• Talksin

    Serious report of child abuse. But I guess the fact that the abuser’s confession was sincere made it all better. The police need to defer judgment to the courts.

  • Rob

    “Despite the evidence no criminal charges were brought against the alleged abuser and everyone was sent on their way” …. that’s shocking, that animal needs putting down not released to do it again!

  • Jake

    When female lions are promiscuous, as they are…the new male suitor will kill the old one’s cubs so as to keep only his genes passing on…..animals

  • craig

    Rob, but you have to admit they make a darn good looking clan, not too far up the evolutional chain but darn good looking.

  • craig

    Jake, are we just a wee bit dramatic today? Are you talking about the bite mark I cannot see? What you fail to mention is when the new suitor is old and missing the teeth required to do in the prior’s offspring evolutional instinct dictates he gum the poor little helpless one until the child grows old enough to dish out his own version of the food chain. You see Jake, when it comes to the male portion of the species there is nothing guaranteed. Just when we think we have the upper hand there is always the proverbial “got ya”. Lions…..hehehe

  • frankie thunder

    why even bother to take them in if your not going to do anything..i guess child and wife abuse is ok in thailand…maybe someday they’ll make a law—won’t matter,nobody will inforce it…

  • Jake

    @Craig….TIT, drama rules the day every day :-)

  • craig

    Jakester, touché

  • med142

    how old is the new boyfriend? how old is the ex wife? a lot more to this than meets the eye. Abuse of a child should never be allowed.

  • Jake

    Yes, med142, I believe you are right, “””a lot more to this than meets the eye.”””…..but given the optics of this situation and the natural beauty of the characters,…how much more could one stand to see???

  • Robert

    The egg donor (ex wife) is just as guilty as the new boyfriend for allowing it to happen more than once.

  • gwats

    Next, the Police will be called to the Woman’s home after either the father of the child or the new boyfriend ends up dead. I wonder if they will file charges then?

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