to do a lot of nice things for themselves and for the community so this community invlovement can cheer them up and less chance to stay invlove in those using illegal drugs. Things cloud be better for them. Taking a wrong choice can have a impact on one a long life time.

  • Robert

    Too bad even Thailand, much less the nanny states do not allow consenting adults to put what they want into their own bodies. These old geezers were not hurting anyone else.


    Wonder if the judge will take there ages into consideration. Plenty of drugs in Cambodia if that’s your thing.

  • bill

    they caught them with 1g of drugs are you kidding me they make it sound like it’s the drug bust of the century

  • JJ

    I don’t believe ANYTHING the Police say.
    The pot calling the kettle black.
    There will be reasonable doubt in any case they are involved in.
    There is no rule of law in Thailand. Only rule by law.

  • richard

    what i know is like this,in the court of civil law,To consume any drug is not a Crime,but to Sell a Drug with out a Prescription,or shop License is a Crime,now its the right time for the Thai Government to copy the Dutch in Holland,where there are a Streets of License Drugs Sale,thank u,200 years ago America and many countries had the same problem,for the Alcohol,which is Spirit,or Methanol,it was then Legalised,but not by President Abraham Lincoln.Thai Government must Legalise these types of Drugs according to their drug specialits,like Beer,Wine and Whiskyes

  • don

    Hardley a bust. How do the cops make out he is a dealer? What they get bested and the first thing he says sitting there with his mate ” yep ya got me boys with 1g, im a dealer, take me away”. I dont think so. Dont always believe what you read here. They will be out Monday afternoon with a fine and having a beer at pattaya beer garden. ya ba da ba doo!

  • Halffilipino/Thai

    Why is he covering his face ? Is he ashamed of himself , well he should’ve put a real good thought about the consequences if they get caught … The older the wiser 5555

  • John Thompson

    good to see these scumbags get what they deserve. There was a wave of scumbag brits arrested over the last weeks as well for drug dealing. Most of these loosers in pattaya couldnt even put a CV together to get a job at a local chip shop. This seems to be the caliber of people this great country in attracting, especially in here in pattaya. Most of these types are all want to be tough guys out here, but end up little cry babies and snitches at the first sign of a collar or trouble. Scumbags

  • Deadhorse

    He not hiding his face, he have “forty winks”. When you get to my age you need to have nap as and where you can. Either that or he on a “downer” from drugs wearing off.

  • mike

    John Thompson, you state a “wave of scumbag brits arrested over the last weeks for drug dealing” where did you see this? out of interest I looked back at the news stories, and there has been one arrest of a Brit, for drug dealing since the begining of March. I gave up looking after that

  • gwats

    As an American, I’d like to apologize. Sometimes, some our really stupid citizens escape out borders.
    Sometimes, our stupid leaks out….like, all the time?

  • Robert

    @JJ There is no rule of law left in our home countries, only rule by law in which common sense is a thing of the past. Laws disctating every petty thing and a complete lack of discretion or intelligence in applying them. That’s why many of us are here.

  • Peter de Vries

    Karl said: dear sir. anybody takes drugs execut them.
    Hmmm … then Pattaya would be 70-80% empty.

  • T R Richer

    These two are old enough to know right from wrong. If you cannot afford to be here legally, please move to another country. There are many good people in the area, these two and people like them give everyone else a black eye.

  • Suspecious

    Smells like a setup to me. One gram of whatever is so little, why bother. A shake down most likely.

  • Jake

    @gwats…I have a list of things you need to apologize for…but these guys are not on it.

    • gwats

      Come on Jako… I was just kidding. Do I seem like the kind of guy who would apologize sincerely for a couple of ‘Darwin’ award winners? Screw around with drugs in Thailand, and eventually ,you’ll get caught.

  • Jake

    @gwats….ad poorly conceived and written “joke” about druggies to the list :-)

    • gwats

      I think the real ‘joke’ here is your constant criticism, Jako! :) Scratch two punters off the list.

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