• Wally

    I for one, completely believe the story and it’s randomness. I’m sure nothing else was going on and the 3 youths didn’t know who was in the black car.

  • Don

    The million dollar lucky shot in the buttocks. He is lucky, however I would imagine he was trying to sell in the wrong territory.

    Good time to get out of the game and take it as a blessing/wake up call.

  • frankie thunder

    this is why he should trade up that scooter of his for a harley…

  • Rob

    @frankie … no way, these scooters will leave any Harley standing in the crowded soi’s around Pattaya … even if old Harley doesn’t break down! 😛

  • Ian

    well i was tailgated for 15km. bike on bike. they do this in the hope you fall of your bike. alternatively they kick your bike down. all thais know about this form of theft. they then pick up your bag. perhpas they thought this guy was alone.

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