• archie bunker

    oh my my my…to where this world is going nowadays??

  • gwats

    Didn’t they just catch two other monks getting high in the woods last week? I know how revered Monks are in Thailand. Some folks didn’t get the message.

  • JackisBack

    I think I’m some how stuck in a mouse wheel dream , I keep going around and around in side my wheel and all I see looking out are saffron robed monks being arrested , be it drugs , inappropriate sexual conduct or stealing from a 7-11 .

  • Observing

    Tattoos again.

    What a shame for the monkhood.

  • canada Iain

    Oh my Buddha ha ha. Me thinks its time that us farangs started our own town in Thailand, we’ll call it Farang Town and there will be rules. I will come up with the first rule and I look forward to contributions, it will be fun ! Rule #1. All non-farangs, tailors included, will be fined 200 baht for failure to wear a proper helmut in Farang Town, rider or not, while operating a motor bike. Farangs will get off with a polite warning. Rule #2. ???

  • frankie thunder

    GWATS,,,i think boys still have to go in to be a monk for a year or 2… something like having to enlist …at least thats what i heard 100 years ago when i was a rookee to thailand…

  • gwats

    One of the things I always look froward to is seeing the Monks walking by my hotel, collecting Alms in Jomtien in the early morning light. It reminded me of how different Thailand was from my icy cold Country.
    I keep hearing these stories about wayward monks and it makes me a little sad. Things are tough all over.

  • Talksin

    Good of the elder monk to rat them out. If it were the Catholic church, well, maybe they’d get transferred.

    As role models to the community, it’s such a shame. Really shows just how pervasive yabba is in Thailand now. Govt needs to try to stop this epidemic…crime is gonna get much worse.

  • trevor

    rule no 2,no barfine s,katoeys only allowed strictly by farang invitation and farang treat farang like friend and brother

  • JackisBack

    @canada Iain

    ☆ Farang Town ☆

    My minds running on overload now just thinking about your idea , a high walled secure gated oasis of peace , reality and rogue monk free , a place where you can ride your Honda Wave with out the fear of being shot at , or your valuables ripped from you ,a place where there’s no double pricing or corruption , where you can take your nightly stroll with out the fear of having your pockets picked by a marauding gang of high heeled transgender individuals , the list of the wonderful attractions to be found in Farang Town are infinite .

  • Don

    It’s a shame because in Buddha’s eyes there is no prerequisite for joining the monkhood therefore uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and the young homeless drugged up boys find it as a safe haven to chilled out get fed, watered and bed to sleep in etc, rather than being on the streets and battling it out with the other gangs and being homeless.

    Thing is when they get out they can just join another monkhood down the road.

  • halffilipino/thai

    @ canada lain, farang town with its rules and regulation ?,, thats why there are laws in thailand that foreigners can and cant do … period thais get a priority here

  • JackisBack


    And here’s me thinking that there’s some sort of national monk database , going by all the computers I see being purchased by the wandering droves of cash laiden monks at the IT Malls , So once a rogue monk get’s the boot , his real / monk name / Thai ID would be then entered on the monk database, a new boy who wants to enter a Wat , the first thing the head monk would do is whip out his brand new Apple MacBook Pro , and check out the monk database . and Bob’s your uncle .

  • Jake

    “””thais get a priority here”””

    Until they discover you are a poser and/or a flipipino

  • Mcginty

    I can’t think of anything worse than Farang town, you are creating western rules already, give me good old funtown Pattaya with all it’s risks anyday

  • JackisBack


    You may have a valid point there, the number of risks ive actually taken while enjoying a range of undiluted pleasures in the Extreme City , ive lost count of . Only last week while sat in Mr Somchai’s special clinic waiting for my test results , I took yet another risk by removing the bandage and exposing my recently acquired friction burn to the fresh air. The Clinic’s receptionist Noi could not take her eyes of my damager area.

  • frankie thunder

    GWATS–when im looking forward to thailand -MONK’S- was not the first thing on my mind. (far from it)..but no doubt seeing them wander the streets at prayer time reminds you that we be on other side of the world..

  • JackisBack


    Really shows just how pervasive yabba is in Thailand now. Govt needs to try to stop this epidemic…crime is gonna get much worse.

    a recent report sadly points to another direction ⬇

    Three Bangkok police officers from the anti-narcotics unit have been arrested in possession of 300,000 methamphetamine pills and five kilograms of crystallized methamphetamine.

  • Bob T

    The USAF created your dream town just a few miles away and it operated till the base closed. Just bars and hookers. Oh yes’ it was gated with entrance restricted to hookers and farangs.

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