• Halffilipino/Thai

    That is just wrong !! I wouldn’t be surprised if this sick individual has not only done it once , there’s a good possibility that he may have done it multiple times with other poor kids , In my opinion if he’s been living in Thailand for years , he may have a few more accomplices here in Thailand as well ., if this happened in England I wonder what sort of punishment this sick in the head old man would get !

  • Robert

    This RAF pilot is going down and hopefully he won’t be bailing out.

  • gwats

    Why didn’t he just go down to Soi Pattayaland and find someone legally old enough to be with? This man is going to be remembered for this, not the other things he did in his 79 years, He is in the Thai Court system now, and if he can beat the rap, will most likely be deported, never to return to Thailand. If he has a unit in a high rise building, they may want to put bars on every window, if you know what I mean.

  • William

    79 year old and still behaving insane? Don’t bother about Thai court because he is going to bribe his way out. Take all his assets and send him back to the UK to be tried as a sex offender.

  • richardproyor

    he has a strong star name *LEO*
    HAHAHAH,when a leo is old,he does what this old man did,hahha
    he needs a psychatric doctor,
    thanks all

  • John Guru

    Yes, it is wrong, but these boys are 13 yr old professionals at this kind of thing, so think about that. What kind of society exists that 13 yr olds can become professionals, where have the law and police been over the last few years while they learnt their trade, where are their parents, why did it take a farang film crew to have anyone do any thing about this? It may be a black mark against the farang, but it will remain as a sad indictment of the failings of Thailand society, institutions and police.

  • Lazar

    How embarrassing. Yes it’s wrong but unfortunately Paedo’s and Faggots are tolerated in this town for the sake of the money.

  • John

    Pattaya and the rest of Thailand is full of foreign sex addicts. In the evening the sit in the bars and watch the girls and in their “spare time” they often sit in an internet shop and watch there pictures of naked girls. For me they are not much better than this guy. They are sick and shame for normal tourists.

  • Observing

    I don’t care what this scum’s service was, he deserves to be hung.

    I don’t care if it’s an underage boy or girl, wrong is wrong.

    It is people like these that tarnish the rest of us.

  • Ian

    I’ve seen this old guy around Pattaya before. Most 79 year old guys arent playing with a full deck

  • Sean

    This guy is the epitome of scum, go back to England gag, no need for this bas$@&d in pats, I’m sure his old ass will love the Thai jail…

  • Jake

    These kids…it doesn’t bother them a bit. They’ll do anything for their online video game money. I’ve overheard some pretty crude conversations in internet cafe’s between these little cretins laughing and talking about who’s turn it is to ******** the old farang today.

  • Bjoern

    Jail him, discussing !!

  • Mark

    Dirty old ****** rot in the Bangkok Hilton.

  • craig

    Look at all the big Thai smiles showing their hands in apprehending of the villain.
    Sounds like Chester here had quite the clandestine operation going before his poorly timed phone call.
    In his car out in the middle of nowhere, bobbing on young robin only to look up and see a production company’s movie camera stuck in the window and filming the ugly event. And Germans at that!
    Would you look at the expression on his wrinkly mug as they slowly shuffle him to the police car.
    It is a shame, that because of his distinguished past he is not sporting a t-shirt with a Union Jack.
    Well the good news is he can now add the movie documentary to his antique resume.

  • weasel

    i hope your not associating this sicko with normal men who go with consenting legal aged women.what are YOU doing in pattaya?

  • craig

    weasel, I am not sure who you are addressing. May I point out to you “normal” men do not consort with prostitutes? That is unless if the normal men that you refer to were born on a pool table in a brothel.
    Pattaya caters to what is known as a niche market for men that are a little outside the norm.
    Poor thing, have you been going through life thinking you were normal?

  • Jay

    @John Guru and @Craig
    No matter what, you have to bash thais?

  • John


    I have been living in Asia for about 20 years and never had sex with a prostitute – never in my total life and I am not young anymore. But where I stay I see the same old guys coming home with girls around 20 or younger almost every evening – would you call them normal? And I see the horny guys sitting every evening at the bars and looking at the girls like dogs looking at the sausage at a butcher – some moving their hand in their trousers. Do you call this normal?

    I am here because I like this country – nothing else. Might not be normal for some.

  • craig

    If you are referring to my comment on the Thai smiles and hands in the picture for the photo op, it is a Thai culture quirk that I find amusing. I would not say it is bashing to point out our strange cultural differences. Thais are quick to point me out for not spending enough money and being apprehensive of their endless scams but I don’t consider myself bashed. This one is different, but not unique, because of all the hands in the picture instead of the classic pointing of the fingers.
    Are you now good to go back into your PC slumber?

