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  • Rob

    Didn’t anyone tell him that drinking and diving don’t mix!

  • craig

    The group of Russians had been drinking? I find this hard to believe.

  • Jake

    Miss Sweatlana looks so heartbroken or maybe just in a drunk stupor herself.

  • Geoffxx

    very young to have a heart condition RIP

  • Halffilipino/Thai

    A holiday turned tragedy … Long way from home Russian lady without the husband ..

  • Michael

    I only hope that this tragedy can be a lesson to others. Alcohol and swimming are not a great combination and can, as has been the case here, have disastrous consequences.

  • frankie thunder

    the buddy in black dont look like he cares much…

  • david

    More importantly…….

    The Thai National Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation issued a tsunami warning for six provinces along the country’s western coast, including the popular tourist destinations of Phuket, Krabi and Phang-Nga. The warning was later downgraded to monitoring status only, indicating there is no significant tsunami threat to Thailand.

  • iqbal

    i am very sad .i suggest all torist taht plese not take risk of life. you go for see thailand not for drink

  • Observing

    Only 41 and already congenital heart disease. Sad, R.I.P.

  • Monster Bob

    They should translate these headlines into Russian. Might prevent it from happening again, might not.

  • Hal

    Drinking Alcohol and Swimming only different from drinking and drivingonly harm himself. RIP!!

  • Talksin

    500m pretty long distance to swim. He must have been confident in his swimming ability. Every boat tour Ive been in Thailand on would not allow such bad judgement & recklessness. Maybe crew was drunk too.

  • Rob

    @Talksin … when you’re drunk you’re confident at anything, the problem being, your physical capabilities fall far short of your confidence levels!

  • donaus

    she looks totally unaffected

  • gwats

    This guy went out the way he lived…. on a dare. Not really a bad way to go.

  • craig

    Rob, “when you’re drunk you’re confident at anything”
    Are you sure? I hire long time girls to help me in and remove my clothes when I wake up on the floor in the doorway to my room.
    I thought this was normal, my bad.

  • Robert

    Craig, that is not drunkness, it is Near Death Experience.

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