• Ben

    I wish they did check out the online gambling place near the school at Wat Tamsammakee it’s in soi 3, second house on right due to my kid lost his motorcycle to the owner but some times he have some money from the gamble but lose more than win.
    all parents be aware of the place? Translated…

  • frankie thunder

    if true then–ok thanks BEN..

  • Talksin

    Wow They chose Patts over Korea or any other place for thier con gaming. Must not think highly of the Bib here. Anyone who partakes in online gambling is a fool.

  • Wally

    I lived on the 25th floor over at Sky Beach. 3808 is a beautiful location. Is that up for rent now? Did they get all those Germans away from the pool yet?

  • Don

    Last month it was the South Koreans busted in South Patts with the telephone scam now its this. They really must see Patts as a easy enviroment to conduct these activities. How many other are going on around town and in the provences.

    Slap on da wrists pay big fine then go home and another 3 arrive to take over.

  • LookMoo

    Normally you try to involve as many jurisdictions as you can. Each one harboring the part of the business that is legal in that jurisdiction (money, server, staff etc).

    These Koreans was just a clown mob.

  • gitt

    Kept in handcuffs? C’mon… 3 Korean unarmed nerds? Most LB are much more dangerous…

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