• Observing


  • pete

    A young, fit woman who suddenly drowns….!

  • Amazing Thailand again

    Amazing Thailand and thier amazing Thai police. Thailand should be the hub for training police detectives and crime scene investigators from around the world. Thai police make the fictional Sherlock Holmes look like an amatuer wannabe detective.

  • craig

    A cramp? Well she should have stood up.
    Something is missing in the story.
    Although it is possible for a young person to drop dead at any time a far more likely scenario involves four words extracted from the story being Pattaya, pool, Belarus and alone.
    If a proper investigation was preformed…………. That pesky word if.

  • frankie thunder

    CRAIG is spot on…a cramp? who you kidding…

  • Deadhorse

    Fit not the same as healthy.

  • Monster Bob

    If she had a hard night out and was discovered early the next morning, maybe.

    Face down? Sounds foul.


  • Christian

    Funny to read comments from all those half-brain
    Sherlocs,sitting at home knowing everything

  • Observing

    Agree with Deadhorse.

    Fit doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. I mean, what does ‘fit’ mean, and how do they determine it?

    Who out there thinks that UK soccer player Fabrice Muamba, a 23 year old English Premiere midfielder, was fit? Well he died suddenly on the field this past March of a sudden cardiac arrest. What about Isaiah Laurencin, a Florida high school football player who also suddenly died while undergoing conditioning drills last August?

    This poor young lady could have had any number of conditions, both known and unknown, that could have caused her to somehow die while swimming.

    But hey, as Christian alludes to, what do we open minded people know? Far easier to cast immediate suspicion on ANY foreigner that dies in Pattaya, and mock the police force.

    Never mind that the police only made a preliminary determination as per article based on what they saw. There wasn’t any mention of weapons or signs of foul play or bodily injury consistent with such or they would have mentioned it. They are awaiting the post mortem examination to make sure.

    Still, never good enough for the conspiracy theorists out there.

  • Geoffxx

    I have to say I am very rarely a keyboard detective but I must say this is extremely suspect, a young fit healthy woman drowning in a swimming pool is a hard pill to swallow, I’m sure if you looked at the history of swimming pools and drownings – apart from someone falling and hitting their head which should be obvious if indeed the case then the chances of this being an accident or a lone drowning is pretty slim, it could be poor reporting of course maybe she has a bump on her head but no mention of it.


  • Halffilipino/Thai

    Haha @ Christian. That’s right. Death comes in many forms … People have died while having a S@!T ,, u may find it hard to believe but it happens

  • Talksin

    Craig, one more…fit female.

    The PPD detective should rule out murder before assuming accidental drowning. Wonder if her belongings by the pool were taken. Honestly, I think there are so many murder cases here that the PPD automatically rule out homicide when not so obvious.

  • frankie thnder

    hello everybody,,,it’s friday the 13th. here in san francisco and im reading old news storys–i guess the party started in thailand,,,hopefully i’ll see new storys sometime early next week….everybody in thailand have a fun time…i’ll see you in the summer as always..

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  • trevor

    @observing.muamba didnt die.his family released a pic of him 2 weeks ago of him sitting up with a fabolous smile on his face.the pic made everyone s day

  • craig

    Observing, you would fit in well with the BIB on these nuisance calls involving dead foreigners.
    One would not expect to find a weapon at a drowning.
    Instead of interviews about her heath it may had been more prudent to interview others about her business dealings and people that may have wanted to murder her. Alone at a pool would be the perfect opportunity for a “friend” to drug her and leave her for dead.
    Well I am sure they will spend the money for toxicology report…….right.
    Conspiracy theory aside; statically speaking are the odds higher a young person drops dead naturally or becomes a murder victim? The answer is the latter unless “drops” implies a balcony is in the story.
    Do you think a true sleuth thinks statically in an investigation? What would Colombo do?

  • Hal

    WOW!! Bit strange, maybe a heavy meal before her swim. Hope it was NATURE causesRIP

  • Observing

    I stand corrected Trevor, he did make an amazing recovery thanks to heroic efforts.

    25 year old Piermario Morosini did die earlier today due to cardiac arrest.

    Well Craig, how do you know for sure what the police did or didn’t do? Who is to say that they did not in fact question others or will question the lady’s friend as part of the investigation? Just because the article doesn’t elaborate does not mean it didn’t happen.

    The problem is that you and others not at the scene or privy to every action of the police in this case really have no idea about what is going on or what went on. I don’t either but at least I don’t go on wild tangents about murder and conspiracy theories simply because the dead person here is a foreigner, and by gosh the only way a foreigner dies is either by accident or murder.

