• William

    What is a kid of 15 years old doing in Pattaya all alone? What have the parents been doing in Ayuthaya since he left home?

  • ron

    The incident occurred outside Banglamung Hospital
    the injured motorbike taxi driver, Khun Komsaern aged 23, was taken to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya for emergency treatment. How come he is aleady outside ahospital ang got taken to another one
    for emergency treatment 4 kilometeers away ??? where is common sense


  • frankie thunder

    punk kid,,,im sure buda’s happy..

  • Talksin

    Spoiled boy. Nice scooter though. I wish the news would list the sentencing info. Curious to know.

  • Jake

    @Ron….the choice of hospitals may have been the preference of the victim and/or family. As for the 15yr old…here’s to hoping he gets real depressed while in custody and finds something useful to do with his shoestrings

  • Peter

    @Ron if you have been treated in Banglamung hospital you would never visit that place again..the local vets give better treatment..Banglamung hospital is the cheapest way for The poor to get treatment..The Wife had our child birth there what a mess they made, scard badly for life…

  • Craig

    Why is this boy censored, normally thai people don’t worry about censoring people in the pics?

    • http://www.pattayaone.net Pattaya One


      Suspects and victims of crimes who are under the age of 18 must have their identity protected. These are regulations imposed by the Thai authorities on all Thai Media Companies.


  • Daniel

    @William: that’s the mai pen rai attitude most Thais have, they don’t do anything to make their situation better, look around you in the whole country and you will know.

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