• Jake

    Whatever punishment is meted out, it cannot be enough for these vermin IMO.

  • Rob

    These parasites need an extended vacation in Thailand, I think 15 years in the Bangkok Hilton should teach them the error of their ways! BTW, a good catch by the BIB!

  • Sattahip Bob

    Eastern Europeans eh !..nothing further to add really

  • alan

    Said it before on last lot who stole my money!!! There is nothing worse then going to the atm and finding out you have been cleaned out !! it took 3 weeks to get my money back only had one account !! String them up ! SCUM LOW DOGS !!

  • JackisBack

    To actually be able see the final out come of this case would hopefully install a modicum of faith in the Thai legal system, but as we all know money talks and these scum could all ready be booking their tickets back home .

  • M8

    very nice work boys, and welcome to bangkok hilton :) hi hi

  • Lazar


  • Observing

    Good job to the police.

  • Monster Bob

    Cash talks somethimes, usually before it hits the news and definitely not after a press conference. These people won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

    The Thai authorities are take these types of crimes more serious when thai banks are involved.

    They’ll probably do atleast a year and a half before they see a trial and get sentenced.

    Its nice to see the BIB catching more of these thieves.

  • JackisBack

    @ Monster Bob

    ★ Good points ★

  • soi dog

    It seems that the much maligned Englishman
    is being usurped,a pot belly and a tattoo
    dont seem to cut it these days.

  • Billy Diesel

    Hopefully with a severe jail sentence these slimeballs will stop coming to Thailand.
    It happens to often, farang filth polluting a great country.

  • craig

    Rob, in the tall list of despicable villains I rank this type as top of the list. No, I think the Bangkok Hilton would be too much luxury for this crew. If they are guilty and it was up to me they would be incapacitated but fully conscious when they were thrown in a pen to be devoured by ravenous swine.
    A few days later it would be polite to invite the victims over for a pig roast complete with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  • Johnny

    Good Bust BIB
    Hang’m high

  • gianni melbourne

    This happened in phuket a few years ago and the two criminals that got caught were a father and son team. It was on the tv show Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand.They were told that they were looking at 30 years jail from the prosecuters.These crims would look at something simular. Banks hate these people.Good luck getting a job which requires you to give your bank account details when you are on the blacklist.
    Bangkok hilton is now on streetview. They can get a preview to see what it like.

  • Don

    Eastern European Trash and try hard German!..nothing further to add really except once a gypsy always a gypsy.

  • Lazar

    @Billy Diesel. It’s Thai greed that allows this scum into the country.

  • Hal

    Yep, there a Scammers of plenty in the land of smiles as well as anyplace else. The Story Line state, many were trick into giving personal info over the internet, but all should be aware it has been reported about small hidden cameras at ATMs, so cover the keys when you punch in your PIN Code.

  • pete

    If they talk about the organizers to Bulgarian officals, then they can expect a bullet when they go back…..

  • trevor

    i travel to sunny beach in bulgaria every august.i was warned to not use any atm or bereau de changes,they all doctored and corrupt.

  • craig

    Hal, “so cover the keys when you punch in your PIN Code”
    You would think that would be good enough.
    Ah, maybe and maybe not…..it depends……

  • Hal

    Craig, spot on, if those rascals wish to scam you they will find a way, just try not to make it easy for them.

  • Rob

    @Hal …. “rascals” now that’s a bit of an understatement if ever there was one! I would class a schoolboy stealing apples or lifting up girls skirts in the playground, as a rascal, these guys are criminal parasites of the lowest order and a sentence such as craig suggested certainly wouldn’t be excessive in their case!

  • gitt

    I am curious to know how did they get them. I mean, they were arrested on the spot? The police was waiting for them? They already milked the same ATMs? Stupid, in this case.
    However guys, ALWAYS use ATMs inside big shopping centers or banks, never outside 7-11 or similar shops. Always check that the slot where you put your card is firmly attached, and cover the keys when you punch your pin (although this may not be enough). And well, never go to Eastern Europe, I’ve been there several times and they are all crooks. ALL.

  • frankie thunder

    i hate these people…

  • M. Sagan

    Does anyone have an idea what length of sentence they’ll be looking at? They certainly deserve a sentence – robbing money from people who have worked honestly and hard for it is a pretty low thing to do.

    I’m guessing this isn’t the best holiday they’ve had.

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