  • Halffilipino/Thai

    I don’t believe some of the comments here,, some of you I found like you feel sorry for this this sick old man , if you are u must be guilty of feeling the same thing … Think about it , if some sick person does the same thing to your kids or to your relatives kids or to your friends kids , then you’ll know the seriousness of this crime … Don’t feel sorry or feel pity because he’s your fellow countrymen ,, but think of it as this man put shame to the whole mother England

  • med142

    Well from what i can gather he was here for 2 months only. and due to go back to the UK very shortly. He will not be doing so now. In the uk he would be prosecuted and would also live in prison, and put on a sex offenders register for life. But it seems that he will not make it back to the UK. As for being in the military yes but never as an officer. He deserves what he gets. But also the boy for being an underage prostitute. which is illegal anyway in Thailand. But maybe this 79 year old will never make it to court as he may just pay the boy and family, police so that all charges are dropped

  • Per

    Ohh my Buddha whats next. Iam really shocked over this news. I never belived this could happend in Pattaya cause i thought everybody stay there for the reason of sunshine and taste of good food.

  • bill

    This is what gives us farangs a bad name

  • SammySleaze

    I hope he gets what he deserves.but tit and I am sure when pays the right people all charges will be dropped.As other posters have said its people like this that give us farlangs a bad name.

  • http://khiaao.blogspot.com Khiaao

    Sad, Glad they caught this guy

  • Bob


  • Hal

    Sad and yet it happen all to often. Many time I have been approach by an old mamsan offering a young boy or girl for sex, quickly turn them away, just wish I could report them all.

  • Steve

    I heard he was released already. Money makes the rules in Pattaya. Go figure.

  • Nong View

    Germany vs. England.

    Nong View think this old battle World War II.

  • NG

    “The German film makers contacted the Region 2 Child and Woman Protection Unit based at Banglamung Police Station who met the film crew at Royal Garden Plaza where Mr. Wallis met with the boy and the pair drove off to a secluded area inside Soi 4 off the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya. Minutes later officers moved in and allegedly witnessed Mr. Wallis performing oral sex on the boy.”

    So the crew waited for the man to drive off with the boy in order to catch him in the act. So what is the news crew going to be charged with for allowing this to happen? No doubt they paid this boy for his cooperation, used him to make a buck. These guys exploited a minor for money, and pimps are worse than Johns.

  • Don

    He will get away with it here but when he returns to you UK (by force) he will pay the price and he will burn for it. More than likely he will return to Laos or Cambodia in the near future, thats if he has kicked the bucket.

  • Observing

    It’s not so much that Halffilipino, but certain individuals here want to make light of this situation by insinuating that 13 year old boys sit around in internet cafes looking to “score” with older men for money. If that is not sick, I don’t know what is.

    In these sickos minds, it does not matter how young victims of sexual abuse are, somehow they are to blame.

    I have a feeling these same sickos somehow condone underage sex here, it probably strikes close to home.

    Makes me want to vomit.

  • Shahram

    I always thought that when someone is getting elder he must get closer to god… but now! I don’t know what should I say. A scene of vomiting I feel when Imagine this scene.

  • Shahram

    @ John , Appreciation for your nice comment. Amid a bunch of horny men looking for sex, I really appreciate ppl respect the culture and beauty of this country.

  • Sean

    @shahram don’t want to but have to agree
    I really think if Thais dint have prostitution, we would never meet talk associate whatever, sex sells and let’s not abuse it, I’m sure this sob lived a good life but f***ed it all up

  • Halffilipino/Thai

    Well if some of these paedophiles or is any foreigner involved in underage sex and get away with it here in Thailand, then me as a person against it ! I or others will have no choice but to take justice in my own hand or punish the person without legal process in other terms (lynching) if I witness in my own backyard … I do not care regardless of who,where,or how… Before u take a medicine , u read the labels first .. In other words u know what you’re going into

  • Robert

    Based on the chain of events laid out in the article, either the film crew or the police could have stopped this molestation before it happened, but allowed it to proceed in order to catch the pedo. Tough call, but at least he’s in jail.

  • tourist maria

    this guy back in england. would have recieved a prison sentence for this behaviour it is not right for any one to get away with this sort of crime castrate the balls and throw him in to the big tiger

  • frank baresi

    sorry @john you’ve left yourself open too this…do you only go with cashiers?????

  • Ian

    Too funny all the sex pat talk in here. The majority of prostitutes in Thailand are for Thais. Farangs get the scraps.

  • Jake

    @Observing….not making light of or “insinuating”…I agree that pedophilia is sick, disgusting, revolting, and criminal. What I related was what I heard thai teenage boys discussing casually, crudely and jovially, in an internet cafe on more than one occasion, as they played online video games that they are apparently addicted to. In no way do I “blame” the victims of sexual abuse, however I did point out from a factual standpoint that there are individuals who avail themselves willingly to pedophiles for monetary gain.
    If you wish to ignore or dis-believe that dirty little secret that’s your prerogative. There are plenty of “sickos” as you put it in this world generally and in Pattaya particularly. So many so that there is no justifiable reason for you to irresponsibly insinuate into that group of sicko’s by way of your “feeling”, anyone who’s only sin is being at odds with you on other topics of discussion on an internet comment board.
    If you find fault in my points of view or sense of humor that fine..challenge me as intelligently as you can on that basis, but don’t lower yourself by way of thinly-veiled accusations of that which is heinous.