    I go by what is presented in the news article. There is no mention of blood, no mention of physical trauma to the body, no mention of any arguments or struggles, nothing at all to suggest a suspicious death. And Pattaya One usually does a good job of specifying additional details of foreigner deaths if it warrants, such as physical trauma, suspicious elements, etc. The fact that none is mentioned here besides a floating body in a pool at face value suggests an accidental drowning of some sort.

    There may be a chance she did meet with foul play, but again nothing in the article remotely suggests such a scenario. The only ones concluding that from the non existent evidence as presented in the current article are the usual conspiracy theorists who feel every foreigner death is to be viewed with suspicion and all cops not to be trusted.

    Such biases…

  • Deadhorse

    WELL REALLY!, not in my pool they don’t.

  • craig

    Hal Hal Hal, eating before swiming does not cause cramps. That is an old wives tale.
    Now if you mean a large meal before swiming caused a carb rush that resulted in her taking a nap at the bottom of the pool………….
    Or do you mean a heavy meal like bricks?

  • Halffilipino/Thai

    @ deadhorse because theres no one swims in it ! @ observing. You do have a good point .. Us readers don’t know exactly what the real cause of death .. There was no mention of any parties involve .. Little didn’t we know she was epileptic And died of sudden seizures or she simply just forced her self to drown for whatever reasons .. Until another update comes up we may never know

  • craig

    Observing, I just think it is odd when the police quote an old wives tale as one of their possible conclusions of the investigation. That is not a “good job”. You are correct Sir that there is no mention of many things. The likely reason for that is the questions were never asked.

  • Jake

    People have died while having a S@!T ,, u may find it hard to believe but it happens

    WELL REALLY!, not in my pool they don’t.

    deadhorse because theres no one swims in it

  • frankie thunder

    OBSERVING,,no need to jump down on CRAIG,, he’s been around the block-,,, he knows how little the thai’s really care about solving dead farang cases…or for that matter thai’s also…

  • William Zend

    The swimming pool Anna supposedly drowned in is forty feet long and approximately 4.5 feet deep so Anna could have easily stood up in the pool if she had been able to. Anna was in my opinion a very attractive woman with about as perfect a body as it gets. I believe she swam nearly every day in the pool she is reputed to have drowned in. One morning I looked out onto the pool in the middle of a driving rainstorm and observed a woman swimming laps and I said to myself, “That’s gotta be Anna. She’s the only person who is crazy enough to swim laps in this kind of rain,” which I saw as not being crazy at all because it’s warm here, she’s wet anyway because she’s in the pool, and there is no lightning so Anna’s crazy like a fox. While swimming Anna exhibited excellent form while alternating between several different strokes.

    Anna spoke excellent English. She was working for a company called Multistate and I believe she was working in real estate sales. Upon first observing Anna I noticed that she was one to try out new places and things.. For example…..I noticed her coming out Harmony Massage while I was walking in, observed her at a party in an American owned bar, so she was not typically Russian, that is content to only go to the places frequented by Russians. She had a white HOnda Civic that is about one year old now and on it she had a decal that read, “A Change for the Best”. This decal extended all the way across the car’s back window. I believe Multistate provided her with the car. All in all I found Anna to be a very energetic young woman, who was very poised and confident.

    Someone who was on the scene while Anna’s Russian friend performed CPR on her told me that in his opinion Anna had a heart attack. If he felt there was much chance of her drowning he would have told me so.

  • craig

    William Zend, “The swimming pool Anna supposedly drowned in is forty feet long and approximately 4.5 feet deep so Anna could have easily stood up in the pool if she had been able to”

    So you think the cramp theory is out?

    “I noticed that she was one to try out new places and things.. For example…..I noticed her coming out Harmony Massage”

    Are you making my point for me?

    So it was “someone” at the scene that gave you a press release while her “friend” was giving CPR and said in his medical opinion it was a heart attack.

    Very interesting piece of evidence you present from the crime scene.

    Did the police interview this seemingly growing number of people present at the pool during the time of this woman’s death?

  • William

    “who was discovered face-down in the pool”
    I am not a forensic expert, but if you drown you body will sink to the bottom. This poor woman was found floating(?) with her face down, but her lungs apparently full of air. In my opinion this rules out any drowning. Cardiac arrest would be my first guess.

  • craig

    I do not see where it says floating.

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