• JackisBack

    The sadness, misery and heartbreak of this all to frequent type of accident can be clearly seen in their faces , just why these red light runners don’t stop is of course due to the total lack of taking any personal responsibility which is embedded at birth , Mai pen rai .

  • Observing

    Luckily no one died, and they caught the perp.

  • Jake

    “””gone through a red traffic light.
    The two children, who were on the back of a pick-up, “””

    The convergence of the criminally stupid.
    How many people have to be thrown from the back of a pickup to their death or dismemberment before they figure it out.

  • Lazar

    What’s a suspected head injury mean after the fact?

  • frankie thunder

    it’s amazing how so many many people leave the site of a car crash or hit and run..do they teach this in drivers traning class…and JAKE’S right..what the hell are kids (or anybody) doing in the back of an open pick up… damm people -your not on the farm roads..

  • JackisBack

    Ive said it many times , to get your head squarely around the apparent naive every day actions of the population , just think
    of 68.9 million young children in a very large playground , playing with adult toys .

  • Peter de Vries

    When do Thais understand that in the back you’re like a sitting duck.

  • Robert

    The only way this will ever improve is to make truck owners/employers responsible for the actions of their employees.

  • wally

    Let’s do this for the last time. #1 you see people laughing at the scene of accidents and deaths because Thais are laughing at FATE not at the person. #2 Drivers flee because they don’t want their victims ghost to haunt them forever. AND ## poor driving skills? That’s not the Thailand I know.

  • Jake

    @Robert…agreed. I think even more importantly traffic law against riding in the back of pickups should be enacted and enforced vigorously. I don’t know what the percentage of casualties are a result of this insane practice but it must be very high…..unfortunately its almost an ingrained cultural norm and likely will never change.

  • Jake

    @Wally…don’t forget there is no additional charges for doing a runner…hard to believe but true. As for the belief in ghost and letting go of the wheel to pray to Buddha….someday I’ll tell you the story told to me about the bus driver and the two racing bomb trucks running from Sattahip to U-tapao back in the early 70’s

  • archie bunker

    My first trip to Thailand was…horrible to see how people ignored redlights in BKK.Obviously its every place same.My friends warned me beforehand about traffic. According to them its not bad thing to have extra pair of eyes on your back as well.Still many closecall situation happened all the time.

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