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  • Robert

    Rest in Peace Dmitry. Even if you made a mistake, you did not deserve to die for it.

  • zorrow

    Very sad news however if found out he was intoxicated its lucky no one else was involved or killed in the accident !

  • Wally

    A lesson for all of us- never drive on 2nd road in Jomtien at night.

  • Don

    RIP Brother!

    (Makes me sick when I see the other people around in these PON pics laughing or smiling, just would be that way back home)

  • Johnny

    No Wally. The lesson is never drive drunk. You still dont get it.

  • halffilipino/thai

    lucky he never killed a bystander or caused another accident , this idiot asked for it ,, i heard australia has zero tolerance on drinking under the influence and supposed to be law abiders.. a couple of months ago 2 russians racing on their high powered motorbike and crashed into a side vendor which killed a lady and her young daughter,, and i have friends that have been a victim of drunk drivers no pity for it..

  • Hal

    Maybe just maybe someone will learn from this silly mistake. Plan before you DRANK!! RIP!

  • Wally

    A lesson for all of us- some can not think past what’s in front of their noses. Dear Johnny, mine was a comment on society not on the article. With your talent to state the obvious, politics should be considered in your future. Good luck you’re a natural.

  • holygoaly

    sorry to read about what happened, but nobody deserves to die even he makes a mistake. anyway, Dmitry – Australian? sounds like Russian to me. RIP -

  • Jake

    “””and i have friends that have been a victim of drunk drivers no pity for it..”””

    I’m going to have to call B.S. on this. Posers have no friends, at least none that would admit to it. People take one look at your blue hair, blond eyes, pasty white skin and think, this poser needs just a few more facial piercings and he could lay down in the highway as a night time lane reflector.

  • gwats

    Speed + Alcohol = Death. no matter where we face it, it waits for the first person who screams.

  • Robert

    @ Halffilipono/Thai Yes, but most of us came here to get away from screwed up nanny states like Australia with their “zero tolerance” nonsense.

  • Rob

    @Robert … I think the “nanny state, zero tolerance nonsense” for drink driving should be global. I have no sympathy for those who kill or injure themselves through drink driving, I save my sympathy for the innocent bystanders who get caught up in the carnage of a alcohol related accident!

    • Pattaya One ADMIN

      I think we should remember here that there is only a SUSPICION that he was intoxicated at this point.


  • Observing

    Yes it is true it is only suspicion he was drunk, but if true indeed it was lucky no one was hurt or killed by his actions.

    By the way wonder what motorcyle ‘club’ is well known around those parts. I heard some outlaw M.C. types were trying to establish bases in southeast asia (as in, the one percenters from the U.S.)

  • Joseph

    Speed + Pattaya Juntions and bends = death.
    Most bends and or junctions are covered with gravle, sand and other killing matters.
    Even a sober and well experienced rider may have problems with that.


    Was he an X-Australian SAS ?

  • geoff

    somehow brooze was involved and a lot of

  • Johnny

    Sorry Wally. I thought we were supposed to comment about this article. I didnt know this was a place to comment about some completely different topic such as society and my future employment. Silly me

  • Michael

    R.I.P Dimitry he lived in Melbourne and was one of the mechanics at my local he was born in Russia but lived in oz for a long time the bike he was on was a rocket f*^%en v6 beast

    Have some respect for ppl that r no longer with us even if they make mistakes sometimes

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