  • Massaman

    Well since there is a Film Crew involved you can be 100% Sure it was a Set Up !!
    But in this particular Case I would say Soom Narm Naa
    he should be left to rot in Jail.

  • craig

    Ian, there certainly are a lot of scraps.

    NG, well you would not expect him to turn in his customer in without being rewarded.

    For everyone that is trying to candy coat Pattaya to be something it is not are simply not opening their eyes to reality. I am going to assume this villain has been doing this most of his life and probably resides in Patattya so he does not have to go through the trouble of hanging around playgrounds and buying kids candy. Then we have the additional fact that the offspring of hookers are unlikely to grow up to be doctors but that little nuisance fact does not bother anybody as our hands are in there feeding the kitty.
    With that said how many of you would actually have turned him in (or any other criminal in Pattaya) once you suspected something is awry? Seriously, how many good citizens that prior to his arrest do you think knew about his actions and did nothing? I wonder how long he would have further gotten away with his crime spree had he not been upended by a film maker making a documentary for profit. I don’t think we want to know the answer to those questions.
    With so much wickedness in Sin City it is probably natural to walk around wearing blinders. It helps justify our participation and somehow nullify our own actions, whatever they may be.
    Sometimes the truth is not pretty.

  • Robert

    It seems to me everyone involved in this sad event has behaved badly. Beginning with an old dying man who should have learn how to govern his erotic behavior Long time ago, to the exploitive news crew, to the don’t give hoot parents, and a thirteen year old boy who should know better than get In to cars of strange men with candy. Everyone in this event must take responsibility for their egrious acts. That includes all of the outraged, prigious, holy then throw, hysterical western sex cowards who spread their irrational fears with glee. The total lack of compassion and right insight is just as discussing .

  • craig

    Robert, no no no. “govern his erotic behavior”. Behavior means action. We are talking about crimes against children where action is the problem. On a side note we have children willingly participating and thus demonstrating a systemic breakdown in Thai values than enables these pedophiles to operate freely.
    Because of the Thai/farang business relationship of 51 vs. 49 I am spreading the blame almost equally.

  • jeff

    To the commenters: you’re all just tiny minded pedophobes; just like the homophobes of the 50s. Men and boys have been having consensual sex since the dawn of time. We are now in an era of complete moral hysteria over it, and most of you have clearly not used a single brain cell to question the hysteria. Either that or you’re jealous – you know what they say about the loudest biggest bulliest homophobes!

  • Robert

    Craig: Agreed, the action is the problem, in that it is not only against Thai and international law, the action will also cause harm to the emotional and mental health of the child. A child, not aware of the possible consequences of his actions. Ten years from now he may think back and ” oops I should not have done that”. I hope he will be able to forgive himself. At the same time, the child’s distress will only worsen with extrem reaction of irresponsible adults haunted by fear and ignorance. The child’s emotional well being will surrvie intact, only if the adults in authority stay calm. Agreed, the blame flows equally over all.

  • Mike

    His parents must be really proud of him. The boy’s as well.

  • Michael

    If Thailand dont want this kind of farang/Tourist they should close down Pattaya,Chaingmai of all prostitutes;Lady boys,transvestites,bar women.Then will all money come from?Thailand should improve with providing culture experiences not sex destinations!!!!

  • craig

    Michael, good Lord please stop that talk or you will have every club wielding business owner in the country chasing you to the airport.
    Laws are in place to remind people there are lines not to cross unless wrath is the desired outcome.
    Thailand is very tolerant and really only has a few rules for farangs.
    1)You will be tested by every scam (national sport) imaginable to test your reaction time and ability to bleed.
    2)No drugs
    3)No kids

  • Jake

    “””” they should close down Pattaya,Chaingmai of all prostitute”””

    Whew!!…Oh thank goodness for a minute there I thought Michael was going to have them shut down

    Edit by Admin – Jake quoted every province in Thailand

    Thats right Michael you shut down Chiang Rai and Pattaya and there won’t be a single hooker left in the whole country :-)

  • Ian

    52 comments so far. Is this the comment record for a single story?

    • http://www.pattayaone.net Pattaya One


      No, not yet :-)


  • Piemeltje86 (Pattaya Secrets)

    Serves him well, but I agree with some of the comments here. He will probably, due to corruption, be able to buy his way out. The fact that he’s an old gramps probably helps a little bit, as they might even ”feel sorry” for this old goat. Deport him and make him a personna no grada, that will teach him well.

  • Michael

    Thailand caters for this sort of tourism they have boy bar and sell sex video of minors in sukinvet road bangkok,i’m sure plenty more will be caught by sting setup and emtied of their wallets…

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