• Rob

    Nice shot, I just love a story with a happy ending! Just a pity the police weren’t so accurate on other occasions!

  • Frankiedimes

    I believe a police officer will be getting a medal for valor and a meritorious promotion. Job well done by BIB.

  • Lazar

    I’d like to know what the chaotic scenes were at the arrest sight while the theif is on his way to hospital?

  • Jake

    “”””I’d like to know what the chaotic scenes were at the arrest sight while the theif is on his way to hospital?”””

    Given who was “quickly on-scene” thats easy enough…several bystanders were injured when Col Somnook trampled them because they were between him and a camera…You must admit, for such a vertically challenged man he strikes quite a dashing figure. I’m surprised he hasn’t been offered a reality television show…Tea-Money….brought to you by the plod’s and plodettes of law inforcement.

  • SammySleaze

    Job well done by bib !

  • pete

    Another ordinary day in “Gangsters paradise”
    Oops!I mean a world class tourist destination.

  • Wally

    Where does an 18 year old get a gun in Thailand? Maybe that is where our tale should begin. Also Khun Wirayoot should update his Facebook page with this photo of him crying with a bullet in his eye…and wearing a pink shirt.

  • joseph

    Rob, the happy ending wasn’t happy enough.
    He is still in a critical condition.

  • Rob

    @joseph … happy enough for me, even if he survives he’ll probably be pretty messed up in the head.

  • Jake

    Hmmm…does this mean he has lost “face”?

  • Rob

    @Jake ….. well part of it anyway ;-)

  • Jaap G. Klasema

    Hey Rob:
    1. An 18 yr. old is shot in the face (you’re happy ?)
    2. Bunch of Chinese Cons. should be lined-up and shot (your preference ?)
    3. An 18 year old thief of water-meters should be “Water-Boarded” according 2 you?

    I sincerely hope this is just “talk” on your part, because if it’s not, you’re hurting yourself a lot more than you could ever hurt these culprits . . . . .

  • Rob

    hey Jaap G. Klasema
    1. yes I am happy, a would be gangster off the streets, he lived by the gun so very fitting he himself was shot.
    2. Shot, hanged, gassed, lethal injection, I really don’t mind how these criminal parasites are dispatched but my preference would certainly be to end their parasitic existence.
    3. Seems like a fitting punishment and almost guaranteed he wouldn’t be stealing any more water meter after that. He may also be smart enough to figure out that stealing electric meters would have even more dire consequences if he were caught so he may even consider giving up his life of crime.

    And yes it is just talk because that’s all we can do on here but those are my opinion and trust me Mr Kl Ase ma, I’m not hurting a bit!

    Oh, and just to put you right about your last statement, these people are criminals, thugs, thieves, gangsters and many other things to boot, but I certainly wouldn’t class them as “culprits” I’d reserve that for a schoolboy who kicks a football through a window or hits the teacher with a snowball or the like!

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